Keatley Cemetery, Crany

This cemetery is locatead in Clearfork, near Crany. To find Keatley cemetery, take route 85 from Oceana, towards Kopperston. At Country Junction, in Toney Fork, take a right towards Toneda Baptist Church. It's roughly 4 or 5 miles down this road, on the left hand side of the road. It's about 15, or 20, yards up in the mountain. To make it even more difficult, you can't see it from the road due to the brush and trees. Very hard to find.

NameBornDiedRemarks - Comments
Stewart, Ralph17 Jan 174917 Nov 1835Capt. VA Mil. Rev War
Wife of Capt. Ralph StewartNo date on headstoneNo date on headstone


  1. Ralph Stewart's headstone shows his date of birth as 17 Jan 1749. However, I have seen it listed as 17 Dec 1752 in some genealogy works.
  2. The grave site marked "Wife of Capt. Ralph Stewart" is that of Mary (Clay) Stewart.
  3. There are between 10 to 20 grave sites here. All but 4 are simply marked by a field stone. Of the 4 sites with a headstone, only Ralph and Mary's have anything written on them.

Information collected by Jim Cook, Fall of 1989.