Lester Family Cemetery, Clear Fork

Located at Clear Fork, Rt. 971 (towards Baileysville). Turn left at the sign "Clear Fork Church of God", past the white church, to the end of the asphalt. The privately owned cemetery is enclosed with wire fence and a locked farm gate. It was immaculately kept, decorated with many flowers.

KIRBY, Oma T.19071990Wife of B. R. Kirby
KIRBY, Bernard R.19031980
LESTER, William M.5 Jul 189321 Jan 1979
LESTER, Elsie Short5 May 189821 Dec 1990Wife of W. M. Lester
HALSEY, Harry16 Dec 191712 Sep 1984
LESTER, Freda26 Dec 192525 Oct 1981Wife of Fred Lester
LESTER, Fred10 Aug 192123 Mar 1970
LESTER, Luther J.22 Sep 191524 Jun 1995
LESTER,Billy25 Jun 19254 Sep 1998

Recorded by Peggy and Joe Otis Blackburn. 6 December 1998.