John Riley Shrewsbury Cemetery, Herndon Mountain

Located on Herndon Mountain.

MONK, Anthony D.20 Apr 198615 Oct 1993


FARLEY, Carolyn

MONK, Violet M.13 May 193231 Jul 1998
MONK, Chesley15 Aug 192929 May 1985s/o Willis H. Monk
MONK, Johnny W.12 Apr 193613 Oct 1984s/o Willis H. Monk
MONK, Nana Myrtle21 Apr 190625 Jan 1966Lovingly called Nana
MONK, Willis H.6 Mar 189125 May 1958
MONK, Lawrence Jr.21 Apr 1906no date
KLUCK, Misty Dawn29 Jun 1981
SHREWSBURY, Sherry L.19621962
SHREWSBURY, Hobertno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, Babyno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, W. E.5 Jul 190611 Dec 1914
SHREWSBURY, D. D.5 Jul 191111 Jan 1914
SHREWSBURY, Gordon18761963
SHREWSBURY, M. Melinda18751962Sister to John R. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Dottie Jane19111962
WICKHAM, Samuel K.19171956
SHREWSBURY, Babyno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, Babyno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, Babyno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, CecilApr 1942no date
SHREWSBURY, Walter19 Aug 1949no dateBrother to John R. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Virgieno dateno date
SPANGLER, Conrad1 Sep 185918 Jun 1933
FARLEY, Amos11 Jul 19073 Jul 1909
SISK, WIlliam18771952Father of Andrew J. Sisk
SISK, Clarcy18841938Maiden name Godfrey
SISK, Rev Gideon185224 Feb 19?9
SISK, Julia McCann28 Mar 187511 Jan 1952
SISK, A. B.30 Jul 18914 Apr 1912
SISK, Mandie Jane3 Jul 1912Mar 1917
CUNAGAN, J. H.16 Feb 18636 Mar 1886Spelling?
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah6 Sep 184913 Apr 1934Maiden name Wimmer
CUNNINGHAM, Elijah A.20 Jun 188020 Jan 1882First one buried in this cemetery
CUNNINGHAM, James16 Feb 185321 Mar 1886Son of Elizabeth Shrewsbury, Stepson of Fayette Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Fayetteno dateno dateNamed Marcus Lafayette, Served in the 190 Militia
SHREWSBURY, Elizabethno dateno dateMaiden name Clark, first married name Cunningham
SHREWSBURY, Marthano dateno dateDaughter of Lafayette (Fayette)
SHREWSBURY, Tom15 Sep 18686 Oct 1933Son of Lafayette
MILLS, Roesseta18951959
MILLS, Lewis18881951
MILLS, Babyno dateno date
MILLS, Babyno dateno date
MILLS, Clarenceno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, Ida M.2 Oct 192815 Feb 1986
MILLS, Jessieno dateno date
MILLS, T. L.Feb 1921Feb 1921
MILLS, Henry18791908
MILLS, Charles P.18921904
KING, Charlotte18781908
WOOD, Vincentno dateno date
SHREWSBURY, Minnie4 Mar 189718 Dec 1912
WOOD, Mary J.27 Feb 188016 Jun 1901Daughter of Lafayette, Died of Typhoid, 1st wfie of William M. Wood, Mother of Noah Wood b. 1900
WOOD, Nancy E.18401906
SHREWSBURY, Nancy Ann9 Oct 186630 Oct 1906Sister to William M. Wood
WOOD, Addie14 Nov 189011 Aug 1912
WOOD, Julina E.22 Feb 188312 Jul 1928Maiden name Basham, 2nd wife of William M. Wood, Died of Typhoid
SHREWSBURY, John R.1 Aug 187923 Oct 1951Brother of Walter, Melinda Shrewsbury, 2nd cousin to Gorden
SHREWSBURY, Martha J.25 Jan 188326 Aug 1965Daughter of William & Mary Wood, lost six children at birth and one at age two
FULTZ, Ruby Lilly11 Apr 19294 Apr 1934
FULTZ, Corbitt Lee1941no date
MILLS, James H.31 Dec 193614 Apr 1968
MILLS, Charlie P.6 Apr 191114 Jun 1998
MILLS, Henry Allenno dateno date
MILLS, Mary Annno dateno date
McKINNEY, Vincent Ray19611963Grandson of J. R. Shrewsbury
SISK, Aliceno dateno dateDaughter of Andrew & Bertha Sisk, died at birth
SISK, Andrew Jackson28 Apr 189925 Mar 1932Son of William & Clarcy Sisk
SISK, Bertha Angeline10 Sep 19008 Oct 1926Daughter of John R. Shrewsbury, died of Typhoid
McKINNEYno dateno dateInfant Twins
McKINNEYno dateno dateInfant
McKINNEYno dateno dateInfant
SINK, Mary A.25 Apr 188622 Feb 1963
SINK, William17 Apr 191928 Jul 1950
SINK, Marion8 May 18864 Mar 1952
McKINNEY, Calvin Mason23 Oct 194512 Jan 1998Lost twins at birth, Grandson of J. R. Shrewsbury
WHITE, Victoria S.20 Feb 186627 May 1938
WHITE, Luther19061929
WHITE, William U.5 May 190719 Oct 1933
WHITE, Lindy S.18981935
WHITE, Wiley J.18881933
SHREWSBURY, Irven Hall5 Aug 18532 Nov 1930
SHREWSBURY, Austin H.19091953
McKINNEY, Oliver Lee4 Sep 19217 Apr 1984
McKINNEY, Hessie Dell21 Mar 19232 Oct 1976Daughter of Andrew & Bertha Sisk
COOK, Virgil A.24 Jan 189918 Jan 1935Son in law of J. R. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, William10 May 1907Jun 1968
SHREWSBURY, Eveline23 Feb 19011989
SHREWSBURY, Virginia M.23 May 194217 Nov 1984
SHREWSBURY, Alvin D.10 May 193511 Sep 1997Son of Nathan E. Shrewsbury, Grandson of J. R. Shrewsbury
WHITE, Etta P.3 Feb 191323 Oct 1992
WHITE, Dewey C. 9 Jun 19107 Feb 1946
SINK, Woodrow14 Mar 191417 Oct 1971PFC, WW II
SINK, Sonia E. 26 Nov 191231 Oct 1911
SHREWSBURY, Nathan E.17 July 19062 Jun 1987Son of J. R. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, EstilAbt 1920Abt 1922Unmarked, Son of J. R. Shrewsbury

This cemetery also contains around 25 unmarked graves

Information provided by Gina Rose with additional information provided by Sam Mckinney.