Morgan Cemetery, Reedy Creek, Co. Rt. 6

Located approximately 2 miles from the Harvey Cemetery (or the white church at the mouth of the hollow of Co.Rt.6-9), turning right to proceed on Rt. 6 once again. It is approximately 1-1 1/2 miles from Long Branch Freewill Baptist. The cemetery is nestled between two very sharp curves on a hillside with a dirt road leadin up around the edge of the gravesites. Many of the graves are built up on three sides as the hill is steep.

HERRATE, Jessicas Renee Walker19931993
BROOKS, Rev. Charles16 Feb 192715Nov 1979
BLANKENSHIP, Edna J. Brooks1 Oct 193211 Jan 1977
TOLER, Wendy5 Aug 19805 Aug 1980
TOLER, Amy Lynn10 Feb 198810 Feb 1988
KENNEDA, Jeffery Jen7 Apr 19621 Dec 1978
LAWRENCE, Carrie Sue23 Aug 197729 Nov 1977
LAWRENCE, Dewayne L.27 Mar 196122 Feb 1984
KENNEDA, Buster T.2 Apr 19357 Nov 1995
HARPER, Donald Earl17 Apr 195820 Nov 1976
HARPER, Bernie D.16 Oct 19304 Mar 1985Married Maxine 14 Mar 1948
HARPER, Maxine17 Oct 1930no date
JORDAN, Everett19201971
BLANKENSHIP, Armenda18791950Cem. 29, Grave #1
BLANKENSHIP, M. C.18811950Cem. 29, Grave #2
MORGAN, Albert C.18931969
TOLER, Mary Morgan2 Apr 192731 Jan 1965
DANIELS, Terry Dewayne19 Oct 197016 Mar 1990
BROWNING, Mary V.25 May 187025 Mar 1942
BROWNING, R. W.18841964
LESTER Gloria S.19711971
DANIELS, Shirley Ann4 Mar 196422 Feb 1969
CLINE, Sabrina24 Sep 197624 Sep 1976
LESTER, Virgil Dee10 Mar 190720 Dec 1977
MAYNARD, Euna M.2 Nov 191510 Nov 1969
MAYNARD, Lee18 Oct 190526 Mar 1960
BROWN, Thurman18 Jul 191714 May 1962MARYLAND TEC5 31 CHEMICAL CO WW II
BROWN, Lillian Marie23 Aug 192216 Sep 1983
LESTER, Flossie M.20 Jun 191116 Jun 1988
LESTER, Edward19451994
ELSWICK, James19111988
MASON, Clarence H.8 Sep 190926 May 1961
CARTER,James W.16 Jul 187916 Aug 1967
CARTER, Gusta T.13 Nov 18905 Nov 1973
CARTER, Arley Buddy6 Aug 193531 May 1980
CARTER, Garland Bud9 Oct 19083 Jun 1981
CARTER, Walter Wesley12 Dec 195912 Apr 1993
CARTER, Ira19121901DATES?
ELSWICK, Leola19381986
WALKER, Cody Ryan19971997
MORGAN, Burbie19151975
BLANKENSHIP, John Fitzgerald9 Feb 196415 Dec 1975
BLANKENSHIP, Leman18 Dec 19575 May 1978
MORGAN, Bobby Lee14 Apr 195617 Dec 1979Husband of Myrtle M. Morgan
MORGAN, Myrtle M.21 Jan 1961no date
BLANKENSHIP, Eli, Jr.2 Jan 192012 Oct 1978
BLANKENSHIP, Geneve07 Apr 193822 Oct 1979*Wife of Eli,
MORGAN, Tressie30 Apr 191121 Oct 1974Wife of Lark M. Morgan
MORGAN, Lark M.5 Oct 190922 Feb 1979
MORGAN, Maudie L.19061949
CECIL, Lena C.17 May 190720 May 1973
CECIL, Charlie18 Jul 190221 Jul 1964
CARTER, Roy Lee18 Jun 194428 Jan 1944
CARTER, Ruby9 Jan 191711 Jul 1931
WOODY, Don14 Jun 18769 Mar 1981
TOLER, Fred3 Oct 193712 Nov 1939Son of M&M Aldie Toler
TOLER, Betty Jo21 Sep 195321 Sep 1953Dau.of M&M Willie Toler
WELLS, Lilly Jean18 Nov 192912 Jan 1935
WOODY, Polly19651968
KENNEDY, Connie Junior21 May 192117 Oct 1955WV PFC 708 AM PH TANK BN WW II
MESSER, Ettie P.28 May 190926 Jul 1971Wife of Sie Messer
MESSER, Sie18931960
GOODMAN, W. C.18 Apr 18398 Jun 1927
GOODMAN, Maducie25 Dec 18548 Feb 1840Dates? Wife of W. C. Goodman
GOODMAN, Billie Ray28 Oct 194713 Feb 1978
GOODWIN, Fannie C.7 Mar 19089 Jan 1995
GOODMAN, Jack E.10 May 190113 Jul 1970
MORGAN, Jay Curtis19111934
CHAFIN, Betty M.28 Mar 193427 Dec 1950
DINGESS, Anna Marie Rowe14 Jun 192121 Mar 1960
DINGESS, George, Jr.4 Apr 191824 Jan 1985
SMOOT, Nora M.11 Sep 188525 Sep 1934
SMOOT, Dave6 Oct 188222 Apr 1969
MORGAN, Oley W.18921928
MORGAN, Martha A.(Matt)18681928Wife of Henry H. Morgan
MORGAN, Henry H.18651939
MORGAN, William Okey18861965
MORGAN, Vinia Mae23 Mar 189230 May 1967
MORGAN, A. F.08 Jan 192312 Sep 1927
PERRY, Imogean20 Jun 192821 May 1929
PERRY, Polly Lakie10 May 190512 Nov 1973
MORGAN, Rev. Alex R.30 Aug 186614 Aug 1928
MORGAN, Elvira B.15 Jun 186627 Jun 1960Wife of Rev. Alex R. Morgan
ADAMS, Brian Keith19721972
ADAMS, Russell D.19721972
MORGAN, Nancy Lee19411942
BLANKENSHIP, Orie V.19081972
MORGAN, Stevie19561958
ROSENBAUM, Donald Fred1 Sep 19324 Feb 1988PFC US ARMY Korea
STACEY, Mary May19251974
HUFF, Gregory J.3 Jan 19582 Sep 1990
MORGAN, Junior Okey1 Jun 193622 Dec 1987
MORGAN, James Isic12 Aug 19262 Apr 1985
MORGAN, Philip R.29 Jul 19322 Sep 1971
MORGAN, Thelma Virginia19711971
MORGAN, John Teddy17 Apr 192814 Oct 1980Fun.Hm.Marker--"Teddy R.", same dates (?)
MARCUM, Emma MayMar 1939May 1973
STEVENS, Allana31 Jan 192016 Aug 1975
STEVENS, James A.2 Jun 191814 May 1981
PHILLIS, Krystal M.19781980
PHILLIS, Brandy G.19761980
MORGAN, Trista E.27 Aug 19844 Dec 1990
SANDAU, Kizzie Croela30 Apr 192029 Jan 1997
MASSEY, A. Lee19311984Husband of H. Vonnie Massey
MASSEY, H. Vonnie1937no date
HUGHES, Charles W.19041995
BLEDSOE, Julia Anette1 Dec 196915 Feb 1981Dau.of Kenneth & Ruth Bledsoe
BLANKENSHIP, Bert J.18951981
BLANKENSHIP, Myrtle F.1911198224 May 1927 Married Bert J. Blankenship
BAKER, Icie P.31 Oct 19105 Mar 1981
KENNEDA, Vallie Mae11 Nov 194413 Mar 1997
LAWRENCE, Jeffery30 Apr 198113 Apr 1994
KENNEDY, Ilene E.14 Mar 192930 Apr 1987
KENNEDY, Mason C.28 Nov 19132 Mar 19907 Apr 1942 Married Olene E.
BISHOP, George C.26 Nov 192614 Apr 1994
BISHOP, Shirlei E.20 Apr 193325 Mar 1989
KENEDA, Arnold D.15 Feb 19324 May 1990
HARPER, Johnie E.3 Jul 192431 Aug 1983PVT 1st Class US ARMY WW II
KENNEDY, Lizzie7 Jun 189710 Mar 1980
HARPER, Buster C.14 Dec 191326 Oct 1978
MORGAN, Samuel D.28 Mar 192815 Jul 1981
MORGAN, Eugenia23 Feb 193213 Aug 1981
MORGAN, Pegie R.9 Jun 18976 Sep 1982
KENNEDY, Martha10 Apr 19171 Jun 1972
TOLER, A.18961979
TOLER, Aldie9 Mar 189721 Jun 1969
BLANKENSHIP, Elvira V.19 May 192222 Jul 19969 May 1942--Married
BLANKENSHIP, Bernie C.3 Sep 1914no date
OSBORNE, William18879 May 1952
FREEMAN, Cora Osborne10 Feb 191021 Jan 1963
BLANKENSHIP, Cynthia18821966
BLANKENSHIP, Ken (Spawny)18651959
GOODMAN, Dewey20 Sep 191118 Aug 1948WV PVT 1 CLASS
BELCHER, Johnnyno dateno dateNo recorded dates
BELCHER, Nancy18731963
TILLEY, Ora Goodman6 Aug 190728 Feb 1975
GOODMAN, Virgil G.10 Jan 189715 Mar 1961
GOODMAN, Thomas H.19111967
FITCH, Paul J.19071982S2 US NAVY WW II
STEWART, Ella G. Hurley27 Jan 189924 Mar 1984
HURLEY, Anthony Wayne8 Nov 189715 Jun 1955
GOODMAN, Rinda M.1 May 187914 Apr 1941
GOODMAN, David9 Aug 18681 Apr 1947
BLANKENSHIP, Dollie*14 Jul 187329 Mar 1935
BLANKENSHIP, Eula M.1938no date
BLANKENSHIP, Vernie, Sr.16 Dec 191722 Mar 1997
BLANKENSHIP, Wirt L.31 Aug 190115 Dec 1991
BLANKENSHIP, Sadie M.29 Feb 191126 Mar 1980
BLANKENSHIP, Marie15 Feb 193819 Feb 1940
KENNEDY, Jesse W.28 Dec 193126 Feb 1972
QUEEN, Macie M.5 Nov 191726 Feb 1972
HATFIELD, George W.18981985
HATFIELD, Anna E.19001983
HATFIELD, J. Arvel19401968
BLANKENSHIP, Robert19351945
BLANKENSHIP, Willie19371938
BLANKENSHIP, Jimme19541954
CLINE, Louise19351980
WALLS, Victoria18871970
ELSWICK, Enna19131968
BROWN, Lillian Marie23 Aug 192216 Sep 1983
ANDERSON, Belva26 Jul 19157 Sep 1987
ANDERSON, Charlie J.28 Jul 191231 Oct 1961
GOODMAN, Hazel McDonald13 Apr 191917 Jan 1975
GOODMAN, Willie19071968
GOODMAN, Lizzie18811961
GOODMAN, Alonzo18751963
MORGAN, Ted H.1 Mar 189518 Oct 1967WV PVT US ARMY WW I
MORGAN, Willie E.11 Feb 188627 Jan 1971WV PVT 71 INFANTRY WW I
MORGAN, Mary M.22 Jan 19034 Mar 1969
MORGAN, Walter H.23 Aug 189711 Jan 1991
MORGAN, Zelia M.27 Jan 1910no date
SMOOT, Polly R.28 Apr 192422 Jan 1970
SOWARDS, Bobby Deal22 Aug 19433 Jul 1982SGT US ARMY VIETNAM
LAWRENCE, Connie Lee18 Oct 19161 Apr 1993
NICHOLS, Cathleen Cline12 Feb 19616 Sep 1994


Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Vernon Barbe. 11 December 1998.