Mullens Cemetery, New Richmond

This cemetery is located on top of the mountain between New Richmond and Pinnacle.

BALDRIDGE, LorraineUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, J. D.UnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, PaulUnavailableUnavailable
STEWART, Roger4 Feb 194115 Feb 1941
STEWART, Jerry15 Mar 1940Unavailable
GREEN, AlfredUnavailableUnavailable
GREEN, ZonnaUnavailableUnavailable
CHURCH, ???UnavailableUnavailable
CHURCH, ???UnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, Noah4 Feb 187920 Jan 1950
MULLENS, William M.27 May 1856?? Apr 1926
MULLENS, Emaline20 Mar 185625 Dec 1918
TILLEY, LesterUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, MayUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, AlfredUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, ElsieUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, EarnestUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, MayUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, MoseUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, Blaine5 Dec 19085 Jan 1969
MULLENS, AdaUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, BabyUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, BabyUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, James Chart10 Aug 188214 Oct 1956
MULLENS, Cora8 Oct 189024 Nov 1981
TILLEY, LutherUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, Rhinda J.18841951
TILLEY, WalterUnavailableUnavailable
TILLEY, Virgil?? May 19221976
BLEVINS, Adney24 Apr 191130 Jul1955
BLEVINS, Vida A.29 Feb 191611 Aug 1951
BLEVINS, Mary and MarthaUnavailableUnavailable
MULLENS, Robert M.18301911
MULLENS, Melinda Barnes18301909
WYATT, LewisUnavailable Unavailable
EVANS, BabyUnavailable Unavailable
EVANS, Baby Unavailable Unavailable
BENNETT, Gracie Unavailable Unavailable
MULLENS, Evelyn14 Apr 194926 Mar 1952
MITCHELL, Allifair Unavailable Unavailable
MITCHELL, Nellie Unavailable Unavailable
WILLIAMSON, Richard17861892
MITCHELL, JoeUnavailableUnavailable
MALONE, BabyUnavailable Unavailable
BYRD, LutherUnavailable Unavailable
HONAKER, CharlotteUnavailable Unavailable

Information from Vesta Hatfield, New Richmond, WV as told to Pat Adams and Submitted to Families of Wyoming County.