Homer Cook Cemetery, Oceana

Located two streets past the intersection of Rt. 10 N, onto Rt. 971 Oceana. Turn right at Loop Street, proceed straight to the end of the street. The cemetery is on the left in open view.

JUDY, Owen Davis22 Apr 190520 Jul 1952
PRSA, Joseph18901967
BAXTER, Berry S.18851945
BAXTER, Margaret A.18861966Wife of Berry S. Baxter
CANTERBURY, Herbert S.18921948
CANTERBURY, Sola H.18 Apr 189031 May 1955WV PVT CO M 17 Infantry WW I
CANTERBURY, Jennie M.18911959Wife of Sola H. Canterbury
LESTER, Tilda J.16 Mar 189228 Jan 1957
LEWIS, Judith Ann25 Jul 194525 Jan 1945
BAILEY, Perry18681952
BAILEY, Eliza1872no dateWife of Perry Bailey
GRIFFITH, Mamie Maynor15 Oct 191828 Apr 1998
GRIFFITH, Algie Hugh12 Jul 190430 Sep 1994
BURGESS, Virgel28 Sep 190210 Jan 1938
BURGESS, Willia Neece29 Oct 19085 Nov 1934Wife of Virgel Burgess
NEECE, William31 Mar 18805 Nov 1938
NEECE, Rosa Cook24 May 188215 May 1964
PAYNTER, Virginia Pearl8 Apr 193430 Oct 1974
PAYNTER, Bertha9 Feb 18928 Jun 1973
PAYNTER, Eugene24 Mar 193630 Nov 1972
PAYNTER, Ben H.29 Dec 18887 Dec 1971
LESTER, Mary L.19 Apr 191529 Jul 1988
POWERS, Patricia Paulien22 Nov 197723 Dec 1979
COOK, Monnie M.23 May 188229 Jun 1968Wife of Fred E. Cook
COOK, Fred E.20 Feb 187915 Feb 1970
COOK, John Willard30 Jun 191920 Apr 1944Lost at sea S SGT US NAVY
COOK, Willia D.15 Jun 190530 Oct 1977
COOK, Wanna C.8 May 18933 Apr 1968WV PVT US ARMY
COOK, Norman M.26 Aug 192716 Nov 1938
COOK, EdwardJan 1937Feb 1938Son of M&M Ralph Cook
COOK, Ralph L.10 May 190819 Mar 1991
COOK, Lucille E.22 Apr 19162 Jul 1985Wife of Ralph L. Cook
ROSE, Jud9 Feb 187627 Sep 1950
ROSE, Lura16 Jan 188826 Mar 1963Wife of Jud Rose
BROWN, Edna J.4 Jul 189022 Sep 1958Wife of Earl Brown
BROWN, Earl10 Aug 191025 Mar 1974PFC US ARMY WW II
CHAMBERS, Arlie04 Mar 189730 Oct 1958
COOK, Anna B.22 Feb 190219 Feb 1930
KENADA, Bessie19131995
COOK, Laura Ann18711947
COOK, Rice18691965
COOK, Walter Leland1 Jun 189111 Sep 1948
COOK, Myrtle Kirby9 Feb 188819 Aug 1976Wife of Walter Leland Cook
COOK, Walter Leland, Jr.24 Oct 191310 Nov 1976Son of Walter L. & Myrtle K. Cook
BROOKS, Belle C.18661944
BROOKS, Isaac Bailey18601936
BEAVERS, Lola C.18871970
BEAVERS, Walter O.no date12 Dec 1941WV PVT 1 CL 315 FIELD ARTY 80 DIV
CANTERBURY, Dorcas18801941
CANTERBURY, Alfred B.18771942
COOK, Zida Chambers25 Sep 189219 Jan 1945
CHAMBERS, Vida Shannon14 Mar 187318 May 1961Wife of Anthony L. Chambers
CHAMBERS, Anthony L.23 Jan 18717 Feb 1918
CHAMBERS, Demarias H.1 Jan 18349 May 1907Wife of L. B. Chambers
CHAMBERS, George17 Oct 186816 Aug 1938
CLAYPOOL, John18761955
BAILEY, Katherine Sue19271927Dau. of Onnie & Brooke Bailey
COOK, Mormie D.9 Nov 18753 Apr 1964
COOK, Minnie P.7 Jun 188017 Mar 1946
COOK, Virgil3 Feb 18981 Mar 1920
COOK, Grady19 Feb 18327 Mar 1920
CONLEY, Bertha J.18951967Wife of H.Watterson Conley
CONLEY, H. Watterson18881943
CONLEY, Baby1 May 19309 May 1930Infant of Bertha & Watterson Conley
COOK, William18691938
COOK, Goldie A.187919??
CONLEY, Leonidas H.18711938
HALL, Edward T.15 Sep 192612 Apr 1977
HALL, Aileen Conley20 Jul 18953 Jun 1973
CONLEY, Kathleen M.01 Jul 191911 Sep 1944
DYKE, Lillian Etta19161990
DYKE, Fred A.19161984
COOK, Martha Z.13 Nov 185413 Dec 1921Wife of George W. Cook
COOK, George W.17 Apr 184513 Oct 1928
COOK, Epson6 May 188315 Sep 1946
COOK, James Hartley13 Apr 18428 Jul 1914
COOK, Martha Shannon23 Mar 18451 Jan 1921
SHANNON, Susan 12 Nov 187031 Jul 1955
SHANNON, Martha J.18641940Wife of L.L. Shannon
SHANNON, Lightburn L.18631952
COOK, Ada H.22 May 187312 Nov 1905Dau. of J. H. & M. P. Cook
TATE, Randolph G.15 Oct 189110 Feb 1913
SHUMATE, J.D. 17 Sep 185629 Jan 1902
SHUMATE, Ella Cook16 Dec 18708 Feb 1961
SHUMATE, Narcissa8 Feb 182413 Apr 190480yrs. 2mos. 5 das.
SHUMATE, Ernest A.27 Mar 18916 Dec 1973
SANDERS, J. O.30 Oct 185819 Oct 1995
14 Jul 190739 Yrs.
SANDERS, Br. John A.5 Jul 18897 Sep 1921
WALKER, M. K.18681955
HAMBRICK, William R29 Sep 188129 Apr 1903Son of C. A. & J. Hambrick
HAMBRICK, Lucretia J.10 Jun 185828 Apr 1888Wife of C. A. Hambrick
HAMBRICK, Boston J.13 Jul 18838 Dec 1887Son of C. A. & J. Hambrick
SHANNON, R. A.12 Feb 186626 Feb 1906I.O.O.F. 11/12 FLT
BLANKENSHIP, Frank C.19101954L.U. 5850
MEADOWS, James A.7 Sep 189217 Jul 1953
MEADOWS, Ora7 Feb 18989 May 1988
SALYER, James C.19011959
SALYER, Rachel N.19091995Wife of James C. Salyer
BAILEY, Audrey A.5 May 19043 Nov 1957
SALYER, Kermit19031942
CHAMBERS, Infant9 Aug 18579 Aug 1857Son of L. B. & D. H. Chambers
CHAMBERS, Infant3 Jul 18583 Jul 1858Dau. of L. B. & D. L. Chambers
CHRISTIAN, Louisa E.16 May 185929 Oct 1902Wife of I. E. Christian
ARGABRIGHT, H. B. 11 Jun 188111 Feb 1957
CHAMBERS, Leroy B.15 Sep 18214 Dec 1892
CHAMBERS, May26 Jun 185914 Nov 1880Dau. of L.B. & D.H. Chambers
COOK, Isaac24 Sep 186510 Apr 1947
COOK, Guss2 Dec 18702 Jan 1949
DEAN, Mary C.17 Feb 188928 Feb 1953Wife of William Lee Dean
BLANKENSHIP, Lena19191936
BLANKENSHIP, Zona18901950
BLANKENSHIP, Lon18921959
BLANKENSHIP, Ivan, Jr.19561980
BLANKENSHIP, Dorothy B.13 Feb 192529 Jul 1982Wife of Ivan "Jack" Blankenship
BLANKENSHIP, Ivan "Jack"20 May 192225 Sep 1987
GILMORE, Dillard Bryant19231957
OLIVER, Ruth7 Nov 192120 Jun 1988
BLANKENSHIP, Connie F.19371998
PARSONS, Jerry Allen17 Mar 193822 Jul 1938
MAYNOR, Arelene13 Jul 193628 Sep 1936
MAYNOR, Hattie May9 May 191215 May 1983Wife of Roscoe Maynor
MAYNOR, Roscoe19 Mar 19131989
MAYNOR, Robert19151977SSGT US Army WW II
MAYNOR, Cora7 Feb 187915 Apr 1941
MAYNOR, John1 Dec 18772 Apr 1941
MATHENY, Katie11 Mar 187811 May 1896
MAYNOR, Mary A.19321933
MAYNOR, Bertha15 Oct 189721 Aug 1961
MAYNOR, Elbert15 Dec 190031 Aug 1971
MAYNOR, Viola Lee17 Oct 192611 Oct 1988
BARBER, Chilton19 Aug 191727 Oct 1988
VANCE, Burnas Barber23 Mar 192525 Nov 1996
LUSK, Averell T.19 Aug 187219 Mar 1944
LUSK, Nancy Annie27 May 187812 Jul 1979
COOK, Eliza24 Jan 186125 Oct 1934
CHAMBERS, Tine Cook18691941
COOK, Ellen3 Dec 184524 Feb 1924
FERGUSON, Docia14 Apr 18513 May 1920
CHAMBERS, Rosey8 Apr 18677 Dec 1867Dau. L.B. & D.H. Chambers
McCLURE, George T.6 Jan 182718 Feb 1918
COOK, Ashton M.24 Aug 18791 Aug 18899 Yrs. 11mos. 7das.
COOK, Thomas, Sr.*17761854Son of John and Nellie Pemberton Cooke
CHRISTIAN, Willie E.21 Aug 188521 Oct 1885Son of J.J. & A.V. Christian
CHRISTIAN, Clerance E.11 Aug 18892 Sep 1889Son of J.J. & A.V. Christian
ROACH, Franklin P., Jr.18891890
ROACH, Margaret18841956
ROACH, Franklin P.18561901
ROACH, Demaris18581954Wife of Franklin P. Roach
ROACH, Charles Philip18861936
ROACH, John Kenna18771903
COOK, Guy18841949
COOK, Rosa27 Mar 188519 Dec 1919
COOK, John W. 18 Mar 184814 Dec 1917
COOK, Martha A.7 Apr 185812 Aug 1938Wife of John W. Cook
BROWN, Myrtle G.11 Dec 19081 Nov 1909
SENTER, W. Clyde18841946
ROBERTSON, Annieno dateno dateNo data
ALASKY, Cynthia C.18831958
CHRISTIAN, Kenny E.12 Mar 19003 Apr 1900Son of Bruce & S. Christian
CHRISTIAN, Samantha18681946Wife of Bruce Christian
CHRISTIAN, Bruce18661950
KIRBY, Infant19111911Dau. of S.B. & Thelma Kirby
SHANNON, May1 May 18778 Apr 1891
SHANNON, Sarah Gadd9 Mar 18372 Dec 1918
SHANNON, W. B.16 Dec 183119 Aug 1900
GRAHAM, Hallie G.19231991
GRAHAM, Willie R.18981967
CARPER, Callie19081968
HUDSON, Bernerd19071980
CARPER, Margie Marie19151991

*COOK, Thomas, Sr. --"Indian Ranger 1793, Champion of South Western Virginia, whipped Humphries of Portsmouth , O. at Rum Creek in 1814 and Gibson Jarrell, giants and champion of Augusta County at Peterstown in 1816. Married Ellen Riggins in 1799. The first charter member of Guyandotte Baptist Church, 1812

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, 3 Dec 1998.