Morgan Cemetery, Woosley, Rt. 16S

Located 6 miles from the Bridge on Rt. 16S, turn right across a new concrete and steel bridge into a small community nestled between the river and mountain. Make a left at the base of the mountain, then a sharp right onto a dirt road up to the cemetery. Enclosed with wire and wood post fencing, the large grounds are on a rather steep slope with numerous old pines planted sporadically.

BRYANT, Seaton22 Feb 193031 Jun 1933
BRYANT, Harry19021969
BRYANT, Gracie20 Sep 191013 Sep 1988
CLINE, Eula Blanche3 Jun 190710 Sep 1908
CECIL, Birda18981988Wife of James J. Cecil
CECIL, James J.10 May 187914 May 1968
MORGAN, Cleatis R.3 Sep 19162 Aug 1997
MORGAN, Forrest21 Jul 191521 Feb 1917
DEATON, Wm.17 May 18885 Sep 1908
MORGAN, Raymond23 Oct 19007 Jan 1902
MORGAN, Lena4 Feb 18718 Feb 1902Wife of A. P. Morgan
MORGAN, Verlie24 Mar 19088 Feb 1909
MORGAN, H. N.28 Jan 188113 Feb 1908Husband of Effie Morgan
MORGAN, Edward31 Dec 188714 Oct 1904
MORGAN, Thomas17 Jan 18872 Sep 1970
MORGAN, Harriett11 Jan 188726 Feb 1957
CRAFT, Elsie Cook18911965
CRAFT, Edna M.22 Feb 192717 May 1947
SMITH, Rose Cline20 Jan 18871 Nov 1960
JACKSON, Lake5 Feb 18995 Feb 1969
JACKSON, Maymie14 Apr 190312 May 1985
JACKSON, Infant6 Mar 19016 Mar 1901Dau. of H. F. & E. B. Jackson
JACKSON, Kermit Lee19131987
JACKSON, Harvey22 Feb 186216 May 1942
JACKSON, Martha Ann10 Jun 186818 Oct 1947Wife of Harvey Jackson
JACKSON, Bertha18951987
JACKSON, Ellen Bell18651943Wife of Henry Franklin Jackson
JACKSON, Henry Franklin18581945
JACKSON, Ethie M.11 Nov 189011 Aug 1953
JACKSON, Okey H.18961971Husband of Murlea C. Jackson
JACKSON, Murlea C.18961975
LAMBERT, George W., Sr.20 Jan 188921 Jan 1977
LAMBERT, Ella H.4 Jun 189323 Sep 1974
LAMBERT, Bernard Clyde30 Dec 191818 Jan 1936
GREEN, Glen10 Jun 191319 Apr 1971WV PFC Co. A 707 MIL POLICE BN WW II
FRANKLIN, Bessie K.9 Jan 189320 Sep 1985
FRANKLIN, Chester A.27 Aug 188215 Jun 1943
FRANKLIN, Calvin21 Sep 192313 Apr 1942WV PVT 3704 AAF BU WW II
MELINCHAK, Bulah M.29 May 191220 Dec 1948
HASH, Earlno dateno dateTwin of Merrill Hash MONUMENT DUE w/dates
HASH, Merrillno dateno date
JOHNSTON, Jeff James20 Apr 189831 Jan 1952
CASSELL, Robert W.28 Aug 193127 Mar 1956
CASSELL, Hazel R.19081966Wife of William L. Cassell
CASSELL, William L.19011968
SIZEMORE, Sally F.1909no date
SIZEMORE, Dewey E.19071974
MULLINS, George1 Mar 189323 Apr 1977
MORGAN, Denny K.18951976
MORGAN, Georgia A.1899no date
MORGAN, John W.1879no date
MORGAN, Flossie O.18851969Wife of John W. Morgan
MORGAN, Fred Thomas19141980US ARMY WW II
MORGAN, Frankie date1919
MORGAN, John B.21 Mar 184328 Dec 1914
MORGAN, Lillie B.10 Jul 187923 Aug 1901Dau. of J. B. & Jane Morgan
MORGAN, George W.16 Mar 188218 Feb 1898Son of J. B. & Jane Morgan
MORGAN, Laura15 Jun 188431 Oct 1887Dau. of J. B. & Jane Morgan
MORGAN, Rebecca J.9 Mar 184225 May 1923Wife of Willard Morgan
MORGAN, Willard29 Aug 183915 Apr 1920
MORGAN, Fawn Grey16 Jun 192522 Apr 1928
MORGAN, Milton12 Jan 181719 Aug 1897
MORGAN, Juanita19161992
MORGAN, John C.19 Apr 190221 Oct 1958
MORGAN, Laura E.29 Apr 190718 Jan 1990Wife of John C. Morgan
MORGAN, Otis18781945
MORGAN, Lizzie18901967
MORGAN, Everette H.19101939
PRIVETT, Charles J.29 Mar 190029 Sep 1962Husband of Opal G. Privett
PRIVETT, Opal G.12 Sep 1910no date
CLINE, Elizabeth8 Sep 185319 Oct 1909Wife of G. C. Cline
CLINE, G. C.10 Aug 184817 Jun 1912
CLINE, G. H.18741928Mason
HARTFORD, Jimmy1 Dec 19384 Dec 1948
HARTFORD, William H.28 Jun 19106 Dec 1957VA Pvt CO D 38 SIGNAL TNG BN WW II
CLINE, Nora E.19 Mar 187617 Feb 1949Wife of John M. Cline
CLINE, John M.30 Nov 18722 Feb 1947
HAMMOND, Berthel Cline8 Dec 189618 Nov 1931
THOMASON, Maston G.18841973
THOMASON, Nora J.18881960Wife of Maston G. Thomason
THOMASON, Glenn A.26 Apr 192028 Apr 1964WV CPL US ARMY WW II
HARTFORD, Latta L.1 Oct 190710 Aug 1964
SCHELL, Annie Cook28 Nov 192125 Jul 1974
LAMBERT, George W., Jr.27 Nov 192610 May 1984S 2 US NAVY WW II
MORGAN, Ruby19071968
MORGAN, George D.18981968
MORGAN, W. R.18971967
SIZEMORE, Karen Marie11 Oct 196426 Feb 1965
SIZEMORE, George4 Jul 18833 Nov 1964
SIZEMORE, Lois4 Jul 188330 Oct 1956
ATWELL, Betty S.19031962
MORGAN, Lina Duff18721954
?, ?no date26 Feb 1931No name, no b/d on monument
MULLENS, Wm.18571933
MULLENS, Clara Cline18541934Wife of Wm. Mullens
LEWIS, George T.14 Jan 193125 Jun 1970WV Sgt US ARMY Korea
COX, Edith May Lewis18 Nov 18997 Nov 1995
WHEELER, Dorothy E.19191988
SIZEMORE, Wiley16 Oct 190325 Jan 1963
SIZEMORE, Judy Kay23 Aug 196523 Aug 1965
DOTSON, Raymondno date2 Apr 1974
FRANKLIN, Harthel D.19101981
BALL, Evelyn F.30 Sep 193020 Sep 1979
FRANKLIN, Sidney B.25 Jul 19158 Feb 1945SGT 8 INF 4 DIV WW II
FRANKLIN, Sylvia J.15 Jun 192024 Feb 1977Wife of Sidney B. Franklin
MORGAN, Alexander P., Jr.19241988
MORGAN, Alexander P., Sr.23 Feb 187225 May 1959Son of Willard & Rebecca Morgan
MORGAN, Rebecca J.26 Jun 189324 Jun 1976Wife of Willard Morgan
WYATT, John E.14 Feb 191426 Nov 1961
WHITAKER, Oyd,d23 Oct 19167 Jul 1965
WHITAKER, William M.3 Oct 187924 Nov 1954Husband of Della L. Whitaker
WHITAKER, Della L.28 Jun 1896no date
WHITAKER, Nelson B.19211990US ARMY WW II
SCOTT, Walter M.18891958
LANE, James Calvin19251945
SIZEMORE, Edward18811963
BLANKENSHIP, Bethel Mae19151991
BOWMAN, Harless20 Feb 19179 Feb 1943
BOWMAN, Clyde W.31 Oct 191017 Jan 1939
BOWMAN, Emmitt18841981Fun. Hm. Mrk- "Emmett b/d 1885"
BOWMAN, Rose E.18881958
SMITH, James H.2 Feb 18763 Sep 1959Husband of Eda C. Smith
SMITH, Eda C.14 Sep 1878no date
ALLEN, Mona19211996
ALLEN, John H.19081980
TESTERMAN, Infant26 Jun 197826 Jun 1978
HARRELL, Oliver S.19001979
TILLER, Jeffrey Allen7 Sep 19551 Apr 1985
TILLER, Doris L.21 Apr 19294 Dec 1997Wife of Marvin E. Tiller
TILLER, Marvin E.23 Mar 1928no date


  1. A minimum of 47 graves are unidentified, carefully marked with block pavers.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Toni R. Blackburn Stewart, with her two children, Marina Renee and Cody Lee. 6 August 1999.