William Walker Cemetery, Oceana

This cemetery is located on the Northeast side of Oceana, on a hillside near Pine Street, about 1/2 mile from city limits as your heading for Kopperston.

Unmarked graves

BARBER, Emily Lockie5 Oct 186610 May 1905Daughter of James E. and Nelly Cook Walker; Wife of John F. Belcher
COOK, Jackson187719??Son of Ellen Cook
COOK, Julia W.2 Aug 18741945Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker; Wife of Jackson Cook
COOK, Linenne Addora7 Jul 187219??Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker; Wife of George Cook
COOK, Lon18811963Son of Gaston and Mary Kitts Cooke
COOK, Dolly12 Oct 188719??Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker; Wife of Lon Cook
COOK, Emma Jane1915Aug 19411st Wife of Eldon D. Cook; Maiden name Horn
MORGAN, Susie Edith1 Apr 191914 Apr 1945Daughter of Pleasent Buren and Virginia Angeline (Brunty) Morgan; Wife of Herbert Morgan; My Grandmother (Jim)
COOK, Infant Son26 Oct 193729 Oct 1937Son of Eldon and Emma Horn
COOK, David C. 18681947Son of Ballard and Ellen Brooks Cooke
COOK, Julia18691952Wife of David C. Cook; Maiden name Perry
COOK, Charles Lee186619??
COOK, Julia B. 188619??Wife of Charles Lee Cook; Maiden name Barber
COOK, Bradie19??19??Daughter of Charles and Julia Barber Cook
COOK, Perry L.188819??Son of George and Octavia Walker Cook
COOK, William Remley187619??Son of Ballard and Ellen Brooks Cooke
COOK, Effie D.188819??Wife of William Remley Cook; Maiden name Dalton
COOK, Ballard30 Jul 184712 Apr 1914Son of Elliot and Rebecca Canterbury Cooke
COOKE, Ellen (Eleanor)18491922Daughter of William and Eleanor Cooke Brooks; Wife of Ballard Cooke
COOK, Arminta J.13 Jan 187023 Apr 1895Daughter of Ballard and Ellen Brooks Cooke
COOK, Otis Bilton188019??Daughter of Ballard and Ellen Brooks Cooke
COOK, Cora Elizabeth189119??Wife of Otis Bilton Cook; Maiden name Dalton
MAHONE, Kelly18791897Son of Lee and Mary Walker Mahone
WALKER, Nelly M.27 Mar 18506 Dec 1897Daughter of James and Emily Shannon Cook; Wife of James B. Walker
WALKER, Martilla (Telea) K.18671937Daughter of William and Nelly Cooke Roach; 2nd Wife of James B. Walker
WALKER, Pansy29 Aug 190819??Daughter of James B. and Martilla Roach Walker
WALKER, Sherman13 Nov 188519??Son of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker
WALKER, Josie188619??Daughter of Docia Cook; Wife of Sherman Walker
WALKER, Calley18??24 Nov 18991st Wife of Alonzo Walker; Maiden name Canterbury
WALKER, Jane Moxley188019??Daughter of Granville and Ollie Moxley; 2nd Wife of Lon Walker
WALKER, Layunne Myrtle9 Jul 187919 Sep 1887Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker
WALKER, Rebecca Allis14 Jul 186819 Dec 1880Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker
WALKER, Rosetta3 Oct 18776 Sep 1897Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker
WALKER, Millie6 Oct 189410 Oct 1898Daughter of James B. and Nelly Cook Walker
WALKER, DeeNov 1893
Son of Addora Walker Cook; g/s James B. Walker
WALKER, Opha W. 189519??
WALKER, Eugene

Son of Opha Walker

Marked Graves

SNIDER, James L.19521952
ACORD, Linda19531953
COOK, Josie5 Dec 187729 Oct 1946
COOK, Dora18721957
WALKER, Andrew27 Dec 185318 Aug 1935Joint Marker
WALKER, Nancy11 May 18731 Aug 1910Joint Marker
WALKER, Hershel19231923
WALKER, Hubert19251932
WALKER, Hershey19321932
PYLE, 18??11 Jul 1932
MAHONE, Lee18451945Joint Marker
MAHONE, Mary Walker18621933
WALKER, Juliett8 Sep 182825 May 1897
WALKER, William

Co. G 7th WV Cavalry
COOK, Cal H.18751949Joint Marker
COOK, Mae188019??Joint Marker
MAYNARD, Dona Jean13 Feb 194711 May 1947
BIRLEY, Linda Karen28 Aug 19472 Sep 1947
BIRLEY, Michael Gene3 Sep 1951Sep 4, 1951
CHILDRESS, Danny Joe2 Jul 19494 Jul 1949
COOK, Octavia12 Jan 186717 Aug 1946Daughter of William Walker and Julia Cook
SCARBO, Birchie16 Feb 19?121 Nov 1950
HAWKINS, Pauline G. 19101967Joint Marker
HAWKINS, Chester E. 19071969
STEWART, W. Birt18871966Joint Marker
STEWART, Lillie B. 18891958Joint Marker
MARRS, Bill19021945Joint Marker
MARRS, Esta1912

COOK, George8 Aug 18767 Aug 1924
WALKER, James B.

Co. I 7th WV Cavalry
GRIFFITH, L. B. 1 Mar 187519 Jan 1925
GRIFFITH, W. H. 18781943
CARLISLE, Leonard C. 18671945

Fenced cemetery near Walker Cemetery

BROWN, William E. 27 May 193023 Nov 1968PFC US Army
REPASS, Archie Dehard15 Sep 192727 Feb 1956S2 USNR World War II
REPASS, Barbara E. 18911973Joint Marker
REPASS, J. Henry18901956Joint Marker


  1. 1 Infant, 9 Unknown, Marked w/ Fieldstones.

List of unmarked graves was complied by Eloise Birley. Date and annotations were added by Paul Ray Blankenship. The list of marked graves was compiled by Susan Walker Jones, I also added some dates and remarks that I had on file.

Rechecked on 22 October 1998 by Peggy L. Blackburn and Danny Jerald Miller.