Bear Branch Cemetery, Bear Branch

This cemetery is located at Bear Branch, just outside of Oceana, going towards Pineville.

LAMBERT, Thomas18771955h/o Nellie
LAMBERT, Nellie S.18781965w/o Thomas
LAMBERT, George E.18551940h/o Charlotte
LAMBERT, Charlotte P.18591940w/o George
BOGGS, Sam19491949s/o Mr & Mrs M.M. Boggs
BOGGS, Dan19411941s/o Mr & Mrs M.M. Boggs
BAILEY, M. Louvena20 Oct 1823? Oct 1838w/o Humphrey Bailey
LAMBERT, Raymond Lee3 Aug 19274 Aug 1957Tech 4, U.S. Army WW II
LAMBERT, James P.26 Jan 185324 Mar 1905
LAFFERTY, Kate18671949
LAMBERT, William T.13 Nov 182326 Jun 1898
LAMBERT, Mary2 Dec 182419 Mar 1908
LAMBERT, Mary E.4 Apr 188915 Oct 1963w/o John K.
LAMBERT, John K.19 Apr 18783 Mar 1968h/o Mary E.
LAMBERT, J. S.18511937married to M. V.
LAMBERT, M. V.18581920married to J.S.
LAMBERT, Marcella27 Jul 190011 Aug 1953w/o Dewey P.
LAMBERT, Dewey P.22 Jul 18983 Feb 1979h/o Marcella
LAMBERT, Dwight M.18971951
ELKINS, Perry9 Jun 187522 Feb 1905
ELKINS, Dixie8 Feb 191011 Jul 1910
BAILEY, Minnie Jane11 Apr 190223 Mar 1937

  1. Several gravesites marked with only a field stone

Information obtained by Jim Cook and Vernon Barbe Blackburn.