Cook/Browning Cemetery, Skin Fork

Located off WV Rt. 10 at Rock View, onto Co. Rt. 10-10, on Skin Fork, Coon Pond. The cemetery is situated on two rolling hills, is fenced in, a wide wooden gate at the entrance.

(Hill on the Right)
COOK, Robt. M.2 Feb 185428 Oct 1918
COOK, Elizabeth26 Apr 188913 May 1918Wife of Robt. M.
COOK, Iona L.15 Apr 189029 May 1906
COOK, India E.13 Mar 188711 Nov 1893
COOK, Lane S.25 Sep 18456 Jun 189060. C 7th W.VA. CAL.
COOK, Mary15 Aug 18402 Apr 1919
COOK, Viola Irene7 Mar 192317 Mar 1923
COOK, Archie R.1 Jun 19064 Aug 1907
COOK, Keith23 Feb 192223 Feb 1922
COOK, Pauline14 Jan 19232 Aug 1924
COOK, S. Briscoe8 Mar 189319 Dec 1954
BROWN, Joseph L.23 May 192731 Oct 1993
BROWN, Beatrice K.4 Nov 1930no dateWife of Joseph L. B.
SMITH, Warren Ken15 Sep 192011 Mar 1981SSgt US Army WW II Army Air Forces
SMITH, Thelma8 Nov 1922no dateWife of Warren Ken S.
SMITH, P. Kenna18951964
SMITH, Lily E.18891962Wife of P. Kenna
SMITH, Jennifer Lynn19 Sep 196819 Sep 1968
COOK, Oswell B.18921956
(Hill on the Left)
COOK, Walter R.18751966
COOK, Minnie E.18821967Wife of Walter R.
EASTRIDGE, Sue Carol9 Jan 19409 Jan 1940
COOK, Infant4 Feb 19554 Feb 1955
COOK, Forrest Earl20 Sep 19289 Sep 1970WV CPL 600 ENGR-SQ-AAF WW II
COOK, Elmer17 Jul 188324 Aug 1952
COOK, Addie1 Mar 18993 May 1980Wife of Elmer
BARNARD, Addie Glea25 Oct 194117 Nov 1943
COOK, R. Wade8 Mar 186829 Mar 1950
COOK, Roy W.19011960
BROWNING, Virgil A.10 May 193110 May 1956
BROWNING, Gail9 Apr 192617 Feb 1929
BROWNING, Erville10 Nov 193213 Jan 1934
BROWNING, M. Carl7 Oct 19007 Dec 1954
BROWNING, Ruth Cook20 Jan 190418 Aug 1996Wife of Carl M. B.
GOODE, William C., Jr.19311991
GOODE, David Gregory19551996
GOODE, William C., Sr.6 Mar 189410 Jun 1943
GOODE, Edna Mae Poff10 Jun 191327 Apr 1995Wife of W. C.
COOK, Fred H.10 Apr 19025 Dec 1976
COOK, Roger B.19 Mar 193910 Jun 1939
COOK, Nancy Jane17 Dec 187023 Nov 1930


  1. There are 17 Unknown graves on the right hill, including 1 infant and 1 child. There is also one Unknown on the left hill.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with the help of Danny and Debbye L. Miller. 23 September 1998.