Lester Little Loop Cemetery, Hanover Rt. 52-7

This cemetery is located on Rt. 52N, but cannot be seen from the main road. It appears to be solid rock cut out for the new road; however there is a loop-Rt. 52-7 around the cliff. The cemetery consists of two mossy levels with large, old maple and pine trees--a lovely site. To the right of the cemetery is the Hanover House of Faith. At Junction 52, end of 97W- turn right onto 52N. It is less than a mile to the Rt. 52-7 left turn off that loops around the mountain. To the right of the cemetery is the Hanover House of Faith.

DeWESE, Ella T. (Lester) 1899no date
DeWESE, Clyde T.12 Aug 189329 Nov 1958WV PFC ORD DEPT WW I
LESTER, Homer B.13 Apr 190712 Nov 1960"Elder"
LESTER, Viva L. Brooks8 Feb 191420 Aug 1992Wife of Homer B. Lester
LESTER, Tammy Lynn25 Nov 19647 Apr 1998
LESTER, Amos20 May 188212 Oct 1967
LESTER, Thursa J.3 Nov 188127 Aug 1955Wife of Amos Lester
LESTER, Bryan13 Aug 191712 Sep 1964WV PVT US ARMY WW II
LESTER, Linzie11 Apr 1914no date
LESTER, Pearl5 Feb 191725 Dec 1995Wife of Linzie Lester
LESTER, Roscoe Armour28 May 190520 Mar 1968
LESTER, Birdie E.5 Jul 188510 Jun 1977
ENGLAND, Eunice (Lester)3 Dec 19095 Sep 1979
STEELE, Imno Jean19461976
LESTER, Naomi Sue20 Apr 195727 May 1969
BOWLES, Beulah Marie19491949
LESTER, Von Monroe19551955
LESTER, Alice19231930
LESTER, Alma Pearl29 May 19057 Feb 1938
LESTER, Edward Harold25 Dec 19246 Jul 1970Monument "E. Harold"; F/H -"Harold Edward"
LESTER, Lillian B.14 Jan 1924no dateWife of Edward Harold Lester
LESTER, Marshall J.2 Jun 19377 Mar 1973
LESTER, Bobby J.15 Apr 194031 Oct 1983
LESTER, Ardith Marie1922no date
LESTER, Rev. William B.19021977
STACY, Arminta18811959
HATFIELD, Pauline21 May 193119 Feb 1987Ch./LaShaun; Chuck
LESTER, Rev. Cleatis13 Mar 194313 Feb 1970
LESTER, Jennings B.18961970
LESTER, Elizabeth19041971Wife of Jennings B. Lester
LESTER, Vernie A.12 Jan 19274 Aug 1947
CLINE, Ell28 Apr 187024 Aug 1935
LESTER, Debra Ann17 Jun 195717 Jun 1957Dau. of Emrick & Helen Lester
LESTER, Rebecca Lynn17 Jun 195717 Jun 1957Dau. of Emrick & Helen Lester
LESTER, Carol Sue19451945
LESTER, Mary Lou19451945
LESTER, Terry R.19421942
HATFIELD, Rev. Wirt24 Aug 189814 Apr 1970
HATFIELD, Lena Alice10 Feb 19018 Oct 1991
CLINE, Dell19081971
LESTER, Hubert12 Jul 191815 Sep 1973
LESTER, Nancy17 Apr 191721 Jun 1987Wife of Hubert Lester
LESTER, Clyde H.13 Jan 19293 Jul 1995
LESTER, Redith M.6 Dec 193314 Mar 197225 Feb 1956 Married Clyde H. Lester
CLINE, Buster13 Feb 192211 Feb 1955
LESTER, Miggie7 Nov 191419 Nov 1975Married Morris C. Lester 18 May 1935
LESTER, Morris C.8 Dec 191031 Oct 1942
LESTER, Sarah1 Apr 187810 Mar 1963
LESTER, Forest21 Mar 190416 Jul 1974
LESTER, Artie Mae29 Jan 191117 Feb 1992Wife of Forrest Lester
CLINE, Kathy23 Sep 195130 Apr 1970
CLINE, Cloid16 Oct 191715 Mar 1955
HATFIELD, Mary Ann18631952
DeWESE, Betty19331937
DeWESE, Charles C.8 Jun 193021 May 1932
McMANN, Patsy9 Nov 194512 Jan 1992
LESTER, Lity L.15 Mar 19067 Sep 1964
LESTER, Pearlie L.19 Dec 191925 Jan 1953Wife of Lity L. Lester
LESTER, Infant11 Apr 194511 Apr 1945Dau. of M&M Ernest Lester
StCLAIR, Walter18891954


  1. 1 unmarked infant.
  2. 2 unmarked graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Toni B. Stewart. 18 March 1999.