Cook Cemetery, Kopperston

Located on Rt. 85, Kopperston Lower Coal Camp, turning onto the next to the last alley. At the end of the alley a road extends past a narrow, rough gasline maintenance road to a sharp right turn around the base of the hill to the cemetery. The dirt road is usually well-maintained as is part of the cemetery, however the center section is overtaken by tall weeds, yuccas, and in a number of places scrubby, multi-branched young trees obscuring tombstones.

ROLLINS, Ted19231994
HICKS, Janeth M.19361994
EDEN, Laura Marie19311993
GOULD, Lashell Ann19881988
ROLLINS, Terry D.3 Sep 196426 Oct 1986
HICKS, Ray Eldridge, Sr.19261984
MULLENS, Bessie19181988
COOK, Lacy P.9 Dec 191315 May 1982PFC US Army WW II
ALLEN, Myrle19341990
COOK, Virginia Mae1928no dateWife of Algie Dewey Cook
COOK, Algie Dewey19271981
ROLLINS, Dollie22 Jan 1918no dateWife of Roy
ROLLINS, Roy5 May 191429 Nov 1978
DANCY, Charles Spurgeon7 Feb 194911 Sep 1997CPL US Army Vietnam
DANCY, Barney19281996
COOK, Lloyd E. "Dock"19061978
COOK, Inez L.1917no dateWife of Lloyd E. Cook
DANCY, Willie O.21 Mar 19399 May 1991SP 4 US Army
HOOD, Robert L.19511998
CRABTREE, Bonnie Lee19441985
BROWN, James Dennis17 May 194119 Dec 1985A1C US Air Force
DUNCAN, Amos W.25 Jun 192316 Jun 1993
DUNCAN, Tennessee P.18 Sep 1923no dateWife of Amos; M/Phyllis, Peggy, Harold"PeeWee",
COOK, Norman R. "Red"19081969
COOK, Noma M.1912no dateWife of Norman R.; M/Delores, Raymond
LAFFERTY, Talley H.19111975
LAFFERTY, Audrey L.19211982Wife of Talley H. Lafferty
MULLINS, Melvin C.19461966
GARDNER, Johnnie R.19601970
HICKS, Maggie19041975
MULLENS, Woodrow12 Jan 19192 Dec 1969WV SSgt US Army WW II
CARTER, Stephen Craig14 Sep 197117 Sep 1971
STUART, Charles Jack3 Apr 192011 Aug 1969
ROLLINS, Nannie18801968
HICKS, Jack19311996
GIBSON, Dora A.19351998
COOK, Tammy Rose15 Jul 197229 Mar 1982
STEWART, Joseph L.21 Mar 196619 Jul 1995
HICKS, Jimmy Allen19491967
ROLLINS, Baby19611961
MULLINS, Tommy R.19441953
REED, Noel S.13 Jul 190913 May 958Footstone "1910" B/D
GOODWIN, Suecanda19731973
COOK, Nancy "Nan"189313 Apr 1952"Granny Nan"
COOK, Roscoe C.10 May 188619 Dec 1967
COOK, Essie Ann2 May 188917 Jun 1934
CLARK, Elbert R.19131976
GROSSE, (?)no dateno dateOnly last name on marker
LAFFERTY, Lewis18811959
STEWART, Herndon P., Jr.6 Apr 192827 Jun 1994PVT US Army Korea
STEWART, Earnie Betty16 Jan 192430 Jun 1995Married 2 Sep 1955 Herndon P., Jr.
COOK, Aubrey D.19131979Sgt US Army WW II
COOK, Nellie Gaye18 Aug 191420 Jan 1995Wife of Aubrey D; M/Merle & Johnnie
CLARK, Edna C.24 Nov 19187 Sep 1996
CLARK, Deborah L.26 Jun 195526 Jun 1955
BELCHER, Wm.18981943
TOLER, Curtis Lee7 Feb 194820 Feb 1948
TOLER, Phylis Marie31 Dec 195131 Dec 1951
BROWN, Pearl May22 Mar 189318 Sep 1967
BROWN, Dennie6 Jun 189117 Sep 1944
TOLER, Betty Nell22 Jul 194112 Aug 1941
TOLER, Helen Gay26 Jun 193920 Oct 1939
TOLER, Chap W.6 May 18819 Mar 1950
TOLER, Lydia J.25 Apr 189120 Apr 1963
SIZEMORE, Hearley G.16 Jan 195311 Feb 1953
TOLER, Janet May1 May 19572 May 1957
ROLLINS, Kenneth R.19211981PFC US Army WW II
ROLLINS, James E.19 Feb 18656 Mar 1927
ROLLINS, Janice Fannin11 Jul 192323 Nov 1928g/d of James E. & Fannie B.
ROLLINS, Fannie B.18 Mar 186319 Feb 1952Wife of James E.
ROLLINS, Herbert Mack21 Aug 189825 Feb 1916Son of James E. & Fannie B.
ROLLINS, William Bert2 Feb 189017 Feb 1945
COOK, Bill18 Oct 187825 Nov 1982
TILLEY, Baby19571957
COOK, A. M.18 Jan 18361 Jun 1899
BROOKS, Juliett A.23 Sep 18409 Oct 1919
BROOKS, A. J.2 Mar 183919 Jun 1894
COOK, I. L.28 Feb 185026 Dec 1908
COOK, Mahilda1 Dec 184911 Aug 1916(Unsure of 19 "16" as it is broken)
BROOKS, Maymie S.8 Apr 18919 Nov 1950
BROOKS, I. Edward4 Jul 188518 Aug 1967
COOK, Vannie Harvey14 Jun 19181 Jun 1958
LUSK, Virgil B.19081907
LUSK, Alpha A.1909no date
JUSTICE, Ronnie18 Feb 195224 Mar 1959
GOFF, Evelyn D.19521959
RICHARDS, John H.19601960
RICHARD, Herman19251990
POWELL, "Red" Theodore W.25 Aug 19134 Apr 1986Married 23 Dec 1935
POWELL, Opal L.30 Dec 1919no dateCh/_______
POWELL, Mitchell H. "Mickey"28 Feb 19402 May 1989
POWELL, Carole C.13 Dec 19414 Jun 1992Wife of Mitchell H.
POWELL, Wavel Wayne17 Nov 19482 May 1969WV PFC HHT 3 SQ 11 ARMD CAV REGT Vietnam BSM-AM & 2 OLC Purple Heart
POWELL, David T.1 Sep 19533 Sep 1953
POWELL, Henry M.12 Aug 196416 Dec 1974
MARTIN, Cathy13 Apr 196114 Apr 1961
COOK, Cecil R.9 Apr 190721 Jun 1965
COOK, Vadis V.6 Dec 1919no date
REED, Olevia M.19161967Dau../Darlene
BREWER, Vera Vadis1974no date
BREWER, Fred19111978
CAROTHERS, Bobby D., II4 Mar 19854 Mar 1985
COOK, Jesse Robert29 Jun 19393 Jun 1997PVT US Marine Corps
SCALF, Everette19081972
SCALF, Minnie Cline5 Feb 19124 Aug 1990Wife of Everette
SCALF, Nathan Ray22 Mar 195528 Aug 1986
Carter, Baby19611961
LAMB, Odra B.1907no dateWife of Roby
LAMB, Charles Roby19031981
LAMB, Charles Roby, Jr.11 Aug 193828 Sep 1956Son of Roby & Odra; Killed in car wreck
MORGAN, Waitno dateno date
MORGAN, E. M.26 Dec 18691989
BAILEY, Carolyn19621962
LAMB, Mellie L.19101991Wife of Orville
LAMB, Rev. Orville A.19061972Dau./Lorraine,_____
LAMB, Orville A., Jr.15 Aug 193331 Oct 1954Son of Orville & Mellie J.
COOK, Grover C.18881925
COOK, Mary G.19041927
COOK, Maud18961935
COOK, Henry B.18631936
COOK, Roxie S.18581946
HOOD, Basil26 Aug 191525 Apr 1967WV PVT CO G 201 Iinfantry
HOOD, John18851960
HOOD, Jack Edward11 Oct 194818 Nov 1971WV L CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
NO NAME19191976
BELCHER, Roxie18 May 189713 Mar 1983
DUNCAN, Henry18811951
DUNCAN, Ruthie18951969
SMITH, Craig K.19751975
BELCHER, Lee13 Jan 189224 Feb 1945
BROWN, James E.21 Sep 19001 Dec 1938
DANCY, Robey E.26 Sep 189513 Nov 1956.PVT US Army WW I
DANCY, Lura D.9 Jan 190329 Aug 1955Wife of Robey E.
DANCY, Jimmy Lee11 Apr 193714 Sep 1957
JUSTICE, Herbert Ronald5 Mar 19471 May 1947
JUSTICE, Hubert Donald5 Mar 19475 Mar 1947Twin of Herbert R.
CHAMBERS, James25 Oct 190913 Jul 1932
LUSK, Mary Ellen10 May 195016 May 1950
COOK, Charles Spurgeon3 Aug 18801 Jul 1921Husband of Nettie
COOK, Nettie24 Jul 18823 Sep 1940
COOK, Charles Spurgeon, Jr.20 Jul 192119 Jan 1941
COOK, Lena MahuldaMar 1916Aug 1917
SHEPHERD, Gracie18661955
CHAMBERS, J. A.24 Jun 187112 Aug 1909
COOK, Bertha11 Oct 188311 May 1962"Aunt Bertie"
COOK, William22 Mar 18788 Mar 1968Husband of Bertha
BROOKS, Betty J.15 Mar 192418 Nov 1924
COOK, Harvey2 Dec 189115 Jul 1918
BROOKS, Vivian3 Aug 19183 Dec 1919
COOK, Sarah A.12 Nov 184513 Apr 1905
COOK, Eldridge19131981
COOK, Jefferson D.18611941
COOK, Mary E.18611943Wife of Jefferson D.
BROOKS, Lottie18851973
BROOKS, Arthur F.19111955
BROOKS, Jesse Clark18 Jun 18827 May 1959
BROOKS, T. A.18791954
COOK, Okla Eunice9 Jun 19148 Nov 1914Child of J. C. & Ella
CHANEY, Gracey19111911
CHANEY, Eva18911911
CANTERBURY, Crocket12 Jul 186520 Jan 1921
POE, Cora20 Jul 186715 Feb 1932
TOLER, Elery S.31 Aug 191426 Jan 1995Married Vayor C. Wed., 25 Sep 1937
TOLER, Vayor C.10 Jan 1918no date
TOLER, Ulvert14 Jun 191618 Aug 1975
TOLER, Agnes14 Apr 191615 Apr 1993Wife of Ulvert
PHILPOT, William W.10 Mar 191528 Sep 1982Husband of Wilma. TEC 5 US Army WW II
PHILPOT, Wilma B.10 Feb 191616 Sep 1995Ch./William W., Jr.
PHILPOT, Bennie Glen20 Jan 194819 Mar 1966
BLACKBURN, Grover29 Aug 191426 Jan 1969
HAWKINS, Emma18891977
REDDEN, Betty Foster19191974
REDDEN, Frank19191968
REDDEN, Franklin John19621985
LEWIS, Thomas M.18871969
LEWIS, Cora L.18921974
SCOTT, Lando T.28 Sep 190929 Apr 1967Husband of Ethel Mae
SCOTT, Ethel Mae20 May 19174 May 1967
BROWN, Baby Boy29 Dec 196730 Dec 1967
DEAN, Infant26 Oct 195626 Oct 1956Dau. of Conley & Daphene
ROLLINS, Emsley18371925
ROLLINS, Dicy18411914Wife of Emsley
COOK, Allie1 Apr 1891May 1893
COOK, Bill10 Oct 187817 Nov 1882
COOK, Kenney20 Oct 187830 Oct 1879
COOK, Perry21 Oct 18783 Apr 881


  1. There are 17 Unmarked graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with Danny and Debbye Kennedy Miller. 24 Sep 1998.
Update submitted by Jean Lusk, Jan 2005.