Brewster Cemetery, Indian Creek (Bee Branch)

Located on Indian Creek at Bee Branch. Traveling from Pineville, WV (County Seat), Co. Rt. 97-5 one-half mile to Rt.10-45. Proceed one mile to WV Rt.16. Approximately five miles on Rt. 16 a road turns right, up a hill onto Co. Rt.12-4. The cemetery is located less than a mile, on the left of the road, in an extreme curve. While visible from the road, a watchful eye is necessary. It has easy access on cleared land.

STEWART, George Newman7 Dec 195627 May 1997Husband of Janell Stewart
McCRACKEN, James R.17 Jan 191714 Oct 1982
McCRACKEN, Denver Ray29 Nov 194218 Mar 1970WV L CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam
FORD, Fred P.12 May 191213 Mar 1968WV PVT CO C 52 INF TNG BN WW II
FORD, Okey V.31 Jan 19038 Jun 1978
FORD, Maude J.19 Aug 1908no dateWife of Okey V. Ford
McCRACKEN, Nocle Faye24 Apr 192313 May 1971
PRIVETT, Emmett C.27 May 19122 Jul 1971WV PVT US Army WW II
PRIVETT, Gay20 Feb 1909no date
PRIVETT, George A.2 Jan 190218 Jun 1990
HALL, M. Ermatrue8 Nov 192128 May 1992
HALL, Dawn22 Jul 191512 Mar 1979
HALL, Dallas Harlessl2 Feb 194516 May 1976
HALL, Donald L., Sr.19 Feb 194316 Jun 1988
ANDERSON, Violet Gay12 Oct 19047 Jan 1985
ANDERSON, Floyd A.17 Feb 19006 May 1988
MORGAN, Bobby19 Apr 196017 Dec 1990
BREWSTER, Ruth C.19241977
BREWSTER, Buel, Jr.20 Feb 19294 Mar 1970WV US Army WW II
BREWSTER, B.J.19691969
BREWSTER, Harless R.20 Apr 19198 Mar 1991PVT US ARMY WW II
BREWSTER, Buel , Sr.19081971
BREWSTER, Jordan C.18841973
BREWSTER, Ida A.18831967
BREWSTER, Robert Lee19171971
BREWSTER, William C.18891992
BREWSTER, Marty Deanno dateno dates
BREWSTER, Ronald Eugene19461959
BREWSTER, William C.18891972
BREWSTER, Mollie19011951
BREWSTER, Michaelno dateno date
BREWSTER, Bobby Joeno dateno date
BAILEY, Bessie4 Nov 19314 Feb 1986
SHANNON, Delpha26 Feb 190817 Jul 1909
PRATER, Claude10 Nov 192227 Jun 1991TEC 5 US Army WW II
GRAYBEAL, Dennis Wayne18 Jan 195916 Jan 1991
GRAYBEAL, Brian Keith7 Jan 19654 Jun 1995
BEVERLY, Onnie1 May 19059 Dec 1979
MULLINS, Erie Beverly19211967
BEVERLY, Marriah22 Nov 187515 Oct 1963
BEVERLY, J. K.18 Jul 18706 Jan 1960
BEVERLY, Hattie Roe18871958
BEVERLY, Mert18791952
BARRETT, Augusta E. Jackson18 Feb 188815 Jan 1941Also: 1883-1941(?)
BARRETT, John L.18731947
JACKSON, Urchel B.14 Feb 191829 Nov 1972
JACKSON, Burley F.9 Sep 191918 Jan 1979
VAUGHT, Madge Lee1 May 191916 Sep 1987
GRAY, Jack D.19491983LCpl US Marine Corps Vietnam
HAMILTON, Essie Mae3 Feb 192926 Jan 1976
HAMILTON, Robert Edward, Jr.23 May 192326 Dec 1964PVT CO 1 291 Infantry WW II
St. CLAIR, William K.11 Sep 189110 Jul 1967WV PFC INFANTRY WW I
ST. CLAIR, Iva A.29 Apr 19122 Mar 1976
GRALEY, Bud19371976
GRALEY, Violet B.19141988
GRALEY, Calvin19011982
DAY, Frank J.6 Jun 190214 Apr 1966
DAY, Sofia J.27 Feb 191225 Oct 1988Wife of Frank J. Day
DAY, Charles19661966
no name9 Mar 186820 Aug 1976Memorial Funeral Directory
GRALEY, Joe19531985
HALL, Ernest (Ernie)2 Feb 196320 Sep 1980
HALL, Donald F.1 Dec 19348 Nov 1989
ROBINETTE, Roger D.10 Feb 194320 Jul 1982
JEWELL, Thomas1 Jan 197017 Apr 1991
BEVERLY, David B.6 Jun 19388 Feb 1996
BEVERLY, Douglas R.4 Sep 194617 May 1974
TRENT, Jerry L., Sr.19421992
MAYNARD, Johnny J.7 Jul 195617 Nov 1973
BEVERLY, Esther23 May 192021 Oct 1980
BEVERLY, Bert13 Mar 191526 Feb 1986
PERDUE, Billy Joe19841984
PERDUE, Bobby Joe19841984
JENKINS, Margarette S.19291974
STACY, Grover19701976
PENDRY, Jimmy N.10 Mar 193516 Sep 1976
PENDRY, Baby Boy7 Jul 19807 Jul 1980
STONE, William9 Apr 190215 Dec 1960
STONE, Bernice4 Sep 19149 Jun 1986
FAW, Bessie18991972
HIGGINS, Ennis Faw Green28 Mar 19116 Jul 1972
FAW, Martha Ann3 Jan 18843 Dec 1969
FAW, W.H.11 May 1839no date
JACKSON, Effie18891934
JACKSON, James18881971
JACKSON, Mariah25 Feb 185712 Jan 1929
JACKSON, Beattrice22 Feb 191418 Apr 1915
SIZEMORE, Bobby3 Apr 19543 Apr 1954Son of Fred & Lillie Sizemore
MULLINS, Solomon18451952
MULLINS, Charley19391958
MULLINS, Alvin E.4 Jun 192511 Aug 1961
BEVERLY, Dollie M.18791969Wife of Doliver H. Beverly
BEVERLY, Doliver H.18761956
COCHRAN, Darrell Lee10 Jan 19565 Jul 1985
POGUE, Earl Ray19691980
FORD, Vincent26 May 193314 Apr 1984
FORD, Demphis Michael4 Sep 192031 Mar 1965WV PVT US Army WW II
FORD, Robert Lee25 Feb 189214 Jul 1964WV PFC 28 MPC WW I
FORD, Rhoda E.1 Dec 189613 Jun 1985
FORD, Merwin Juan1 Apr 19549 Feb 1994
COOK, Kathy E.2 Jun 19586 Jun 1958
PENNINGTON, Roy G.19291990
PENNINGTON, Grace Ford1938no dateWife of Roy G. Pennington
FORD, Charles James18991966
FORD, Stella Mae19 Jan 19056 Dec 1989
FORD, Calloway18741966
FORD, Elizabeth18781951Wife of Calloway Ford
FORD, Warren19301940
WILLIAMS, Audrey C.19411941
THORNSBURY, Bill20 Oct 192311 Jun 1996PFC US Army WW II
THORNSBURY, Reba20 Jan 19329 Jul 1983
FORD, Freddy Daymon14 Dec 194014 Dec 1940
COOK, Bernard E.16 Oct 19394 Jul 1987
BARRETT, Wirt S.19051975
BARRETT, Athlene V.19191989
WORKMEN, Patricia L.28 Feb 194428 Feb 1944
WORKMEN, Robert W.18 Jan 194226 Feb 1942
WORKMEN, Kay F.17 Aug 19454 May 1967
WORKMEN, Auburn L.29 Apr 191214 Feb 1969
WORKMEN, Edith V.7 Jul 1923no date
BARRETT, Dennis L.19241974
COOK, Roy Lowell4 Sep 190626 Jun 1970
COOK, Leslie C.12 Jun 1913no date
ATWELL, Earnest20 Mar 193019 Sep 1964
ATWELL, Kenneth D.31 Oct 19537 Oct 1979FP 4 US Army Vietnam
COOK, Joseph H. (Smokey)19091970
BREWSTER, Thelma Irene22 Aug 192122 May 1996
BREWSTER, Jasper J.19161953
BAILEY, Bessie4 Nov 19314 Feb 1986
ATWELL, Ross19481948
ATWELL, Timmy D.l19601962


  1. There are 9 Unmarked graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn w/Danny and Debbye Miller. 31 August 1998.