Headstone Materials

Materials used to make gravestones have changed over the years and can sometimes be used as a clue to the age of the stone.

Headstone Inscriptions

Latin terminology was often used to add a flourish to tombstone inscriptions. Here are the most frequently used.

A.D. (Anno Domini) - In the year of Our Lord
Ad perpetuam rei memoriam - For the perpetual record of the matter
Adsum - Here I am
Aetas suae - Aged
Amicus humani generis - A humanitarian; a philanthropist
Ars longa, vita brevis - Art is long, life is short
Beatae memoriae - Of blessed memory
D. - Died
Dei grattia - By the Grace of God
Deo volene - God willing
Durante vita - During life
Elapso tempore - The time having past
Errare humanum est - To err is human
Et Sequentes (Sequentia) - And those that follow
Et sic de ceteris - And so of the rest
Faber suae fortunae - A self-made man
Favete linguis - Keep silence
Fecit - Made it; executed it
Fidei defensor - Defender of the faith
Hac voce - Under this word (phrase)
Hic Jacet - Here lies
Hoc Nomine - In this name
In articulo mortis - At the point of death
In facie eccleciae - Before the church
In futuro - Henceforth
In memoriam - In memory of
In nomine Domini - In the name of the Lord
In saecula saeculorum - For ever and ever
Jubilate Deo - Rejoice in God
Laus Deo - Praise to God
Mors omnibus communis - Death is common to all
Natus est - Was born
Obit - Died
Pace tua - By your leave
R.I.P. (Requiescat in pace) - May he (she) rest in peace
Scripta litera manet - The written word remains
Sic transit gloria mundi - Thus passes away the glory of this world
Taedium vitae - Weariness of life
Tempus fugit - Time flies
Ubi Supra - Where above mentioned
Ut infra - As below
Ut supra - As above