Lambert Family Cemetery, Pinnacle Creek

Located off Pinnacle Creek, Co. Rt. 12-3, onto strip mining/old logging roads to Whiteoak Branch. It is within a mile of Indian Ridge, McDowell County Rt. 6.

MULLINS, Margaret Jane18 Mar 194218 Sep 1942
LAMBERT, Ricky Harrison1 Mar 196525 Mar 1965Spine did not complete closure; Son of Junior & Mary Lane L. Sister-Louise Lambert Burk
LAMBERT, Justin7 Jan 198426 Jan 1984
LAMBERT, Billy J.31 Jul 94416 Aug 1986Killed in car accident going home from work Son of Junior &Mary Lane L.; Sister-Louise Lambert Burk
LAMBERT, Rose M.16 Dec 194516 Dec 1945
MULLINS, Agnes Marie15 Nov 193618 Nov 1936

LAXTON, Mary M. Lambert4 May 191722 Jun 1934Died in childbirth after spousal abuse; Dau. of Sister of Junior Lambert

Mother of Junior Lambert
LAMBERT, Herndon

Husband of Iowa L.
Unmarked (12)

CHURCH, Samuel1 Apr 18928 Apr 1899

CHURCH, Wm. P.18 Mar 186927 Jul 1896

Son of Joseph Causby Church

Dau. of Joseph Causby Church
WORKMAN, James M.9 May 1880

CHURCH, Louise

CHURCH, Albert

CHURCH, Patricia J.29 Mar 193229 May 1994Wife of William T.
CHURCH, William T.19291975
CHURCH, Claude E.19271984
CHURCH, Maude M.1908
Wife of Claude E.; M 30 Jun 1949
CHURCH, Texie L.26 Jul 1952
Wife of Clinton T.; M 25 Jun 1979
CHURCH, Clinton T.20 Jun /19586 May 1994Killed while driving coal truck which went over strip; Son of William T.& Patricia; Brother of John L. C.
CHURCH, John L.21 Jan 19702 Feb 1995Shot accidentally by random shots; Son of William T. & Patricia; Brother of Clinton T. C.
JOHNSON,Roger Garland Jr. 25 Oct 196624 Jun 1990"Great White Hunter"; Suicide
JOHNSON, Roger Garland III2 Oct 19852 Oct 1985Son of R. G. J., Jr.
CHURCH, Clarence M.15 Mar 19002 Jul 1957
CHURCH, Cora E.29 Dec 19003 Sep 1971Wife of Clarence M. C.
Unmarked (3)

CHURCH, Clarence E.13 Oct 19326 Mar 1934

Recorded by Peggy L. and Joe Otis Blackburn, Danny and Debbye Kennedy Miller and Louise Lambert Burk (and Josh guiding us through miles of twisting, intersecting dirt roads or we'd still be hunting). 26 September 1998.