William H. H. Stewart Cemetery, Keyrock

This cemetery is very hard to find, unless someone shows you where it is. It's near the end of Keyrock, on top of a mountain. There is an old dirt road leading to the cemetery, if you have a truck, but most people park at the bottom and hike up.

COOK, Cornelia J.May 7, 1859July 3, 1906Wife of Irvin Jacob Cook; Daughter of Rev. Isaac and Jane(Brooks) Bailey
COOK, Hattie A.Jan. 29, 1897July 17, 1944Wife of John Blake Cook; Daughter of W.H.H. and Victoria(Halsey) Stewart
ELLISON, Lillie AnnMar. 10, 1889Jan. 4, 1929Wife of Chester A. Ellison; Daughter of W.H.H. and Martha Victoria(Halsey) Stewart
HILL, Buren R.Aug. 25, 1920Dec. 16, 1964H. of Clarice(Stewart) Hill; Son of Rev. Elbert I. and Lucinda(Jackson) Hill
LAXTON, Francis (Francy)18901968Wife of James Frank Laxton; Daughter of Daniel L. and Judy Vanhoy
LAXTON, Earleneno dateno date
STEWART, Clair "twin"May 13, 1922May 26, 1922Son of Walter O. and Edith A.(Godfrey) Stewart
STEWART, Forest BuellDec. 17, 1925Jan. 7, 1929Son of Forest D. and Merlie (Cook) Stewart
STEWART, Leona "Tootsie"Apr. 17, 1925Nov. 12, 1926Daughter of Walter O. and Edith A.(Godfrey) Stewart
STEWART, Edith A.Aug. 18, 1892Sept. 18, 1966Wife of Walter O. Stewart; Daughter of Thomas W. and Nancy(Walls) Godfrey
STEWART, Jay H., Jr.Jan. 12, 1922Apr. 30, 1923Son of Jay H. and Verdie(Walker) Stewart
STEWART, Martha VictoriaApr. 10, 1869Aug. 12 1936Wife of W.H.H. Stewart; Daughter of Henry Drury and Nancy(Busick) Halsey
STEWART, Mary A.Feb. 15, 1910Feb. 15, 1910Daughter of W.H.H. Stewart and Martha Victoria Stewart
STEWART, Rosa O.Feb. 19, 1893Oct. 9, 1899Daughter of W.H.H. Stewart and Martha Victoria Stewart
STEWART, Shelby L.Aug, 3, 1895Nov. 2, 1902Daughter of W.H.H. Stewart and Martha Victoria Stewart
STEWART, Walter O.Apr. 18, 1891Apr. 10, 1960H. of Edith A. Stewart; Son of W.H.H. and Victoria Stewart
STEWART, William H.H.Dec. 19, 1866Nov. 12, 1951H. of Martha Victoria(Halsey) Stewart; Son of James H. and Catherine(Cook) Stewart
STEWART, "Baby"Aug. 19, 1926Aug. 19, 1926No birth records were found for this day and year. Since this grave is between Jay Jr., and Leona, it may be the child of Jay and Verdie (Walker) Stewart
VANHOY, Charlie18961957Nephew of Daniel L. and Judy Vanhoy
VANHOY, Nannie18881965Daughter of Daniel L. and Judy(Goode) Vanhoy
FARMER, Harold19631963
SZWED, Mable Geneva19131964
unknown1889unknownmetal letters missing from funeral home marker


  1. This cemetery also contains; 1 unmarked infant, 2 unmarked adult, and 2 undecipherable headstones

Recorded by my uncles Dick Cook and Barbe Cook. Updated by Peggy L. Blackburn and Danny Jerald Miller, 26 Oct 1998.