Walker Cemetery, Sun Hill, Cedar Creek

Two miles past Sun Hill intersection WV Rt. 971/Co. Rt. 6, toward Simon, is Cedar Creek junction to the right. At the mouth of the hollow is a lovely white country church, "Sun Hill United Methodist Church". The small cemetery is situated on the left side, one mile up Cedar Creek, on the front edge of private property.

MORGAN, Gretchie19251995
MORGAN, Alex, Jr.19241982
WALKER, Lola19331990
WALKER, Bruce B.18921957
WALKER, Lettie May19011967
WALKER, Bruce B., Jr.19281951
MORGAN, Azil18 Oct 192715 Nov 1987US Army


  1. There are 7 gravesites marked with fieldstones, 3 of which are young children.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Vernon Barbe Blackburn. 11 December 1998.