Lee Cook Cemetery, Brenton

This cemetery is located in Brenton. Traveling on Rt 97 W towards Baileysville, the cemetery is located on the hillside on the right across from the Brenton Postoffice.

BARRETT, Guy19121990
BROOKS, William18991972
BURTON, M. Kay5 Mar 19382 Nov 1940
BURTON, Mary A.26 Nov 19416 Feb 1944
COOK, Alonzo M.no date18 Feb 1943WV Sgt., 307 Repair Unit MTC
COOK, Byron Eugene19571957
COOK, Erastus18831954
COOK, Frank19121978
COOK, Josiah18501940
COOK, Lake N.18931964
COOK, Lee H.18911963
COOK, Lela C.19091941
COOK, Marion A.28 Apr 192416 Nov 1966
COOK, Mary A.18621943
COOK, Mary A.21 Mar 1922no date
COOK, Rozella18851974
COOK, Susie M.26 Nov 190216 Nov 1957
COOK, Teresano date1972
COOK, Tracy J.27 Jun 191220 Jan 1952
COOK, Wallace Edward18 Nov 19378 Aug 1958
COOK, Walter E.19381989
COOK, William Gene19591959
COOK, William H.28 Apr 19135 Jan 1982
FULTS, Frank19 Mar 18965 Jul 1963WV Pvt., Provost Guard W., WW I
JARRETT, Patricia Ann1 Aug 19418 Jun 1982
MILLER, Ida Mable31 Dec 192419 Jan 1961
MILLER, Orpha C.1 Jul 19054 Feb 1981
NEAL, M. P.18751965
PERDUE, Addie M.19051971
PERDUE, Walter B.19001955
STRATTON, Romona J.19531953
THORNSBURY, Addie G.19621962
WEST, Dee Roy18841969Also the dates 1896 - 1963
WOODS, Anna Jean16 Feb 189218 Aug 1945
WOODS, Arthur William19091971
WOODS, Rhonda Jean 5 Nov 1940 8 Apr 1944

Compiled by Dorothy Green and Sally Seaman-Williams, 20 Jun 1990. Ref: Families of Wyoming County Vol.5 Issue 1. Directions to the cemetery provided by Rita Morgan.