Perdue Cemetery, Mullens

The cemetery is on the left hillside, across from a power plant, Rt. 10S, 9 miles from Pineville High School towards Mullens. The cemetery is visible only with careful attention proceeding towards Mullens, easier spotted coming from Mullens. There is no road, only a small clearing at the base of the hill, however, there is a deep ditch to cross with limited visibility re-entering the highway. Parking across the road would be far safer.

McCALL, Twins19491949
BURTON, Sarah8 Jul 18886 Dec 1959
WOODRUM, Sarah Beth3 May 19724 May 1972
LAWSON, James D.19201955
HOLLINS, Amanda18771935
HOLLINS, Floyd A.18701956
MONROE, Lonnie Allen19291932
MONROE, Walter Lewis18811948Right has "DOKK" Top-"Rhaah 195"
HARMON, James M.20 Dec 194320 Dec 1943
ASHLEY, Herman E.26 Feb 193126 Oct 1931
ASHLEY, Earl T.2 Aug 19243 Mar 1929
WOLFE, Peter18511927
WOLFE, Maggie18641936Wife of Peter Wolfe
MURRAY, Herbert25 Apr 19258 Aug 1926
GREEN, "SIG"3 Nov 192128 Mar 1926
GREEN, "LAG"4 Dec 19288 Oct 1930
GREEN, E. M.28 Apr 193628 Aug 1931
CECIL, Ricky16 Dec 19534 Jan 1954
CECIL, Francis29 Jan 19316 Jul 1932
LAIEL,CallieDec 188214 Mar 1924
WISE, C. W.5 May 18733 Aug 1925
DOWDY, George15 Dec 190518 Feb 1923PVT Marine Corps
VEST, Elcie23 Mar 190626 Apr 1927
PERDUE, Lewis Hobert19001958
PERDUE, Raymond Earl19241963
PERDUE, Lewis D.19221964
PERDUE, Ralph U.19421976
STOWERS, Infant25 May 196525 May 1965
MAIN, Effie18831956
BLACKSHIRE, W. Kenneth19171983
DUNAVANT, Carl W.10 May 189831 Oct 1960
LAWSON, Victor B.17 Jul 19056 Nov 1957
LAWSON, Syble10 Jan 191310 Jun 1981
LAWSON, Glenda11 Mar 194630 Jun 1958
BRINEGAR, Dee H.15 Apr 188930 Mar 1970
BROWN, John E.5 Aug 188531 Dec 1966
BROWN, Mary A.30 Apr 19024 Mar 1979
BAILEY, Edna M.19301997
ELLIS, Georgia19321943
HARPER, Dennis Dwayne28 Oct 196628 Oct 1966
PRESLEY, Ralph T.22 Mar 193212 May 1987SSgt US Air Force Korea
LESTER, Jr.6 Aug 19776 Aug 1977Son of Ed & Kathy Lester
UNKNOWN Maleno date1963
TREADWAY, Annie188419??
HAWKINS, Ida Mae19031978
MARTIN, Baby Girl19711971
FITZGERALD, Margaret2 Nov 18806 Jun 1963
BROWN, Robert E.19411947
BROWN, Franklin L.5 Jun 194325 Jul 1943
BROWN, Susan E.14 Nov 194415 Nov 1944
ALVAREZ, Ethel18931948


  1. There are quite a few graves marked only with fieldstones.
  2. This is a difficult cemetery to record, with many funeral home markers easily missed, numerous gravesites enclosed, making motivation around the erratic layout a challenge. Briars, tangled scrubby overgrowth over much of the area add to the difficulty.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, 4 February 1999.