Pretty Ridge Cemetery, Bear Hole

Traveling Bear Hole Road, Rt. 97, from Pineville, turn right at the rock quarry, continuing with the main road until you pass a small log house. Turn left at the next intersection. The cemetery is on the knoll, enclosed with old wire fencing and small gate attached to wooden posts installed and painted long ago. The short climb can be extremely muddy clay, but the grounds are well taken care of with fresh straw having been spread on bare spots, older gravesites freshly mounded with fresh soil. Keeping to the left from the cemetery, down the mountain on Co. Rt. 10-13, less than a mile, a concrete bridge joins the road to Twin Falls State Park Falls Trail.

CANADA, Idella S. 19131994
CANADA, John W.19071966
CANADAY, Charles Edward23 Dec 191020 Feb 1989Fun. Hm. "Canady." PFC US Army WW II
CANADA, Paul Marvin26 Feb 191528 Dec 1953WV PFC 924 Engineer AVN REGT WW II
CANADA, Clarisa B.18751967
CANADA, Freeman18731933
CLARY, Fern E.19171996
CANADA, Clintonno dateno dateFun. Hm. Marker Only
RAY, Effie May18 Mar 190311 Apr 1906
GREENE, Gregory Wayne19721972
RAY, Lawna Edward11 Apr 190119 Feb 1906
McKINNEY, Linda C. Donahue23 Oct 189521 Oct 1980
DONAHUE, Freeman L.5 Jul 192529 Oct 1969
DONAHUE, C. Earl19131934
DONAHUE, Lacy M.19231951
ADKINS, Daniel Ray7 Sep 193811 Feb 1999
TILLEY, Isaac18 Nov 19216 Aug 1995
TILLEY, Norma R.9 Aug 192818 Jan 1993Married Isaac Tilley 1 Mar 1947
TILLEY, Nancy America6 Jul 191912 Feb 1935
TILLEY, Acie1 Sep 193629 Mar 1969
TILLEY, Manley M.10 Jan 188927 Apr 1972
TILLEY, Luella9 Jun 190023 Jul 1988Wife of Manley M. Tilley
TILLEY, Jonathan19301976
TILLEY, Bobby23 Jan 1960no dateD/D not listed, but buried
TILLEY, Benjamin (Frankie)7 Sep 196113 Dec 1990
OWENS, Charles19421977


  1. 8 Unmarked graves, including 3 Unmarked children's graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with daughter Toni R. Blackburn Stewart, her two children Marina Renee` and the newest addition Cody Lee. 11 March 1999.