Sarah Jane Richardson Cemetery, Fanrock

Located off WV Rt. 97 from Baileysville onto Co. Rt.14 to Fanrock, turning onto Co. Rt.12-4 for approx. 2 miles. Turn left onto Co. Rt. 12-13, which is Shop Branch, continue one mile at which time the road becomes Delta Rt.26, past a gasline pumping station on the left. Take the right hand branch to the end. The cemetery is on top of a steep mountain, the road rough and has deep ruts the last country mile. A 4WD is a must.

TOLLIVER, Mary L.5 Aug 19352 Dec 1952
CRUTCHFIELD, Bessie Frances14 Apr 193814 Apr 1938Dau. of Beulah & Herbert Crutchfield
COOK, Lucy Wood18991931
WOOD, Marcus D.18 Aug 189316 May 1923
SMITH, Nancy24 Jul 183510 Aug 1924
SMITH, George W.17 Jan 18658 Apr 1949
SMITH, Elizabeth24 Jul 186928 Jul 1950
RICHARDSON, Sarah Jane5 May 187515 Oct 1956"A Friend to All"
RICHARDSON, W.E.11 Feb 18671 Sep 1938
SAWYERS, Susan1 Jan 187114 Nov 1927
RICHARDSON, Abbye E.14 Feb 183711 Oct 1928
RICHARDSON, J. L.22 Sep 187918 Sep 1918
FERGUSON, Baby19441944Dau. of Grant & Ethel Ferguson
RICHARDSON, J. R.5 Mar 186719 Apr 1919
RUTHERFORD, Joseph L.20 Dec 190519 Mar 1921
RUTHERFORD, Mary I.28 May 18625 Apr 1951
RUTHERFORD, Thos. E.8 Sep 186525 Feb 1923

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and Danny and Debbye Miller. 14 September 1998.