Morgan Cemetery, Garden Gap Br. at Hanover

Located on Rt. 52-2 at Garden Gap Branch at the head of the hollow on the ight (1 mi.), across from a gas well. This cemetery is lovely with a statue of Jesus on a concrete base at the entrance, yews standing 6'-8' tall, flowering shrubs, pines amidst a hillside of various old trees.

KENNEDY, Mabel L. 25 Jun 19213 Jun 19931 May 1940 wed Berthel H. Kennedy
KENNEDY, Berthel H.16 Jul 1919no date
MORGAN, Judith Gail19521952
MORGAN, Jerry19531953
MORGAN, Terry19531953Twin brother of Jerry Morgan
MORGAN, Rodney H. "Stokey"6 Mar 194523 Jan 1995
MORGAN, Herbert Hubb19151999
MORGAN, Raleigh23 Feb 193223 May 1992
MORGAN, Lois Cline3 Oct 1935no date
MORGAN, Adaline19191926
MORGAN, William A.12 Sep 189821 Jan 1971
MORGAN, Hazel Cline4 Mar 191420 Apr 1996
CARTER. Stacy Bridgett19 Jun 19692 Feb 1996IHS Band
MORGAN, SamAug 18943 May 1966
MORGAN, Amos18691941
MORGAN, Viola18591919Wife of Amos Morgan
MORGAN, W. E.1 Jun 191827 Dec 1921
MORGAN, Ambrose Ken19 Apr 188123 May 1958
MORGAN, Lizzie02 Feb 188310 Mar 1952
MORGAN, A. E.2 Apr 190215 Nov 1934
MORGAN, Linzie19171988
MORGAN, Middie19181978Wife of Linzie Morgan
MORGAN, Betty Sue31 Aug 19436 Apr 1976
MORGAN, Bunavesta11 Apr 191306 Sep 1989Wife of Shellie Morgan, Sr.
MORGAN, Shellie, Sr.16 Aug 191319 May 1976
MORGAN, Shellie, Jr.25 Nov 193412 Oct 1986
MORGAN, Franklin D.06 Apr 193312 Jan 1998US ARMY Korea
STACY, Zachary Ray25 Feb 199325 Feb 1993


  1. 1 Unmarked grave.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, Toni Blackburn Stewart. 18 March 1999.