John O. Cook Cemetery, Glen Fork

Turn onto Co. Rt. 01 from Rt. 10 at Jesse Loop towards Glen Fork. Turn left at John O. Branch. At the end of the road a path leads up the left mountain. The cemetery is on private property originally belonging to John O. Cook.

McMILLION, Gladys S.12 Jun 192419 Dec 1928
BROWN, Lettie Maree4 Apr 19194 Apr 1919Dau. of D.H. & M.D. Brown
BROWN, Howard C.17 Mar 19156 Dec 1918Son of D. H. & M. D. Brown
BROWN, Weaver20 Oct 191320 Oct 1913Son of D. H. & M. D. Brown
BROWN, Omie C.14 Apr 190619 Dec 1906Son of D. H. & M. D. Brown
BROWN, Olda Other30 Apr 190925 May 1939Son of D. H. & M. D. Brown
JORDAN, Myrtle18891961
BROWN, Elbert L., Jr.23 Dec 192814 Apr 1996
BROWN, Elbert L., Sr.18981956
BROWN, Dwight "Ike"13 Oct 19563 Feb 1991
BROWN, Billy E., Jr.19601993
COX, Ella Mae5 Oct 19357 Jun 1993
McMILLION, Brenda19451993
McMILLION, Mennie16 Dec 19192 May 1977Wife of George R. McMillion
McMILLION, George R.10 Jul 19108 Feb 1983
McMILLION, Emery10 Oct 194629 Mar 1970Fun.Hm.Mrk. "Emory"
McMILLION, Floyd19031972
McMILLION, Gerldine12 Oct 193111 Mar 1967
McMILLION, Onnie Pierce10 Jun 191323 Feb 1977
McMILLION, Pearlie Arminta22 Mar 19174 Jan 1993Wife of Onnie Pierce McMillion
BOLEN, Dora Margaret19361996
McMILLION, Thomas Edward25 Apr 195323 Sep 1976
ATKINS, Herman3 Oct 192621 Sep 1993Son of R. E. & H. Atkins
ATKINS, Allen J.18751961Fun. Hm.Mrk. "Adkins"
ATKINS, Rebecca E.18851970Fun. Hm. Mrk. "Adkins." Wife of Allen J. Atkins
ADKINS, Willis18 Sep 192224 Apr 1992
FRANCIS, Wandall Ray29 May 194229 May 1942
GAMBLE, Baby19461946
ACORD, Baby19561956
ACORD, Donna Joyce19661966
BROWN, Howard18771955
BROWN, Marlina18731960
BAILEY, Leola19001963
BLEVINS, Thomas Manuel29 Mar 190327 Jun 1980
ADKINS, Wilma (Blevins)13 Oct 191020 Apr 1981Wife of Thomas Manuel Blevins
ATKINS, Anderson18941962
BROWN, Lura Atkins19011981
ATKINS, Harlin23 Nov 192412 Nov 1992
BROWN, Cyrus9 Aug 18923 Aug 1963
DAVIS, Bill Otis8 Mar 19199 Jun 1975Sgt US Army WW II
McMILLION, Okey19021982
VANDALL, Opal Joann19391985
McMILLION, Lisa19731973
ATKINS, Garland4 Sep 192920 Jan 1969
ATKINS, Fred18991958
ATKINS, Ord18821930
ADKINS, Clark18451928
ADKINS, Louisa J.8 Aug 185413 Feb 1923
BROWN, Matilda S.3 Jul 189210 Aug 1969
BROWN, Lilly V.25 Feb 192313 Mar 1923Dau. of L.P.& Matildie Brown
McMILLION, William18641960
McMILLION, ?no dateno dateWife of William McMillion
BLANKENSHIP, William R.19001966
McMILLION, Baby19601960
JONES, Herbert Brady19081964
PIZZINO, S. "Buster"18951934
VANCE, Verner18881960


  1. According to Mr. Lacy Hash, a kind, interesting gentleman who now owns the property, the first gravesite was given to one in need. Other requests followed; therefore a portion of mountainside was reserved for a cemetery, including a choice spot Mr. Cook planned as his final resting place. By the time he died, the allotted space was filled, resulting in a need for a gravesite!The designated cemetery space was later expanded, but numerous early graves were unmarked or poorly marked with fieldstones which, through the years have disappeared. This often has created problems (for many) in digging new graves when workers discover it is an unmarked existing gravesite. Collapsed homemade untreated pine boxes are a common sight. Sometimes a number of attempts are necessary before finding a vacancy.

  2. There are over a hundred gravesites in this cemetery, with only fifty-seven identified. This includes 28 Unmarked gravesites plus 4 Unmarked infant graves and 1 Unmarked child grave. One grave marker has only the year 1961 readable.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Dale Stewart. 6 March 1999.