Mitchell Harris Cook Cemetery (Cook Chapel), Keyrock

This cemetery is located about 4 miles from the Stewart Family Cemetery. As you drive up Key Rock, it sits on the right hand side of the road, on top of a grassy hill side. Across the road is an old white Methodist church (Cooks Chapel).

BROWNING, Julia AnnNov. 10, 1880June 6, 1937Wife of Jasper Browning; Daughter of William H. and Louisa F. (Cook) Stewart
COOK, Allie M.May 8, 1883Dec. 28, 1905
COOK, Ballard PrestonAug. 9, 1840Feb. 4, 19001st Husband of Emily Thomas; 2nd Husband of Minerva Jane (Laxton) (Hill); Son of Rev. Mitchell and Mary R. (Cook) Cook
COOK, BelleApr. 23, 1905May 22, 1988Wife of Virgil A. Cook
COOK, Birchard Hayes18771948Husband of Pearl Rosetta (Cook) Cook; Son of Lain Shannon and Mary Polly (Stewart) Cook
COOK, Clair L.July 29, 1895Apr. 20, 1981Husband of Mary Goldie (Beavers) Cook; Son of Ballard Preston and Minerva (Laxton) (Hill) Cook; Bro. of Virgil A. Cook
COOK, Victoria18881949Wife of James Blaine Cook; Daughter of Thomas W. and Kessiah (Belcher) Jackson
COOK, EmilySept. 2, 1841Apr. 30, 18941st Wife of Ballard Preston Cook; Daughter of James and Sarah Thomas
COOK, James BlaineOct. 6, 1884Oct. 18, 1913Husband of Victoria (Jackson) Cook; Son of Jasper Newton and Mary Jane (Hash) Cook
COOK, JaneAug. 10, 1821July 5, 19092nd Wife of Rev. Mitchell Cook; Widow of Thomas Laxton, Sr.; See note 1
COOK, Jasper NewtonApr. 3, 1850Oct. 13, 1914Husband of Mary Jane (Hash) Cook; Son of Rev. Mitchell and Mary R. (Cook) Cook
COOK, Mary AntonettJuly 7, 18661946Wife of Mitchell Harrison Cook; Daughter of Wilburn and Julian Ann (Stewart) Laxton
COOK, Marigold B. (Goldie)Jan. 5, 1895Jan. 31, 1980Wife of Clair L. Cook
COOK, Mary JaneMar. 8, 1864Jan. 23, 1947Wife of Jasper Newton Cook; Daughter of Marshall F. and Margaret A. (Wyatt) Hash
COOK, Mary R.May 30, 1823Aug. 19, 18641st Wife of Rev. Mitchell Cook; Daughter of Thomas and Ellen (Riggens) Cook; See note 1
COOK, Minerva JaneMar. 27, 1864Mar. 31, 1957Wife of (1) Joseph F. Hill; (2) Ballard P. Cook; (3) James Cook;Daughter of Wilburn and Julian (Stewart) Laxton
COOK, Rev. MitchellJan. 1, 1818Nov. 8, 1902Husband of (1) Mary R. (Cook) Cook (2) Jane Pasley (Laxton) Cook; Son of William and Catherine (Stewart) Cook; See note 1
COOK, Mitchell HarrisonJuly 14, 18631941Husband of Mary A. (Laxton) Cook; Son of Rev. Mitchell and Mary R. (Cook) Cook
COOK, Ora D.1911
Wife of Warren T. Cook
COOK, Rebecca Jane1816Dec. 11, 1861Wife of Thomas Muncy Cook; Daughter of Edward B. and Annie (Baldwin) Sizemore
COOK, Virgil A.Aug. 23, 1898Oct. 30, 1974Husband of Belle Cook; Son of Ballard Preston and Minerva Jane (Laxton) (Hill) Cook; Bro. of Clair L.
COOK, WaldoMar. 24, 1902Jan. 9, 1986Son of Birchard Hayes and Pearl Rosetta Cook
COOK, Warren T.19041978Husband of Ora D. Cook; Son of Birchard Hayes and Pearl Rosetta Cook
DOWELL, John William21 Jan 189627 Jan 1968Husband of Opal Irene
DOWELL, Opal24 May 191311 Mar 1967Wife of John William Dowell; Daughter of Robert & Hattie Stewart
DOWELL, Mary Ann4 May 19324 May 1932Infant daughter of John & Opal Dowell
DOWELL, John William Jr.7 Sep 19384 Aug 1939Young son of John & Opal Dowell
DOWELL, Stewart16 Sep 194317 Mar 1970Son of John & Opal Dowell; U.S. Veteran
EDWARDS, Ray W.Mar. 24, 1915Jan. 21, 1987Husband of Leola (Cook) Edwards
EDWARDS, Leola C.July 30, 1910
Wife of Ray W. Edwards; Daughter of James and Minerva Jane (Laxton) (Hill) (Cook) Cook
GREEN, Vernila F.Nov. 8, 1868Oct. 22, 1955Wife of (1) Emmett F. Laxton; (2) Dr. A. E. Meyer; (3) ?? Green; Daughter of Wilburn and Julian A. (Stewart) Laxton
HILL, Clair L.19161941Son of Rev. Elbert I. and Lucinda (Jackson) Hill
HILL, Rev. Elbert I.Jan. 23, 1884Jan. 7, 1959Husband of Lucinda E. (Jackson) Hill; Son of Joseph F. and Minerva Jane (Laxton) HIll; Baptist Minister
HILL, Enoch BlackburnApr. 9, 1864After 1940"Uncle Sun Hill"; Husband of Virginia Maggie (Gunnoe) Hill
HILL, Ivia E.19091919Daughter of Rev. Elbert I. and Lucinda (Jackson) Hill
HILL, Joseph FloydDec. 21, 1853Apr. 26, 1893Husband of Minerva Jane (Laxton) Hill; Son of Thomas and ?? Hill
HILL, L. E. "Lelan"1906Apr. 13, 1913Son of Enoch B. and Virginia "Maggie" (Gunnoe) Hill
HILL, Lena M. (Stewart)June 21, 1912
Wife of Ralph C. Hill; Daughter of Walter O. and Edith (Godfrey) Stewart
HILL, Lucinda E. (Jackson)Mar. 21, 18851958Wife of Rev. Elbert I Hill; Daughter of Thomas A. and Kessiah (Belcher) Jackson
HILL, Ralph C.Aug. 19, 1911July 24, 1984Husband of Lena M. (Stewart) Hill; Son of Rev. Elbert I. and Lucinda (Jackson) Hill
JACKSON, Jesse J.Jan. 19, 1883Mar. 4, 1974Husband of Nevada "Vade" (Cook) Jackson; Son of Thomas A. and Kessiah (Belcher) Jackson
JACKSON, Nevada "Vade"June 24, 1895Mar. 2, 1979Wife of Jesse J. Jackson; Daughter of Mitchell Harrison and Mary A. (Laxton) Cook
LAXTON, Fields EmmettMar. 5, 18631901Husband of Vernilla F. Laxton; Son of Susanah Laxton who mar. David C. Cook later
LAXTON, Julian AnnDec. 13, 1841Nov. 8, 1929Wife of Wilburn Laxton; Daughter of Robert E. and Malinda (Ball) Stewart; Sister of James H. "Taller Jim"
LAXTON, Wilburn RomeoMar. 7, 1900Oct. 8, 1978Son of Vernila (Laxton) and Fields Emmett Laxton
STEWART, Hattie A.18881962Wife of Robert M. "Little Bobby" Stewart; Daughter of ? Shrewsbury
STEWART, James C.Aug. 1, 1834Aft. 1900Co. 1, 7 WV Cav.; Husband of Amanda (Cook) Stewart; Son of John H. and Elizabeth S.
STEWART, James Harrison18681894Husband of Mary C. (Sauls) Stewart; Son of William H. and Louisa F. (Cook) Stewart
STEWART, Louisa F.Dec. 29, 1847Aug. 24, 1900Daughter of M and M Cook; Wife of W. H. Stewart
STEWART, Robert M.Mar. 2, 18821966Husband of Hattie A. (Shrewsbury) Stewart; Son of William H. and Louisa F. (Cook) Stewart; Called "Little Bobby"
STEWART, William dateno dateCo. 1, 7 WV Cav.
COX, Mason E.26 Apr 190729 Feb 1988
COX, Beatrice L.1 Oct 19129 Apr 1973
COX, Roger Edward11 Jul 194112 Aug 1957
COX, David Isam1 Apr 187112 Mar 1966
GILLESPIE, Sylvia Cox19331995
HILL, Buren Romeo25 Aug 192016 Aug 1964Kentucky 49 Depot Repair SQ, AAF WWII; s/o E.I. Hill; Committed suicide
HILL, Clarice E.13 May 1922
d/o Walter and Edith Stewart; w/o Buren Romeo
COZORT, James22 Mar 186710 Aug 1884
COOK, Pearl Rosetta18811945
BROWNING, Julia10 Nov 188011 Jun 1937
COOK, Lacy Mitchell22 Jan 18942 Apr 1930
COOK, Ira G.19 Apr 189218 Apr 1917
BALDWIN, Albert19141990
WEAVER, A. E.8 Apr 187719 May 1932
WEAVER, Viola W.18801952
PHILLIPS, Johnny L.8 Aug 193521 Aug 1938
Hopkins, Darlene19621962
WEAVER, Leonard15 Dec 187810 Sep 1951Husband of Louvenia
WEAVER, Louvenia17 Jan 188118 Jan 1972Wife of Leonard
ADKINS, Cody19901990
JEWELL, Avery Lee12 Jan 189316 Jul 1967WV Pvt., US Army, WW I
BRADLEY, Ida M.13 Aug 188720 Aug 1908
COOPER, Hazel19221997
COOPER, Mitchell H.12 Feb 191929 Aug 1992SSgt, US Army, WW II
COOPER, Josephine17 Feb 18811 Nov 1974
COOPER, Fred Jr.19161920
SMITH, Rev. Wiley4 Jul 18745 Sep 1961WV Pvt., Co. E 19 Regt, US Inf, Spanish-American War
FARLEY, Sarah A. Wills14 Apr 18492 Feb 1941
HILL, H. B.No DateNo DateEtched Fieldstone, no dates
BLACKBURN, Wills E.11 May 185029 Dec 1890
ESTEP, Judy Lynn9 Dec 194820 Dec 1948
BROOKS, Coy C.6 Mar 191620 Oct 1939
BROOKS, Arthur H.16 Oct 19049 May 1938
BROOKS, Geraldine19151994
COOK, Edwin F.27 Nov 192022 Nov 1923
COOK, M. Genevieve14 Apr 192226 Nov 1922
BAZZIE, Virgil4 May 190925 Dec 1909
NUNLEY, VirginiaNo DateNo Date
NUNLEY, William R.

Headstone has only one date on it, 2 Mar 1988. Unknown if DOB or DOD.
HUTCHINSON, Edward G.18861931
HUTCHINSON, Oatie L.18931962Wife of Edward G.
BROWNING, Olla Jane14 Jun 193721 Apr 1939
BROWNING, Shelba Jean10 Jan 19423 Apr 1942
BROWNING, Brady D.13 May 1916No DateMarried 21 Apr 1936
BROWNING, Mabel E.15 Oct 1917No Date


Partial listing gathered by Jim Cook, 1991. Additional info by my uncles Barbe Cook and John Alvin Goddard, June 1993. Dowell Family info submitted by Ray Tracy. Updated information provided by my aunt Peggy L. Blackburn.