Tilley Family Cemetery, Rolling Hills

Located at Rolling Hills.

TILLEY, Johnie19171948Son of W.R. & A.K. T.
TILLEY, Mildred19241945
TILLEY, Paul19191920Son of W.R. & A.K.T.
TILLEY, W. R.18891935Husband of Almeda K.
TILLEY, Almeda K.18931929Wife of W.R.T.
TILLEY, Eldja18621931
TILLEY, Lonnie19141948


  1. There are seven Unmarked graves, including one Unmarked Infant and two Unmarked Children.
  2. The men of this family were very tall, I'm told, and I beleive it as their graves are nine feet long. The Tilley's lived on this West Virginia perfect property. The multi fruit trees still stand on the homesite. One mountain simply rolls onto another and game would have been plentiful, as it still is today.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn. Thanks to Frazier Arthur Altizer for taking me to this little known cemetery. 28 September 1998.