Sweeney Buchanan Cemetery, Bear Hole

This cemetery is located in Bear Hole. No further details on the location were available.

TILLEY, Juda Catherine18821947
TILLEY, Archieno datano data
TILLEY, Ray19171918
BUCHANAN, Greenberry1844no data
BUCHANAN, Ann18441929
BUCHANAN, Tom18771962
MUNSEY, Ruby19191945
BUCHANAN, G. H.19201921
BUCHANAN, A.18031890
BUCHANAN, I.18071888
GOODE, Ira11 May 189017 Aug 1890
GOODE, David18191891
GOODE, Nancy18211891
LAXTON, Martha18611949
COOK, John M.18681915

Information from Vesta Hatfield, New Richmond, WV as told to Pat Adams and Submitted to "Families of Wyoming County"