Miller Cemetery, Brenton

Upon entering the town of Brenton, from Pineville, turn right on Mill Creek Rd.; go approximately 3 miles; turn left on dirt road going up hill which has a right and left fork; follow the middle fork up hill until reaching a short road which cuts back sharply to the right; at the end of this short road turn left and the cemetery is on the hillside.

MILLER, Rev. Clarence23 Apr 19168 Aug 1968Isaiah 41:10
MILLER, Hilda W.21 Jun 191615 Feb 1997
BELCHER, Ann Whitney31 Mar 19611 Apr 1961Funeral H. Mrk. has "1963-1963" (!)
COOK, Infant19681968
WIMMER, John F.19671967
BROWNING, Arnett19051964
BROWNING, Ivan Ira19631963
HOPSON, Mary Ann19631963
ADKINS, Robert F.19171954
MILLER, Paul L.19271953
MILLER, Okey M.25 Dec 19061 Nov 1987
MILLER, *Gladys B.22 Aug 190812 Nov 1973
MILLER, Stacey M.19601960
WYATT, Andrew Martin1 Sep 190513 Feb 1945
BLANKENSHIP, Dolly19091997
BLANKENSHIP, Toby19011971
MILLER, Dossie18821934
MILLER, George18781963
MILLER, Albert L.18901964"He died as he lived--a Christian"
MILLER, Keith19611961
DAMERON, Charlie18861959
DAMERON, Martha18931951
MILLER, Amanda18681942
MILLER, E. D.18701940
MILLER, James M.10 Feb 18962 Mar 1970
MILLER, Mildred19141989
MILLER, James Mathew27 Feb 19873 Jun 1989
ADAMS, James18901928
MILLER, Nannie25 Dec 187329 Sep 1952Mother
MILLER, Walter11 Jun 18689 Feb 1953Father
FINES, Bethel19081964
BEAVERS, Madeline19241924
COOK, Cora M.20 Dec 190026 Feb 1922
MILLER, Grethel19211985
MILLER, William Ralph19461973
MILLER, Jane18941941Mother "Live to meet me in heaven."
MILLER, Frank18831919Father
McALLESTER, Grace19111929
BARTLEY, Eliza19061929
MILLER, Cecil14 Aug 191512 Jul 1944WV PVT 329 INF WW II
MILLER, Kermit19131975Gr/Chld: Dewayne & Robin Hayden
MILLER, Rodney28 Apr 193911 Aug 1957
MILLER, Nancy18791941
MILLER, Peter18761930
MILLER, Charley9 Feb 190219 Jan 1923
MILLER, Lacy J.24 Feb 191219 Jun 1913
MILLER, William Ralph19461973"Special Son Resting in God's Hands"
MILLER, A. L.25 Aug 184021 Jan 1923
MILLER, Susan20 Mar 185014 Jun 1913
DAMERON, Alda15 Nov 192112 Sep 1953
DAMERON, Charley18861959
DAMERON, Martha7 Feb 189323 May 1951
MILLER, Margie Laurie19121933Herbert Miller's Mother
COOK, Lacy Harlan1 Feb 191724 Jul 1937
COOK, Roy Wayne21 Jun 189124 Dec 1957
COOK, Mollie V.22 Dec 18976 Jan 1970
DAMERON, Anna Louise19231989
DAMERON, Ira Ruthaford4 Sep 192826 Dec 1984
DAMERON, Vernie19341959
DAMERON, Willie4 Sep 188026 Jan 1947
DAMERON, Nannie1 Jun 18852 Feb 1939
BLANKENSHIP, Earnest19261927
MITCHELL, Raymond Lee22 Jun 193410 Jan 1939
HALL, James Harvey18751 Jan 1928
HALL, Marie Lue Emma18821957
SMITH, Dorothy Hall19191940
WYATT. Arbie2 Jul 19064 Oct 1907
WYATT, William E.18751955
WEST, Mary18831974
LOCKHART, Cora14 Aug 187622 May 1904
HAWKS, Curtis Henry19091961Sister-*Hassie Hawk Miller/Danny Miller's Gr. Uncle
MILLER, Gladys*19081973Note: 2 Tombstones
SINGLETON, Nell B.192119592 Locations (?)
ADKINS, Robert Frank19171954
ACORD, Gibson17 Jun 19242 May 1992Sgt US ARMY WW II
ACORD, Kathleen D.14 Jun 1932no dateFlowers on grave;
ACORD, Glenda Ella17 Dec 19586 Mar 1997
MILLER, Hassie L. Hawks17 Mar 19079 Aug 1998*See note below
MILLER, Dow L.28 Dec 19015 Oct 1992*See note below


  1. *Dow L. & Hassie L. H. Miller gave the use of their property for a cemetery, planning to be buried there together when God called them home. Though in no hurry to take occupancy, by the time their reservation became due----the "Miller Haven of Rest" had overbooked, resulting in no vacancies! Not to be outdone, the Miller Family being a stout determined bunch, they simply added on the last tiny bit of usable ground, then extended the fence. Now Dow & Hassie rest in their rightful place at the entrance, overlooking the steep mountain to the valley below.
  2. There are 8 unmarked graves, one has "e-t-l-illia" on Funeral Home Marker.

Recorded by Peggy Blackburn. 14 September 1998