Old Jack Shrewsbury Cemetery, Corinne

Off WV Rt. 16 between Blackeagle and Corinne, turn onto Co. Rt. 16-19 to the top of the ridge. Take the first left turn which is Delta Rt.117, then the next short left to the end.

SMITH, Rachel Jean 11 Mar 194012 Dec 1940Dau. of Lawrence & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby27 Dec 194227 Dec 1942Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby25 Oct 194325 Oct 1943Dau. of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby20 Nov 194420 Nov 1944Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby22 Mar 194622 Mar 1946Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby7 Jun 19477 Jun 1947Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby26 Jun 194826 Jun 1948Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby14 Jun 195014 Jun 1950Dau. of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby18 Feb 195218 Feb 1952Dau. of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Baby19 Dec 199319 Dec 1993Son of Lawrence L. & Polly E. Smith
SMITH, Polly Elizabeth3 Nov 1914no dateMarried Lawrence Lee S. 24 Nov 1931
SMITH, Lawrence Lee25 Mar 191331 Aug 1985
SHREWSBURY, Ocie J.17 Apr 189617 Apr 1985Married Robert E. S. 04 Feb 1918
SHREWSBURY, Robert E.6 Jul 18967 Dec 1967
SMITH, Lottie M.9 Aug 1942no dateMarried Ronald L. S. 16 Nov 1963
SMITH, Ronald L.27 Nov 194128 Jun 1980
SMITH, Robert Lee19691997
SHREWSBURY, Woodrow W.1 Jan 19132 Aug 1992
SHREWSBURY, Vernie L.29 May 1920no dateWife of Woodrow W. Shrewsbury
MAYNARD, Cora Lee6 Jul 189619 Dec 1974
MULLINS, Hersey C.12 Jul 19136 Dec 1986
MULLINS, Laney R.23 Mar 1925no dateWife of Hersey C. Mullins
MILLS, Laura Ann18921965
MILLS, George W.16 Apr 18866 Jul 1979
MARTIN, Katherin19491992
ROBINSON, Elizabeth Mae12 Oct 194023 Aug 1994
MILLS, Jack Joseph19251979US Army Korea
SMITH, James T.13 Mar 191721 Sep 1983
JOHNSON, Homer6 Jun 190830 Oct 1986
JOHNSON, Maggie26 Jul 191430 Oct 1986Married Homer Johnson 26 Feb 1928
SHREWSBURY, Boyd P. 25 Aug 190413 Jun 1987
SHREWSBURY, Delia E.14 Feb 19041 Feb 1980Married Boyd P. S. 21 Apr 1954
BLANKENSHIP, Jess8 Jan 19074 Nov 1980Married Mary B. 20 Aug 1926
BLANKENSHIP, Mary26 Nov 189910 Nov 1967
BLANKENSHIP, Mary E.26 Nov 188911 Nov 1967
BLANKENSHIP, Charles R.9 Jun 193114 Jul 1988
MILLS, Danuel10 Oct 19528 Nov 1952
MILLS, Thurman G.19171982
SHREWSBURY, Kathy Ann19561962
SHREWSBURY, Harold 19811981
SHREWSBURY, Donald L.14 Dec 195322 Dec 1988
SHREWSBURY, Darrell M.18 Feb 191929 Aug 1969
SHREWSBURY, Cora H.19001985
SHREWSBURY, Wm. A.18861958
SHREWSBURY, Rebecca L.3 Apr 186521 Mar 1957
SHREWSBURY, W. J.12 Jul 186728 Mar 1930
SHREWSBURY, Myrtle May30 May 181013 Nov 1905
SHREWSBURY, J. H.4 Feb 18887 Mar 1957
SHREWSBURY, B. E.25 Dec 18825 Mar 1954
MAYNARD, George19361985
MAYNARD, Charles H.18981989
HOWERTON, Helen V.6 Oct 19262 Oct 1933
HOWERTON, Louier7 Nov 190029 Jun 1935
HOWERTON, Ernest E.14 Feb 193029 Jun 1935


  1. One Unknown grave marked w/cross and flowers-No data.

Recorded and compiled, on a record cold and windy day with snow flurries, by Peggy L. Blackburn and Vernon Barbe Blackburn. 23 February 1999.