Cook Cemetery, Rockview

Located on Rt. 10S, 7 mi. from Oceana, on the mountain left of Joy Manufacturing Plant and Pineville Drive-In Theater. A dirt road, with locked pipe gate, winds to the right around the mountain. The cemetery can be seen from the highway if coming from Pineville, but cannot be seen approaching from Oceana.

This cemetery cannot be appreciated from the roadside view, but once in the cemetery it is quite awe-inspiring. The area has been leveled to the right entrance, gently smoothed to the larger left side. While totally encircled with tall oak trees, they allow a wide angle view of the mountains on the far side, the highway to the end of the long straight stretch and the many homes in that area. I'm told Jim Acord and son keep this "Place of Sacred Memories" in top condition year around.

Right Entrance Side
NEAL, Hobert L.12 Jan 189722 May 1966WV PVT General Hosp 34 WW I
BALL, Lila Ann10 Oct 190429 Dec 1995
BRINEGAR, James E.30 Oct 19097 Mar 1976 PFC US ARMY WW II
BRINEGAR, Grace30 Nov 190218 Feb 1982
Main Cemetery "Garden of Precious Memories"
WALKER, Delpha A.10 May 19056 Jul 1985h/o Velva C. (Brooks) Walker
WALKER, Velva C.19 Aug 191130 Nov 1963w/o Delpha, d/o Roy R. and Emily Lake (Cook) Brooks
BROOKS, Roy R.18811978h/o Emily Lake (Cook) Brooks. Married 6 Jul 1910. s/o James R. and Catherine (Acord) Brooks.
BROOKS, Emily L.18921981d/o Irvin Jacob and Cornelia (Bailey) Cook
HILL, Edwin06 Mar 193023 Oct 1977Died of Cancer. h/o Delphine (Walker) Hill, s/o Rev. Elbert I. and Lucinda (Jackson) Hill
HILL, Delphine 8 Mar 1931
Wife of Edwin
GODDARD, Roy John19021976h/o Myrtle Dale (Hill) Goddard.
GODDARD, Myrtle Dale19051985Dau. of Rev. Elbert I. & Lucinda Hill; Wife of Roy John; Children: Twin daus.--Mamie Lucille Cook, Louise Elkins Fisher; sons--John Alvin, Jim dau. Catherine Stewart
TAYLOR, Sherman18891966
COOK, J. Golden29 Dec 190916 May 1985
KEATON, Rose19391994
ACORD, Michael Dean18 Dec 19638 Aug 1975Sons of Jim & Nancy
ACORD, James Keith21 Oct 19598 Aug 1975
ACORD, Kathy21 Sep 195822 Sep 1958d/o Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Acord
COOK, Charles26 Jun 193818 Dec 1938
COOK, Charlotte26 Jun 19384 Aug 1938Twin of Charles
COOK, Lawrence Lee13 Feb 19013 Sep 1967s/o Rufus Lee and Callie (Workman) Cook
COOK, Alberta A.20 Aug 188713 Apr 1981Aunt Bertie, Wife of Thomas E., d/o William H. H. and Martha Victoria (Halsey) Stewart.
COOK, Thomas E.30 Sep 188126 Feb 1962h/o Alberta A. (Stewart) Cook, s/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook.
TAYLOR, Dennis Harold14 Dec 196314 Sep 1975s/o Harold and Linda Lou Taylor. Brother to Teresa Cash of Newport News, VA and Richard Taylor of Chesapeake, VA>
OLIVER, Gregory Scott3 Oct 19713 Oct 1971Son of M&M James E. Oliver
COOK, Jackie 27 Nov 194312 Dec 1968
COOK, Mable Grace27 Oct 191313 Oct 1964
COOK, Fred D. 5 May 190514 May 1958
COOK, Alvin9 May 190321 Jul 1960s/o William H. and Mary E. (Cook) Cook
SLOAN, Eva Mae9 Apr 194313 Jun 1965
COOK, Gusta Mae15 Jan 193414 Jul 1985Wife of Jay Chester Cook, Jr., married 1 Aug 1950
COOK, Jay Chester, Jr.7 May 192926 Feb 1982h/o Gusta Mae Cook, married 1 Aug 1950
COOK., Jay Chester1 Jul 190130 Dec 1977h/o Nitah W. (Walker) Cook; s/o William H. and Mary E. Cook
COOK, Nitah W. 27 Jun 190427 Jul 1954w/o Chester Jay Cook; d/o Okey J. and Allie M. (Cook) Walker.
COOK, Jimmy D.7 Sep 193512 May 1973s/o Nitah W. Cook
COOK, John Blake12 Mar 189419 Jun 1978Husband of Hattie Alma Stewart. PFC US Army WW I. Ch./James Otis, Dick, Waitman Barbe, Lillian Joyce Goddard, Clara Dee Cook 2nd wife: Ruby Gunter Ch./ Byron Blake; Patty (Workman)
COOK, Byron Blake26 Oct 195118 Nov 1951Son of John Blake & Ruby
COOK., James A.18841969James Austin; h/o Julia (Adams) Cook, s/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook
COOK, Julia Missouri18921984Wife of James A.
COOK, Martha C.18571949born 19 Dec, died 28 Jun., w/o Isaac F. Cook, d/o William and Hannah (Buchanan) Perry
COOK, Isaac F.18551928h/o Martha Ann Cook, s/o Sylvestor and Elizabeth (Browning) Cook
COOK, George W.18821942s/o Green M. and Minera H. (Perry) Cook
COOK, Clifton26 Jan 190123 Jun 1944Oza Clifton; h/o Cora (Buchanan) Cook, s/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook
ACORD, James Leonard26 Jun 188921 May 1957h/o Nellie (Cook) Acord, s/o Valentine M. and Mary (Allen) Acord
ACORD, Nellie 3 Sep 18919 Dec 1988Wife of James Leonard, d/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook
COOK, Brian Keith24 Apr 19641 May 1990
PERRY, Glace Lee5 Apr 192115 Jan 1994
SHUMATE, Elden11 May 19216 Dec 1985Pvt. US Army WW II, s/o Ken and Cora Ann (Cook) Shumate. Ken was Cora's first husband.
COOK, Sarah A.31 Jul 18794 Nov 1973d/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook, sister of Cora Griffth
GRIFFITH, Cora Ann7 Jul 188917 Aug 1965Sister of Sarah A. Cook, w/o Robert Griffith (2 husband); d/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook
COOK, Rufus L. 2 Jan 18745 Apr 1968h/o Callie (Workman) Cook, s/o James and Annie Cook
COOK, Callie 28 Sep 187919 Apr 1936w/o Rufus L. Cook, d/o William and Salena Workman
PAISEL, Orpha Cook17 Jul 19066 Sep 1933
COOK, Clair17 Jul 190619 Jan 1929Twin of Orpha Cook Paisel
SAUNDERS, Anna Cook7 Dec 190224 Mar 1922d/o Rufus L. and Callie (Workman) Cook
COOK, James29 May 191617 Oct 1918
COOK, Rosa A.18881932Rosa Ann; w/o Chester A. Cook, d/o Leanders S. and Sarah P. (Bailey) Brooks, sister of Okey J. Brooks
COOK, Ann11 Oct 185318 Aug 1904First wife of James Cook, d/o Sylvestor and Elizabeth (Browning) Cook
COOK, James2 Oct 184828 Mar 1918Mason; h/o Annie (Cook) Cook, s/o William Agra and Malinda (Cook) Cook; 2nd wife was Minerva Laxton
COOK, Chester A.18821919Chester Austin; h/o Roas Ann (Brooks) Cook, s/o James and Annie (Cook) Cook; brother to Rufus
LOSECO, Mary E.28 Aug 187918 Jul 1998Last name maybe LOSEGO. Mary Elizabeth, w/o (1) William Hamilton Cook, (2) Ben Losego; d/o James and Annie (Cook) Cook
SHUMATE, Elden "Pat"no dateno dateFuneral hm. mrk. only--data gone
COOK, Elva Clayton26 Jan 19017 Jan 1984Pvt. US Army WW II, h/o Erma (McKinney) Cook, s/o Isaac F. and Martha Ann (Perry) Cook

Recorded by Jim Cook, June 1998. Additional information provided by my uncle Barbe Cook. Updated by my aunt Peggy L. Blackburn on 30 October 1998. More information added 21 July 01 by Kathy Cook Houchins.