Cline Cemetery, North Spring

Located on Rt.52-4 on right at mouth of Trace Fork, North Spring below Kerns Cemetery. There is a pumping station beside the cemetery.

THORNSBURY, Thomas28 Sep 19289 Dec 1962WV PFC US Army Korea
THORNSBURY, Burl Morgan19121980
THORNSBURY, Elsie26 May 190712 Apr 1958
STANLEY, Jake19181989
HUFF, Jeffery17 Apr 197119 Apr 1989
STANLEY, Daniel11 Apr 191712 Jul 1948WV PVT 290 INF WW II
HUFF, Roxie Ellen8 May 192217 Mar 1971
PORTER, Tessie Mae19151971
PORTER, Charlie19111973
CLINE, French26 Jun 19212 Mar 1979Sgt US Army WW II
CLINE, Russell30 Dec 18654 Nov 1962
CLINE, Eliza12 May 186424 Jan 1940
REYNOLDS, Amanda13 Jul 189022 Dec 1919Wife of N.O. Reynolds
CLINE, Andy18821958
CLINE, Martha18911934
SHANNON, Juanita19431943
SHANNON, Charles Rollins19541954
CLINE, Noah Lee4 Oct 191617 May 1993
CLINE, Lacy19191998
CLINE, Bertha A.18931992
CLINE, Lonnie B.18881970
CLINE, Tony F.18 Dec 191227 Mar 1968
CLINE, Addie Lena19 Jul 19104 Aug 1979
CLINE, Jerry Keith16 Mar 19614 Mar 1981
THORNSBURY, Ray E.19431943
THORNSBURY, Donald L.19411942
THORNSBURY, Bernie C.19361936
THORNSBURY, Kathryn V.19341945
HATFIELD, Otis Clarence1 Aug 193517 Aug 1996
HATFIELD, Edna Virginia25 Jan 19398 Mar 199731 Dec 1958 wed Otis Clarence Hatfield
TRENT, Arvon James26 Mar 193719 Jan 1972WV PVT US Army
NUTTER, Mavis Marie30 Dec 192730 Jan 1989
COOK, Jeremy William23 Jan 197517 May 1991
TOLER, Martha B.18891968
DAVIS, Arlie F.19141980
DAVIS, Belva J.1916no dateWife of Arlie F. Davis
DAVIS, Cleatus7 Jul 194127 Sep 1997
DAVIS, Arietta C.8 Oct 1943no dateWife of Cleatus Davis
McKEE, Basil E.10 Jul 194121 Jan 1982SP4 US Army
CLINE, Teddy Paul20 Aug 19426 Aug 1967WV A2C US Air Force
CLINE, Sherman G.7 Apr 192122 Mar 1995
CLINE, Luna P.3 Sep 1923no dateWife of Sherman G. Cline
CLINE, James Russell19351936
CLINE, Patsy Joe19 Jan 193719 Jan 1937
CLINE, Hester R.14 Feb 190721 Mar 1976
CLINE, Ida Jean15 Feb 19142 Feb 1973Wife of Hester R. Cline
JACKSON, Chess R.18851958
JACKSON, Pearl D.1889no dateWife of Chess R. Jackson
JACKSON, Larry Namon19521954
HATFIELD, Billy J.10 Apr 193421 Aug 1991
HATFIELD, Athlyn26 Feb 1938no date2 Apr 1955 wed Billy J. Hatfield


  1. There are 6 Unmarked graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, Toni Blackburn Stewart and Marina Renee. 18 March 1999. Additional information provided by Jennifer Thornsbury Comer.