Cooper Cemetery, Skin Fork

Located at Windom, on Skin Fork, Co. Rt. 9-5 off WV Rt. 97. The cemetery is not visible from the narrow, curving country road, but if going toward the Airport a private, gated lane on the right leads up the hillside to the right, where there is a second farm gate. Both gates are unlocked, but must be closed to keep horses safely enclosed. A large painted wooden sign marks the first access gate.

Be careful on this one! It is extremely overgrown, making it dangerous to explore, and a haven for snakes. Many markers and footstones concealed by brush make walking a hazard to one's health.

SMITH, Pearl C.1 Jul 189818 Dec 1978Wife of Joseph C.
SMITH, Joseph C.23 Aug 18971 Mar 1950
COOPER, Thurley O. 10 Feb 19167 Oct 1982
COOPER, Rush 19161982
COOPER, Salathiel E.19061960
COOPER, Rose I. 1903
Wife of Salathiel E. C.
ADKINS, Elden2 Aug 192224 Mar 1954WV S1 US NAVY WW II

WORKMAN, Glenna Diana6 Apr 19498 Apr 1949
FINES, Devoda C.6 Jun 191331 Dec 1962
COOK, Judy C.28 Dec 1954
Wife of James P. C.
COOK, James P. "Buddy"12 Oct 195127 Apr 1991Son of Ned Cook
COOK, Jackie7 Feb 19717 Feb 1971Dau. of Buddy & Judy Cook
COOK, Tina3 Oct 19734 Oct 1973Dau. of Buddy & Judy Cook
McNULTY, Arthur4 Dec 190822 Feb 1984
McNULTY, Laura14 Oct 19072 May 1998Wife of Arthur Mc.
McNULTY, Connie S.26 Oct 196126 Oct 1961
McNULTY, Donna Faye22 Aug 195623 Jun 1957
LIVELY, Janet L.17 Dec 19416 Jun 1996
COOK, Ronald19681969
WORKMAN, Walter L.1 Mar 189924 Dec 1952
WORKMAN, Pearl22 Oct 191330 Jun 1990
POINDEXTER, Darlene S.1946
Wife of John A.
POINDEXTER, John A.19441998Married 12/05/1964
POINDEXTER, Mabel24 Oct 1917
Wife of Amos J.
POINDEXTER, Amos J.1 Jan 191717 Feb 1979
POINDEXTER, Ronald Lee6 Sep 194227 May 1962


First or Last Name (?)
BYRD, Ralph F.6 Aug 192317 May 1934
ADAMS, Lillian Hess19351964
COOPER, Callie Mae 1 Feb 189015 Apr 1966
COOPER, Alvah A.1 Nov 189714 Aug 1961
ADAMS, Hubert, Jr.9 Nov 19296 Dec 1985US AIR FORCE
WYATT, Freeman7 Jun 19468 Nov 1972SP 4 US ARMY VIETNAM
SIZEMORE, Veronica N.16 Jan 1?8916 Jan 1?87
ADAMS, Algie D.19251991
ADAMS, Lillian Hess19 Aug 19057 Aug 1978
ADAMS, Hubert3 Feb 190526 Apr 1974Father
ORNDORFF, Woodrow Scott30 Dec 194928 Nov 1971
WINTERS, Belle 12 Aug 19054 Mar 1994
JACKSON, William C.2 Apr 189822 Jul 1976
JACKSON, Blanche19011938Wife of Wm. C. J.
JACKSON, Thomas18591935
JACKSON, Kisiah18611941Wife of Thomas
WOOD, Louise28 Sep 192417 Feb 1998Wife of Pandy H. W.
WOOD, Pandy H. 2 Aug 191626 Aug 1982Tandy or Pandy
McCARTY, Norma Jean 12 Jun 19228 Mar 1985
BELCHER, Lawrence O.18901934
BELCHER, Vada18971934Wife of Lawrence O. W.
HANNAN, Robert M.7 Jul 19285 Feb 1985
HANNAN, Billie L.26 Apr 1930
Wife of Robert M. H.
COOPER, Benny Ray 23 Jun 193913 Jan 1990
PENDRY, Sheri Lyn 14 Sep 196914 Sep 1969
COOPER, Edna M.15 Feb 191321 May 1988
COOPER, Joseph B. 8 Jul 190227 Aug 1954
COOPER, William Joseph8 Jan 197927 Jan 1979
COOPER, J. Allen 28 Feb 198128 Jul 1983
COOPER, Alfonso E.10 Jun 191314 Mar 1943
COOK, Robert S.26 Oct 192618 Oct 1995US ARMY WW II
COOK, George Harley8 Jul 191417 Nov 1969
COOK, Leland O.19 Jun 19026 Jan 1975
COOK, Walter B.27 Mar 19129 Feb 1938
RACHEL, Roy H.5 Mar 190618 Sep 1973
COOK, A. Oley, Sr.18931962
COOK, Ida V.18991990
STEWART, Pemberton31 May 187226 Aug 1946
STEWART, Margarete 16 Sep 18782 Mar 1945
COOPER, Oswald Oakley19091953
BROOKS, Shelby19371972
BROOKS, Donney 21 Mar 18941 Jun 1978Effie Brooks, Wife,is interred @ Hiram Lilly Cem., Pipestem
BROOKS, J. Floyd18661936
BROOKS, L. Alice18671950
ADAMS, Marinda Lake9 Nov 189814 Oct 1981Sister to Stella A.
ADAMS, Stella Hunt29 Jun 190025 Dec 1984
STEWART, Austin E.19341991Married 05/11/1967--Linda E. S.
STEWART, Linda E.1941

STEWART, Ella M.14 Jun 191331 May 1976Wife of Fred A. S.
STEWART, Fred A.191212 Nov 1980
STEWART, Debra E.2 Jan 19502 Jan 1950Dau. of M&M Fred S.
STEWART, Jackie Dale7 Sep 19387 Sep 1938Son of M&M Fred S.
STEWART, Virginia Joyce20 Sep 193920 Sep 1939Dau. of M&M Fred S.
BAZZIE, John A.19041948
BAZZIE, Dawn Delight11 Sep 193922 Sep 1945The silver thread of a blameless young life has been broken.
BAZZIE, Laura18841931Wife of Campbell B.
BAZZIE, Campbell18721934

MORGAN, Loumega22 Apr 188311 Feb 1960Wife of George L. M.
MORGAN, George L.18831963
SHANNON, James Wendell

Son of M.P. & Gretchie S.
SYCK, Bennett 24 Dec 191520 Jul 1951
SYCK, Janie 3 Jan 19403 Jan 1940
COOPER, Lowell B.27 Feb 191124 Nov 1938
COOK, George D. 18701952
HOLLAND, Fred 18821940
HOLLAND, Frank 18781945
WYATT, Michael Dean17 Jan 19587 Dec 1988
WYATT, William D.14 Apr 19357 Apr 1971
WYATT, Robert Hale19121970
WYATT, Bertha E.19171986Wife of Robert Hale W.
COOPER, Wanda19211981 Married 1931?
BALL, Mae 18981948
HATFIELD, Ada26 May 18831 Aug 1932
HUNT, Leonard8 Jan 1943
Date maybe Birth or Death. KENTUCKY PVT 159 DEPOT BRIG.
HATFIELD, Jerry29 Oct 190811 Aug 1946
COOK, Ida V.18991990
SUTHERLAND, George W.2 Aug 186724 Feb 1937
SUTHERLAND, Minnie4 Sep 18796 Mar 1936
STEWART, Elbert19071966
(?)22 Feb 184811 Apr 1926Name broken off
ADAMS, William15 Nov 184515 Aug 1935
ADAMS, William Blake9 Nov 18986 May 1948
ADAMS, Elizabeth1875

ADAMS, Mathew18691952
ADAMS, Rosa Ella10 Aug 18742 Jul 1954
COOPER, Cade, Jr.20 Mar 192223 Feb 1923
STEWART, Elbert19071966
BROWN, John L.19041968
BROWN, Vallie19081968
BROWN, Clarence D.19521967
BROWN, Clarence Jean17 May 193029 Nov 1984US ARMY Korea
COOPER, James A.23 Apr 187125 Jul 1937
COOPER, Victoria E.18 Jan 187824 Feb 1966




ADAMS, George W., Jr.16 Jul 18875 Dec 1916
YOUNG, Paul Edward 23 Aug 192426 Oct 1960WV S SGT US MARINE CORP RES WW II
MORGAN, E. E.31 May 191022 Jan 1911
MORGAN, Okey E.8 Jan 1?3318 Jun 1?09
YOUNG, Jesse J.18 May 1932
Date may be birth or death. WV PVT 104 INS. 26 DIV.
BLAND, Etta19001974
Ramon K.7 Jan 191424 Dec 1941Middle or Last Init. (?)
COOPER, Ernest27 Feb 190313 Nov 1906Son of Jas. A. & Victoria C

Compiled by Peggy L. Blackburn with Danny and Debbye L. Kennedy Miller. 14 September 1998.