Cox Cemetery, Twin Falls State Park

Located at Twin Falls State Park, past the lodge, to the end of the golf course. A dirt road turns sharply to the left, up a mountain marked with a sign, "Cemetery Trail". While not a paved highway, it can be easily accessed by vehicle. The cemetery is sited on a lovely wide hill surrounded with large trees on three sides. A tall, gleaming white cross stands at the center back , lending an air of tranquility. Even though a private cemetery, it was immaculately manicured.

TOLLIVER, Lee 16 Mar 187011 Jul 1950
WOOD, Adeline15 Oct 186624 Oct 1939
PICKENS, Belinda Kay 11 Dec 196618 May 1984
OWENS, Kelley M.19131946
BYAS, Mickey 13 Apr 19297 Aug 1982US MARINE CORP
MOORE, Rodney Dwayne19621962
SAMPSON, Minnie Jane Tilley 17 Jun 191119 Aug 1985
TILLEY, Ernest Clayton 21 Mar 19316 Aug 1966PVT US MCR
TILLEY, Oretha P. 20 May 191316 Dec 1982
TILLEY, Earnest A. 02 Jul 191022 Feb 1997Husband of Oretha P. Tilley
CANADA, Christal12 Jan 19216 Oct 1984Wife of Clyde Wilson Canada
CANADA, Clyde Wilson23 Mar 19171 Dec 1956


COX, Vina 26 Jun 18984 Jul 1970Wife of Euel Cox
COX, Euel20 Mar 189720 Mar 1973
COX, Kyle O.6 Oct 191916 Oct 1981SGT US ARMY WW II
CLAY, Mary Tilley5 Jun 18791 Jul 1965
PALMER, Lessie4 Nov 19115 Dec 1996
GRIFFITH. George L.13 Jun 189915 Apr 1957
MILLER, Ruby G.12 Oct 192414 Sep 1953
GRIFFITH. Lear Ethel2 Mar 190518 May 1948
BYRD. M. Ettie29 Dec 18838 Oct 1976Wife of William Anthony Byrd
BYRD, William Anthony 13 Dec 18809 Jan 1954
CLAY. Zora J.19521976
ORNDORFF, Timothy1979????D/O/D?


TILLEY, Billie19291944
TILLEY, Okey Elbert19031952
WILSON, Mary M. 18951958
WILSON, Alvin Lee18951937
MILLS, Ocie Marie8 Jul 19398 Jul 1939

AKERS, Michael David16 Jul 195216 Jul 1952
SIZEMORE, Minnie18951968Wife of Enoch Sizemore
SIZEMORE, Enoch18891965
SIZEMORE, Chester Lee19261978PFC US ARMY WW II
WOOD, Edwin O. 20 Jan 19122 Feb 1923Son of Stephen M. & Mirinda J. W.
LESTER, James Earl 29 Apr 194718 Feb 1998
BOWER, Bonnie Ann19411948
LESTER, Brenda Kay 30 Sep 195018 Jun 1956
BOWER, William (Bill) L. 10 Mar 189810 Nov 1969
CANNADAY, William Ira2 Mar 190124 Jul 1965
CANADAY, Lewis Lee 6 Dec 187510 Feb 1958
CANADAY, Margaret F. 15 Sep 187810 Mar 1955Wife of Lewis Lee Canaday
CANADAY, Boyd D.4 Apr 191024 Apr 1984
CANADA, Polly N.19231988Wife of Boyd D. Canada
CANADA, Boyd D.19531990
TOLLIVER, William L.19161967
TOLLIVER, Emma L.19181975Wife of William L. Tolliver
TOLLIVER, Ola22 Apr 18982 Oct 1974
CLAY, Basil21 Aug 19279 Jan 1983
CANADA, Emmett L.17 Feb 19211 May 1990
CANADA, Irene C. 17 Jan 1924
Wife of Emmett L. Canada
CANADA. Cecil A. 25 Dec 1912

CANADA, Zettie C. 23 Dec 1917
Wife of Cecil A. Canada
DAVIS, Henrietta2 Sep 19467 Sep 1946
JENNINGS, Carl R.7 Jun 191519 Nov 1985
BELCHER, Bruce19971997
TILLEY, Kenneth L.05 Apr 19517 Sep 1988
TILLEY, Kenneth L., Jr.13 May 198313 May 1983
TOLLIVER, Booker29 Jan 188224 Oct 1956
TOLLIVER, Tracy 23 Dec 190608 Feb 1947WV PFC MED DEPT WW II
TILLEY, Stevie W.1 Sep 195522 Apr 1970
TILLEY, Jerry Ray8 Jan 195416 Oct 1969
TILLEY, Baby26 Oct 195726 Oct 1957
COOK, Ury E.4 May 189231 Oct 1958
COOK, Stacy Lee14 Oct 191215 Dec 1935
SIZEMORE, Jennie A.19051946
SIZEMORE, James W.19251941
SIZEMORE, Lewis L.19341967
SIZEMORE. John F.29 Apr 190218 Jan 1981
SIZEMORE, Tilda9 Feb 187113 Mar 1945
SIZEMORE, Rebecca18701964
SIZEMORE, Lewis A.18641943
TOLLIVER, M. Magdalene1 Mar 192226 Feb 1931
TOLLIVER. Malindy11 Jun 188711 Mar 1922
TOLLIVER, Lee5 Mar 189810 Oct 1918
TOLLIVER, Annie24 Nov 184013 Apr 1921
TOLLIVER, Enoch6 Oct 184026 Dec 1927
TOLLIVER, Charley 14 May 186915 Jan 1952
WHITT, Kathy L.16 Aug 19534 Feb 1990
WHITT, Jimmy C.14 Apr 19601982
WATSON, Foy W.18971945
Unmarked (5)

SIZEMORE, Clyde J.15 Jul 191811 Aug 1993
SIZEMORE, Zelda M.22 May 1927
Wife of Clyde J. Sizemore
SIZEMORE, Thomas D.7 Dec 195030 Aug 1995SP4 US ARMY
COLLINS, William Howard 19 Jun 194117 Sep 1984Husband of Maxine Collins
COLLINS, Roscoe M.9 Feb 191528 Oct 1982FSGT US AIR FORCE
TOLLIVER, Linden D. 31 May 19562 Jun 1956
TOLLIVER, Okey J.18941930Triple Tombstone; Hus/Father
TOLLIVER, Drew 19261927Son
TOLLIVER, Okey J., Jr.19301930Son

Wife of Okey Tolliver
Unmarked (2)

TILLEY, Phillip Jay28 Dec 197016 Sep 1990
CLAY, Vern W. 4 Nov 1915

CLAY, Edna J.22 Apr 1915
Wife of Vern W. Clay
CLAY, Terry 19491950
CLAY, Mary E.21 Apr 188929 Jun 1983
CLAY, Robert Lee28 May 188527 Sep 1975
CANADA, Walter Ray19461946

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, Toni Blackburn Stewart and Marina. 24 August 1998