Cook Cemetery, Oceana

Located on Rt. 10, across from Laurel Park, on the hillside behind the original Cook Ford Sales.

BRAGG, James E. 20 May 1934
Wed Phyllis I. -04/16/1956
BRAGG, Phyllis I. 23 May 1937 2 Apr 1991
LAMBERT, Ronald D. (Buck) 19 Apr 1947 10 Apr 1992
BAILEY, Truman D. 28 Nov 1918 13 Jul 1998
BAILEY, Ruth V. 27 Jan 1918
Wed Truman D. B. 04/01/1937
COOK, Jess Willard24 May 19277 Dec 1986Married Susie-12/02/1950 PFC US ARMY WW II
COOK, Susie8 Jul 1931

COOK, Edward D.19311993PFC US ARMY WW II
COOK, Elbert E.18911957Husband of Lockey
COOK, Lockey18931969Wife of Elbert E.
ELKINS Thomas G.10 May 191214 Dec 1969
Unmarked --3--

LAMBERT, Callie E.23 Jun 190725 Apr 1994Wife of Ohlen J.
LAMBERT, Ohlen J.26 Oct 19018 Feb 1958
ELKINS, Walter G.7 Mar 18998 Mar 1965Married Ida M. -10/27/1920
ELKINS, Ida M.12 Nov 1902

ELKINS, Eldon Dennis26 Dec 192128 Jan 1959TSgt US Army, WW II
Unmarked --2--

COOK, Pearl16 Apr 188415 Feb 1954
COOK, Thomas G.10 May 191214 Dec 1969
Unmarked --5--

COOK, Camden12 Feb 188523 Dec 1918see note 2 below
WALKER, Martealia F.21 Nov 18515 Dec 1927see note 3 below
WALKER, Thompson L.02 Sep 184317 Jul 1916
SIMPSON, James Ernest 8 May 19072 Jul 1990 S1 US NAVY
GRAHAM, Lonah M.19151944
GRAHAM, Onnie V.19051963
COOK, Denver D. 3 Sep 1922

COOK, Ruth Allen9 May 191930 Oct 1993Wife of Denver D.
ELKINS, Baby19641964
COOK, Syrilda Elise4 Dec 19986 Dec 1998Twin dau. of Roger & Drema Cook
WORKMAN, Effie18831893
ROLLINS, Dollie8 Sep 192812 Feb 1975
ROLLINS, Jr., Samuel 8 Jun 19234 Sep 1996US Army Air Corps; CPL US Air Force; WW II
EDWARDS, Robert Gordon06 Jan 19536 Jan 1953
BARBER, Frank18791972

Co. A 4 KY INF Spanish-American War
JOHNSTON, William L.19521952
ELKINS, Bert193319?4Date of death is hard to read, could be a 3 or 8.
ELKINS, Corba L.13 Aug 189711 Dec 1972
ELKINS, Dennie W.19 Mar 18799 Oct 1950
ELKINS, Ott H.15 Mar 191027 Dec 1994PFC US ARMY WW II
COOK, Ernest Hedge16 Mar 191631 Aug 1916
ELKINS, Herbert T.18931929
ELKINS, (Unreadable)no date1 May 192?carved on fieldstone.


  1. There are a minimum of 31 additional gravesites marked only with fieldstones painted white
  2. Camden Cook was the first husband of Velmah Walker. Velmah remarried a year after Camden died, to Sidney Brooks.
  3. Martelia Walker, daughter of William Walker Jr. and Juliette Cook Walker. Juliette is the daughter of William Doby Cook and Chloe Bailey. William Doby is the son of Thomas Cooke and grandson of John Cooke Sr.

Recorded by Jim Cook. Updated by Peggy L. Blackburn and Debby Kennedy Miller. 24 September 1998.