Harvey Cemetery, Reedy Creek

Located at Reedy Creek, Co. Rt. 6-9, on a hilltop to the right and behind a white church on the left side. It is not visible from the road. Vehicle must be parked at base of hill as there is only a small path access.

FARLEY, Jane1 Mar 18767 Aug 1939
WELLMAN, Jackie6 Feb 19326 Feb 1932
WELLMAN, Sherill12 Feb 19241 Jul 1931
HARVEY, Nora A.01 Feb 188811 Dec 1962Wife of Ola L. Harvey
HARVEY, Ola Lightburn8 Aug 188624 Mar 1978
HARVEY, Bessie & Infant son

HARVEY, A. S.08 Oct 185425 Apr 1934
HARVEY, Vilinta12 Dec 186218 Aug 1947
PERRY, Rebecca19 Oct 18761 May 1897
HARVEY, Mary Etta4 Dec 187115 Sep 1943
HARVEY, Troy B.24 Oct 189312 Aug 1956
WALLS, Lula B.18841945Wife of Lon M. Walls
WALLS, Lon M.187719??Death date not engraved
STEELE, Luther6 Jan 188613 Sep 1886
TOLER, Nora19151968Wifeof Nanam Toler
TOLER, Naman H.19091995
BRINEGAR, Sarah L.18961985Wife of George Lee Brinegar
BRINEGAR, George Lee18911967
BLANKENSHIP, Thomas C.25 May 18803 May 1904
BLANKENSHIP, Mrs. Thomas C.18881988"100 yrs. old"
WALLS, Ruby M.4 Mar 19165 Jan 1984
WALLS, Amos9 Nov 18782 Jan 1971
TRENT, Louisa Walls3 Nov 189115 Aug 1982
WALLS, Celia8 Aug 188518 Jun 1918
WALLS, Wilburn22 Jul 19135 Nov 1957
25 Aug 1876Fieldstone with no name, 1 date (?)
WALLS, Jessie26 Jul 19152 Jul 1917
WALLS, Pierce2 Feb 188413 Dec 1937
WALLS, Edith Mae19151980
WALLS, Chester A.19131963
STAFFORD, Priscilla C.9 Dec 195629 Oct 1977
WALLS, Bubby D.19361963

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with help from son,Vernon B. Blackburn. 11 December 1998.