Clay Cemetery, Saulsville

Located at Saulsville. Exit Rt. 10 at Cook Memorial Baptist Church, Pineville, onto Rt. 97 E for 7 miles. Exit right onto a good, but narrow paved road which winds to the left around a hill, where there is parking space on the top. There is a heavy pipe gate at the lower entrance. It was open the day I went because someone had been working. Whether it is kept locked, I do not know, but it would be an easy, enjoyable walk.

STACY, Carlos Steven5 Dec 197012 Feb 1989
STACY, Maudie19331976
SHUMATE, Babyno dateno dateSmall marblew/name, no dates
SHUMATE, Sanders16 May 189119 Feb 1947
VANHOY, Martha4 Apr 186230 Jan 1940
VANHOY, Jesse17 May 18645 Jul 1939
ELKINS, David6 Sep 196510 Jun 1982
TILLEY, Lonnie7 Jul 191515 Dec 1918
TILLEY, Marion E.30 Apr 187320 Jan 1952s/o John Lowery Tilley, who was born in Ashe Co. NC, and Clarisa Jane Prather of VA.
TILLEY, Virginia E.13 Nov 187926 Oct 1977Wife of Marion E. Tilley
GRANT, Jamesno dateno dateSmall marble w/name, no dates
SHUMATE, Belva13 Sep 192230 Oct 1937
HASH, Sena6 Sep 190711 Jan 1944
SHUMATE, Bert J.19 May 18868 Mar 1950
SHUMATE, Minerva B.23 Apr 188725 Aug 1952
SHUMATE, Cora R.6 May 190920 Mar 1922
SHUMATE, Delpherd13 Nov 19188 Dec 1921
NUCHOLS, Babyno dateno dateSmall marble w/name
Undecipherableno dateno dateOld Homemade, all data gone
CLAY, Myrtleno dateno dateSmall marble w/name
CLAY, Blancheno dateno dateSmall marble w/name; no dates
CLAY, Harold L.2 May 19171 May 1919
CLAY, Ambrose, Jr.2 May 19042 May 1904
CLAY, Ethelno dateno dateSmall marble w/name
CLAY, Anna "Annie" Cook3 Nov 182429 Aug 1900Wife of Henry T., II
CLAY, Henry T., II182324 Aug 1879
CLAY, Jamesno dateno date
CLAY, Georgeno dateno date
CLAY, Jane5 Aug 185915 Nov 1943
CLAY, Walter C.28 Jun 188913 Jun 1914
CLAY, Joseph Edward23 Sep 190117 Jul 1975
WEBB, Manerva P.21 Feb 18988 Jun 1991Wife of George P. Webb
WEBB, George Preston6 Feb 189431 May 1961
CLAY, Russell M.4 Jun 192423 May 1997
CLAY, Mae S.18 Jul 1932no dateWife of Russell M. Clay
CLAY, Ida Goode7 Nov 188913 Jun 1966
CLAY, Infant Son16 Dec 191816 Dec 1918
CLAY, Jo Ann4 Apr 19272 Oct 1927
CLAY, Tobitha7 Jul 193419 Jul 1934
SHUMATE, Claude19141998
CLAY, Wayne4 Sep 190221 May 1963
CLAY, Robert W., Sr.25 Feb 19335 Apr 1982SSgt US Air Force Korea Vietnam
CLAY, Alvin L.9 Jul 19303 Aug 1992
HACKWORTH, Sylvia19081980Wife of James Hackworth
HACKWORTH, James18991974
PENDRY, Winnie15 Nov 190017 Aug 1966Wife of Grover B. Pendry
PENDRY, Grover B.18 Dec 18979 Nov 1964
PENDRY, Grover Paul19 Dec 19216 Aug 1946WV TM 2 TM 2C U S.N.R WW II
CLAY, Nep18801944
CLAY, W. B. "Bill"18641927Husband of Nep Clay
CLAY, Rileyno dateno dateSmall marble w/name
PENDRY, Millie May20 Jun 191915 Oct 1919
NUCHOLS, Nellno dateno dateSmall marble w/name
CLAY, Carlno dateno date
CLAY, Willie E. "Bud"11 Jun 189310 Jun 1981
CLAY, Russell M.5 May 196122 Dec 1916
GOODE, Roscoe C.8 Mar 189325 Jul 1988
GOODE, Jessie Lee8 Aug 19006 Aug 1972
GOODE, Joyce18 Feb 192825 Mar 1932
TOLLIVER, Maxine G.1919no dateWife of Clyde Tolliver
TOLLIVER, Clyde19181983
CLAY, Beulah Faye17 May 191923 Nov 1977
CLAY, Levi Shady27 Mar 190524 Jul 1985
TOLLIVER, Patricia19 Dec 19297 Sep 1998
CLAY, Hazel L.5 Dec 1930no date
CLAY, Clarence Dale14 Sep 192427 May 1988Married Hazel L. 7 Feb 1948
TOLLIVER, James R.3 Aug 192010 Mar 1982
TOLLIVER, Ada M.1 Feb 18989 Jun 1987Wife of Dan Tolliver
TOLLIVER, Dan5 Dec 189320 Jan 1963
TOLLIVER, James R., Jr.15 Dec 193915 Dec 1939
TOLLIVER, Mary13 Jan 191713 Feb 1917
CLAY, Levi D.7 Jun 184119 Aug 1903WV PVT CO I 7 REGT W.VA. CAV Confederate States Army
WIDENER, Nola Bower3 Oct 1910no date
BAILEY, Judy Ann21 Sep 194328 Apr 1967
BAILEY, Billy Dean27 Jul 195924 Oct 1994
SHUMATE, Joseph7 Oct 185829 Jan 1902
SHUMATE, Jennieno dateno dateSmall marble with name only.
SHUMATE, Henry Ken18821966
MILAM, Nancyno dateno date
PHILLIPS, Allie L.22 Jan 18969 Sep 1985
PHILLIPS, Graydon31 Aug 189726 Jan 1936Husband of Allie L.Phillips
SHUMATE, Helen P.19081977
SHUMATE, Amos J.18841960
SHUMATE, Chris30 Mar 1934no date
PHILLIPS, Edna Mae25 Oct 19265 Jan 1989
TILLEY, (?)no dateno dateSmall marble with name only.
TILLEY, (?)no dateno date
SAULS, John A.15 May 18766 Oct 1951s/o James Robert Sauls and Manerva Ann Clay
SAULS, Woodrow19 Sep 19156 May 1931s/o James and Rosa Sauls. h/o Virginia Crockett Clay
SAULS, M. A.(Manerva Ann)5 May 184525 Sep 1902w/o James Robert Sauls from which Saulsville was named. d/o Henry J. Clay and Martha Miller
STEWART, Mary C.19681949
CLAY, Martha A.19101911
CLAY, Humphrey23 Mar 184917 May 1925
CLAY, William19081933
GOODE, Mary Elizabeth18701943
CAVALIER, Mary E.18941954
BURTON, Elmer15 Sep 191213 Nov 1992
BURTON, Eileen S.19 Oct 1913no dateWife of Elmer Burton
SHUMATE, Linda P.18901960
THOMPSON, Johnnie Robert18181978TSgt US Army WW II


  1. This is a nice cemetery, surrounded by trees, but opens to a large slightly rounded family cemetery that has lots of vacancies available for the right people. The grounds are immaculate; grass seed was there ready to sow on freshly raked, smoothed new graves. Beside one tombstone grew an unusually large healthy holly, with Vinca trailing neatly at the base. This cemetery is a jewel, with resting loved ones pampered with care and flowers.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, 27 October 1998. Addition information on the Sauls and Tilley Family received from Carl Tilley, 15 Nov 03.