Phillips Cemetery, Twin Falls State Park

Located at Twin Falls State Park, past the lodge, at the end of the golf course. A sign, "Cemetery Trail" marks a dirt road turning sharply to the left up a mountain which is accessible by vehicle. The one-half mile trail (which passes the Cox Cemetery on the right), ends at the cemetery.

PHILLIPS, Silas15 May 18706 Apr 1930
PHILLIPS, Baby8 Feb 19248 Feb 1924
PHILLIPPS, Flossie18 Sep 191530 Nov 1915
TOLLIVER, Lois3 Mar 19035 May 1904
PHILLIPPS, Infant23 Apr 189823 Apr 1898Infant of W.G. & M. J. P.
PHILLIPPS, Mary Anna28 Feb 189515 Feb 1901
PHILLIPPS, Roy9 Jun 190519 Dec 1911
PHILLIPS, Ruby13 Oct 19135 Aug 1917
SHUMATE, Marie8 Jun 192522 May 1939
SHUMATE, Woodrow10 Feb 19163 Mar 1933
TILLEY, Kathern L.*9 Jan 188731 Aug 1959Homemade tombstone
TILLEY, McTilda (Katie)*9 Jan 188629 Aug 1959 "Mother"; Marble marker at base of T/S. Name,dates differ.(?)
TILLEY, Tilda K.*18861959Funeral Home Marker
TILLEY, Joel Brady6 Jun 18763 Jan 1977"Father"
RAY, Sarah14 Jul 183021 Apr 1890Wife of John W. Ray
DIXON, Elvie6 May 191423 May 1914
DIXON, Jimno date1927
DIXON, John A.*1 Jan 184211 Aug 19012 Markers; differ
DIXON, John A.*11 Jan 18422 Aug 1901
DIXON, Elizabethno date22 Dec 1933
TILLEY, Nancy E.*22 Apr 192423 May 1941Homemade tombstone
TILLEY, Nancy Elizabeth*22 Apr 192516 May 1941Marble marker Dates differ (?)
MILAM, Victoria25 Jan 186813 Feb 1941
FARMER, Babyno dateno dateHandprint in concrete form indicates a child, not a baby
SHUMATE, Manfred11 Jun 192325 May 1942
PHILLIPS, M.11 Jun 186325 Jul 1917
PHILIPS, W. H.11 Apr 185927 Apr 1917


  1. Notice the different spellings in one small cemetery: Philips(1), Phillips(4), and Phillipps(4). Also note the discrepancies!
  2. There is one Unknown grave and one which is Undecipherable.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, Toni Blackburn Stewart with daughter Marina. 24 August 1998.