Morgan Cemetery, North Spring

Delta Rt.10, off North Spring Rt. 52-1, this cemetery is on a mountaintop that---take my word for it--- accessed probably by 4WD, but should be by walking.

MORGAN, Litesell S.27 Aug 191531 Dec 1985
MORGAN, Norman E.24 Sep 19141 Dec 1935
MORGAN, PVT Benny O.14 May 193418 May 1953
MORGAN, Morris J.25 Sep 191128 Mar 1935
MORGAN, Ulie Ott18871928
MORGAN, Hattie B.18901982Wife of Ulie Ott Morgan
MORGAN, Shirley W.19 Aug 191627 Feb 1918
MORGAN, William C.18991957
MORGAN, Molly18971957
MORGAN,(?)18 Apr 192729 Dec 1927First name is gone
MORGAN, R. D.11 Apr 192311 Jul 1923
MORGAN, O.B.14 Jul 191622 Sep 1919
MORGAN, W. B.18 Jun 191410 Aug 1914


  1. 7 Unmarked graves.

Recorded and compiled by Toni Blackburn Stewart and Peggy L. Blackburn. 19 March 1999.