Cook Cemetery, Lillyhaven

Located at Lillydale Lillyhaven, Rt. 971. Turn right at the edge of the new concrete bridge, staying on the dirt road until you cross over the railroad tracks. Walk down the railroad tracks with the mountains on your right (quite a distance) until you see an old unused grassy road turn sharply to the right. Follow the road, which winds to the left twice, to the top of the mountain. The cemetery cannot be seen until you reach the top.

MULLINS, Thuries10 Jul 190619 Dec 1979
GILLESPIE, H. G.13 Jun 1956
73 Yrs.
GILLESPIE, Ollie Belle04 Apr 188131 Jan 1950Wife of H. G. Gillespie
McKENZIE, James E. 19471948(Vandale Funeral Home-?)
COOK, Doran E., Sr.19021955
COOK, Ray Cole12 Mar 189915 Sep 1957WV PVT US ARMY WW II
BYRD, Goldie19051965
BLANKENSHIP, Josie A.19 Jul 190424 Aug 1983
WALLS, Lacie19061974
FORTNER, Govenor18921978
BLANKENSHIP, Arnold26 Dec 191227 Jun 1964WV US ARMY WW II
BLANKENSHIP, Louella10 Mar 18068 Nov 1902
BLANKENSHIP, Fred16 Jan 180010 Jun 1865
BLANKENSHIP, S. M.19651965
FRANCIS, Cora19 Sep 187230 Aug 1963
FRANCIS, C. E. 5 Sep 18729 Oct 1957
ELKINS, Ann B.23 Jul 185325 Oct 1903Wife of M. C. Elkins Index finger in 1rg w/1above******
ELKINS, Vergie Lee25 Apr 18??25 Apr 18??Dau. M.C. & Ann B. Elkins
COOK, Laura Brook24 Feb 18??12 Jun 190118Yrs. 3 mo. 18Das.*** Dau. C. F. & Almira J. Cook
COOK, Almira J. 16 Nov 18449 Mar 1904Wife of C. F. Cook
FORTNER, Gennie16 May 186128 Sep 1981
22 Sep 188920yrs.4mo.23dsaWife of Lane Blankenship
PAYNTER, Myrtle Cook18861965
AC???Jun ????Jul 1957Hickory Funeral Home, Hickory, N.C.
BANTHER, James O.19641964
WALLS, Arthur19001969
ALLEN, Dock L.18911962
ALLEN, Kenner Creed28 Jul 189517 Apr 1969WV US ARMY WW I
ALLEN, Elden19301991EN3 US NAVY Korea
ALLEN, Melinda Sue2 Jul 196310 Oct 1995
ALLEN, Mary Earmie19 Jun 189521 Nov 1982
ALLEN, John A.20 Jun 18874 Oct 1983
ALLEN, Henry19161996
KIRKENDOLL, Jerry19481981
ACORD, James D.29 Mar 196017 Apr 1960


Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, 1 December 1998.