Canada Cemetery, Saulsville

Located off Bearhole Road, WV Rt. 97 at Saulsville, Wyoming County, WV, onto Co. Rt. 4-5 (first road past the Southern West Virginia Community College to the right). The Friendship Old Regular Baptist Church (Established 1872) is approximately 1 mi. on the right of the road. Walk past the church picnic shed to the left. Keeping with the base of the hill, the wide unpaved path leads to a cemetery sign posted on a tree. Turn to the left at the sign, where the carpeted path of moss & fallen leaves trails beneath a cool, shaded canopy of trees, to the beautifully well kept, chain link fenced cemetery. Inside grows two large, lush green boxwoods. The property is owned and maintained by Posey & Ethel Phillips. Posey and his son, Thomas are nice, interesting people, but do, please ask permission first.

CANADA, William F.8 Jun 18855 Jun 1964
CANADA, Charlotte Lottie23 Apr 18886 Jan 1935
CANADA, Mae Katherine30 Jun 19289 Jan 1929
TILLEY, Ivan Dale11 Mar 19364 Sep 1936
TILLEY, Virginia Ann4 Oct 194417 Oct 1944
CANADA, Polly18861963
CANADA, Zebdwee R.24 Feb 18868 Aug 1966
DIXON, William B.22 May 191313 Aug 1988PFC US Army WW II
CANADAY, John C.10 Feb 18528 Feb 1944
CANADA, Sintha E.2 Jun 188520 Apr 1927
CANADA, Cresa A.19161983
PRIVETT, Mary J.1944no dateCousin (C.A.C)
TOLIVER, J. Amos31 May 18609 Jun 1941
TOLIVER, Rebecca Rosybell18 Mar 187711 Sep 1917
MILLS, Marvin E.13 Jun 192912 Mar 1967
COZORT, Martha19061986
JARRELLS. Edna Canada19221987
COZORT, (?)no dateno dateF.Hm. Marker; Info gone
CANADA, Harvey E.18 Feb 191020 Jun 1959
TOLLIVER, Vaden14 May 19012 Dec 1967
NOON, Thomas A.1915no date
NOON, Iolet L.19201970States "Iolet"
CANADA, Janelle Dion31 Dec 198031 Oct 1981
CANADA, Claude27 Dec 191213 Oct 1972
CANADA, Lelah30 May 192018 Jul 1967Wife of Claude Canada
TILLEY, Georgia R.18 Jan 19152 Jun 1972Wife of Arnold D. Tilley
TILLEY, Arnold D.11 Jan 1911no date
CANADA, Fred K.10 Oct 192413 Sep 1994
CANADA, Warren K.27 May 19316 Mar 1996US Marine Corps Korea

Compiled by Peggy L. and Joe Otis Blackburn. 19 September 1998.