Shields Cemetery, Fanrock

This cemetery is located about 3 miles from the community of Fanrock on Brier Creek, on a hill behind the home of Carmel Shields. It is directly across the road from the Shields Memorial Church. Many of the graves are only marked by plain field stones. Some of the marked graves are herein listed.

NameBornDiedRemarks - Comments
BISHOP, Harold Lewis30 Mar 192313 Aug 1960WW II Veteran
BISHOP, Mary E.16 Apr 187623 Nov 1964
FORD, Gord18721961
FORD, Lizzie18811960
CLINE, Tazie

SHORT, Wayne1 Feb 188325 Dec 1902
SHORT, Charlottie
15 Aug 1929
STRALEY, Gladys14 Apr 190515 Apr 1918
BURCH, Virginia Ellen12 Jun 185115 Oct 1920
MEADOW, James8 Jul 18535 Aug 1907
CLINE, Asa Ray1 Dec 190731 Jul 1908
BLANKENSHIP, Lillie E.28 Dec 189112 Nov 1961
WILHOITE, Chloe A. (BISHOP)18851965
SMITH, Mary Margaret30 Sep 19199 Aug 1921
25 Aug 1922Infant son of Wirt and Octavia SMITH
PACK, Amanda Irene11 Feb 193925 Jan 1943
PACK, Tennis Lee26 Jun 194113 Jun 1942

Information on this cemetery provided by Doug A. Bishop.