Gods Acre Cemetery, Rockview

This cemetery is located on property which was the home place of W.H.H. Cook. It can be found on Windom Road in Rockview.

ADAMS, baby daughter11 Jan 190211 Jan 1902Daughter of Aaron and Mary Adams
ADAMS, Ashby 21 Jul 189113 Feb 1920Son of J.H. and L.B. Adams.
ADAMS, Belle20 Oct 186918 Jun 1954
ADAMS, Cecil2 Mar 190128 Apr 1938
ADAMS, Creed E. 19031931
ADAMS, J.H.18681940"He was the sunshine of our home" is inscribed on his headstone
ADAMS, Lula8 Jul 190011 Oct 1905Daughter of J.H. and Belle Adams
ADAMS, Mary9 Jul 187929 Sep 1900
ADAMS, Oley18 Jun 190712 Jul 1907Son of Simeon and Martha Adams.
ALLEN, George E.18711953
ALLEN, Otis L.19071942
BALL, Frank
14 Jun 1929Son of John and Sallie Ball. Age 25 at time of death.
BALL, Infant son17 Jan 189617 Jan 1896Son of John and Sallie Ball.
BEAVERS, A.D.16 Nov 187119 Sep 1932
BEAVERS, Cora B.27 Aug 187027 Feb 1916
BEVERLY, Lydia26 Mar 18363 Jul 1921
BEVERLY, Martha14 Nov 18676 Mar 1904
BEVERLY, Schuyler17 Nov 183926 Sep 1921
BROWNING, John W.No DateNo DateCo. I 7th W.Va. Cavalry
COOK, Bessie (CORNETT)27 Mar 190913 Oct 1934
COOK, Wirt C.29 Sep 188425 Jun 1922Son of W.H.H. and Mary J. Cook
COOK, Chester H., Rev. 8 Oct 188013 Nov 1934Son of W.H.H. Cook
COOK, Sarah E.22 Oct 188318 Oct 1965
COOK, Edward E.186619__
COOK, Docia18651937
COOK, Baby
6 Mar 1903Daughter of Docia Cook
COOK, Etta Virginia27 Aug 18874 Dec 1918Daughter of W.H.H. and Mary Jane Cook
COOK, J. Eldon28 Oct 190625 Jan 1961
COOK, James Carl18911972
COOK, James Quentin30 Jul 191924 Aug 1937
COOK, Octavia MorganFeb 18653 Aug 1888Wife of Dr. U.G. Cook
COOK, Rebecca19 Mar 18772 Oct 1877Daughter of W.H.H. and Mary Jane Cook
COOK, Rudyard15 Aug 190617 Jun 1949
COOK, Thomas A.18701936Son of W.H.H. Cook
COOK, Thomas Edward17 Mar 192719 Sep 1979
COOK, Vida Ethel 29 Sep 188724 Jan 1888 Daughter of U.G. and Octavia Cook
COOK, Infant No DateNo DateInfant son of Will P. and Josephine Cook
COOK, W.H.H., Rev5 Nov 184011 Feb 1923Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Soldier, and Statesman
COOK, Mary Jane (COOPER)2 Sep 18453 Mar 1917Wife of W.H.H. Cook
COOPER, John22 Dec 189414 Apr 1895Son of Rev. B.F. and Jane Cooper
COOPER, Lee22 Dec 189416 Apr 1895Son of Rev. B.F. and Jane Cooper
COOPER, N.V.4 Apr 18988 Apr 1898Daughter of Rev. B.F. and Jane Cooper
FERGUSON, William20 Dec 18303 Aug 1888
GOODE, Infant
12 Sep 1888Daughter of Rev. G.P. and E.C. Goode
GOODE, Cornelia V.18671903
GOODE, Lizzie (COOK)18721895
HARRIS, Larry G.2 Aug 19472 Aug 1947
JACKSON, Silas13 Apr 188221 Oct 1918
JOHNSON, Ida M.19 Feb 190713 Sep 1985
JOHNSON, June19371981
JOHNSON, Twin infants19731973
JOHNSON, Samuel D.15 Mar 190331 Aug 1961
KELLER, Robert Alton18671917
LAMBERT, Gaye M.1 Feb 189812 Dec 1972
LAMBERT, Guy21 Nov 192521 Jul 1975
LAMBERT, Ruth M.13 May 192027 Sep 1969
LANE, Powell25 Mar 187524 Jun 1907
LANE, Simeon20 Oct 185419 Jan 1909
McCLAIN, Infant
5 Aug 1937Charles Curtis McClain baby
McCLAIN, E.W.18 Oct 190527 Jun 1949
MILLER, Margaret J.
10 Apr 1947
SHORT, Cordelia Belle (SPARKS)30 Jul 187018 Jul 1947
SPARKS, Walter G., M.D.11 Apr 18632 Jan 1922
STEWART, Grant18651951
VANDIVORT, Jesse29 Jul 189330 Jun 1896
VANDIVORT, Johnie P.23 May 189521 Jul 1896

The above data is from the book "Heritage of Wyoming County, WV", by the Wyoming County Genealogical Society.