Lester Cemetery, Indian Creek

Located on Indian Creek, Co. Rt. 12-4, on The Swope Farm past the lodges and main building, on a knoll. It cannot be seen from the highway. Even on the farm it is in a secluded area, enclosed by a chain link fence with rock columns. The cemetery is surrounded by birches, oak trees, a huge Dogwood and an old pine tree two feet across within the cemetery.

LESTER, Elder Fred L.19 May 190611 Dec 1984
LESTER, Edna A.4 Feb 1907no date
SHORT, Dorothy22 Jul 193222 Jun 1933
SHORT, Douglas22 Jul 19321 Feb 1938
HURLEY, Buford19551993
HURLEY, Buford19841984
LESTER, Effie Pearl14 Apr 188912 Oct 1952
LESTER, Tice28 Feb 18654 Mar 1961
LESTER, Burl Franklin18651961
LESTER, Sarah18471943
LESTER, Pleasent18471917
WORLEY, Velva Mae19201969
JARRELLS, Morton1919no date
LESTER, Hulda Jane10 Apr 188625 Nov 1963
JARRELLS, Catherine5 Apr 18924 Dec 1970
JARRELLS, Frank22 Oct 191715 Aug 1956
JARRELLS, Goldie21 Dec 191819 Jun 1997
LESTER, William David15 Jul 194728 Jul 1995"What did the big cloud say to the little cloud?" "Was David a good man?" "Yes, he was." "How do you know David was a good man?" "Because he was my brother & he was my friend."
LESTER, Patricia25 May 194022 Dec 1943
LESTER, Darline Kay19521952
MEADOWS, Gertrude26 Nov 190910 Mar 1995
LESTER, Louisa Romanzie19101930
SHELTZER, Michael19761976Note: "Sh" (?) Son
SMELTZER, Golf R.18991956"Sm" (?) Father
JARRELLS, Frank22 Oct 191715 Aug 1956Note: 2 Tombstones--2Locations 1 Man--Same dates (!!?)
LESTER, Geo T.18611952
LESTER, Mary L.30 Dec 187121 Apr 1935
LESTER, Altie P.17 Apr 19051 Aug 1943"A little time on earth he spent, til God for him his angels sent."
LESTER, Elder M. H.10 Mar 183027 Aug 1901
LESTER, Emley8 Jun 18397 Jan 1894
LESTER, Leeno dateno date
LESTER, Pleasentno dateno dateSee Note below. Dbl. Hdst. engraved both sides
LESTER, Infant Lakeno dateno date
LESTER, Ruth18761947
LESTER, Richard T.18701956
LESTER, William M.28 Feb 18968 Aug 1965WV PVT MED DET 3 Pioneer INF WW I
LESTER, Kenneth P.19041980PVT US Army
LESTER, Stephen Ray11 Oct 196919 Nov 1969Son of Arnold & Peggy Lester
LESTER, Ira7 May 191822 Mar 1939
LESTER, Infant Elwoodno dateno date
LESTER, Infant Oakno dateno date
LESTER, Infant Opalno dateno date
HIGGINBOTHAM, Emmett19111932
LESTER, Cosbie J.10 Jul 187928 Apr 1964Mother
LESTER, Byrd G.20 Jan 18749 Mar 1929Father
LESTER, Ada17 May 18925 Oct 1973
LESTER, James T.11 Jan 18921987
LESTER, Edward M.3 Oct 189423 Jul 1974PVT US Army WW I
LESTER, Lola L.4 Mar 190311 May 1941
LESTER, Donald Lee28 Feb 193921 Feb 1980Hus., Father, Bro.
LESTER, Stanley I.1 May 194722 Feb 1996Hus., Father, Gr/F


  1. Framed Notice on grave: "08-11-1997- Pleasent Lester, who died 1917, is not buried in this cemetery. Perry Bailey Lester died 1920, and is buried in this grave. Information known by ____, grandson, of ____, VA.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn w/Danny and Debbye Miller. 14 September 1998.