Bud Mountain Cemetery, Bud

When you enter the small hamlet of Bud, Rt.10 North. Look for a cluster of many small homes on the left. The paved road that goes between them is sidewalk size. Follow this road and go past a church on the left to the second paved entrance on the left. This road turns to dirt shortly, bear right at the end, heading up the mountain. The cemetery lies at the end of the trail.

THORNTON, Lucile7 Mar 190828 Dec 1933
THORNTON, Overton13 Jul 190528 Nov 1934
THORNTON, Curtis1926
Infant son of Overton & Lucile Thornton
THORNTON, Clarence27 Jan 19133 Aug 1936
ROWE, Guy12 Oct 18516 Jun 1887
ROWE, Polly15 Mar 18562 Dec 1934
THORNTON, W. J.no dateno date
THRONTON, Marion Jane18781941
THORNTON, Mary Elizabeth18 Aug 18791964
THORNTON, Polly Effie14 Feb 191022 Jun 1942w/o Curtis T. Wilson
ROWE, W. Guy11 Sep 193817 Sepp 1933The dates on the stone were obviously reversed by mistake
ROWE, J.H.18561941
ROWE, Dotty P.26 Dec 193616 Jan 1938d/o A.W. & Mrs Rowe
SHREWSBERRY, Ruth21 May 191223 May 1986d/o M.J. & Mary E. Thornton
SHREWSBERRY, William W.15 Dec 191529 Aug 1976
SHREWSBERRY, Toby L.10 Nov 194510 Nov 1945
SIZEMORE, Charles H.20 Mar 188127 Apr 1951
SIZEMORE, William T.19091940
QUESENBERRY, Chap L.18741973
WHITT, W.G.7 Jan 18851935
WHITT, Garrett Persol11 Jun 192310 Sep 1960WV Cpl 318, STA COM SQ AAF, WW II
JENKINS, Lillian Alice11 Mar 191817 Apr 1996
GREEN, Leland Dale19531953
LESTER, Herman N.20 Dec 190512 Mar 1925
LESTER, W.F.2 Sep 188430 Nov 1958
LESTER, R.B. Dr.10 Mar 185215 Feb 1924
LESTER, Patrick H.
1882Infant son of Dr. Lester, died age 7 months
LESTER, Sarah A.186227 Apr 1892
LESTER, J.P.1880'sno date
LESTER, Floyd Sr.18671923
LESTER, W. Floyd18651924
LESTER, Rebecca J.18731956
LESTER, Barry Hans10 Jul '5622 Nov '90
LESTER, Patrick Wayne23 Nov 194931 May 1970
ELLIS, Joan Marie19461946
ELLIS, Bernard Arvil19471949
LESTER, Effie E.8 Apr 19081 Mar 1969
LESTER, Ray B.18951963
LESTER, Minnie M.11 Jun 189312 Aug 1963
LESTER, David C.20 Jun 1889no date
MAYNARD, Claud F.25 Sep 190221 Apr 1968
BISHOP, Kathleen M.30 Mar 192027 Jun 1981
BISHOP, Benjamin F.1 Jan 191523 Nov 1993
BISHOP, Patton17 Mar 188021 Jul 1967
BISHOP, Charlottie12 Dec 188611 Dec 1956
TITTO, ElviraNata 29 Jan 1918Marta 5 Sep 1919Qui Reposa Bud, WV. Ricordo Del Suo Compara Sam Froy
MELORANA, Milia6 Feb 19237 Aug 1924Qui Reposa
MARIORANO, Domenico19211922
O'NEAL, Floyd18961954
CANADAY, Earl R.11 Mar 19038 Jul 1962
LESTER, Patrick H.15 Mar 189527 Nov 1955
LESTER, Rebecca23 Dec 18922 Jul 1983
LESTER, Shuford Carlos Jr.11 Feb 191611 Feb 1916
BELCHER, James Eli19441990
BELCHER, Eli18811964
BELCHER, Nancy Jane18851958
THOMAS, Calvin19371939
HOWERTON, Louisa18621945
LESTER, Shuford C.14 May 192523 Dec 1958WV, Sgt, 19 Ordnance Co., WW II, BSM-PH

Co. B 14 KY Inf
STEELE, Geo C.12 Mar 185830 Nov 1942
STEELE, Cathern19 Dec 18577 Feb 1925
SIZEMORE, Ettie30 Sep 1885no date
SIZEMORE, Philip E.12 Sep 18848 Oct 1955
BELCHER, James Eli24 Jan 19442 Oct 1990PFC, US Army, Vietnam
SIZEMORE, Roger Roland Sr.19451972
BISHOP, Ervinno date13 Nov 1949
BISHOP, Berthano dateno date
REED, Cloie P.8 Feb 192817 Mar 1929
REED, Beulp I.6 Jun 1016 Nov 28
SISK, Judy Kay13 Feb 195613 Feb 1957
WHITT, George Calvin20 Mar 187524 Jun 1940
WHITT, Lurinda Jane24 Jul 188519 Aug 1962
LESTER, Commodore Perry19 Jun 18981 Jul 1903
LESTER, Lucinda20 Mar 190121 Jun 1902
RINEHART, Norma12 Jan 19101 Oct 1917
RINEHART, Mable2 Jan 19123 Dec 1917
RINEHEART, Rispy F.13 Jun 190621 Jan 1907Stone cutter may have made a mistake on the name, spelling it Rineheart instead of Rinehart.
RINEHART, Dorris Delmaer30 Sep 19012 Jan 1903
LUCENTO, Prince Helena24 Dec 192619 Jul 1931

Information provided by Lita L. Thorne