Shannon-Spratt Cemetery, Simon

Located at Simon, Rt.6 past the Morgan Family Cemetery, first left road after the bridge.

BLANKENSHIP, Finley3 Jun 192021 Sep 1977PVT US ARMY WW II
BLANKENSHIP, Truby C.2 Apr 1918no dateWife of Finley Blankenship
COLE, Sadie5 Dec 191928 Jul 1993
COLE, Roy N.13 Feb 191511 May 1982GM 2 US Navy WW II
SPRATT, Rhannis16 Mar 192729 Sep 1968Military plaque -"Spratte" WV PFC US Marine Corps WW II
BAKER, Annis Spratt30 Sep 1924no dateWife of Rhannis Spratt
DESKINS, Elmer1 Apr 191824 Mar 1991
SPRATT, Marilyn12 Jan 194714 Jan 1947
COLE,Virgie2 Aug 19133 Feb 1981
COLE, Troy E.1 Jan 190821 May 1938
SHANNON, James C.17 Nov 186822 Oct 1875
SHANNON, Sally Justice16 Jun 185226 May 1885
SHANNON, Charlie C.14 Feb 187110 Jul 1898
SHANNON, Alonzo B.30 Nov 187611 Dec 1940
MORGAN, Clifton D.19631963
LUSK, Jason Todd18781878
CLINE, M_n_cano dateno dateName possibly "Monica"
COLE, J. P.Mar 1860May 1931
HARVEY, Troy Eugene28 Oct 19043 Sep 1961WV PVT HQ CO 85 INF DIV WW II
COLE, Clyde H.21 Feb 193911 Dec 1987
COLE, Epp27 Jan 188925 Jan 1960
COLE, Bessie11 Mar 189014 Sep 1976Wife of Epp Cole
COLE, Masil24 Feb 1910no date
COLE, Ruby A.8 Oct 19151 Mar 1984Wife of Masil Cole
COLE, Harold J.14 Sep 194821 Dec 1950
COLE, Lyda19 Oct 1864Jan 1916


  1. One unmarked infant grave.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Toni Blackburn Stewart, 26 March 1999.