Willie Mills Cemetery, Basin

Turn onto the road beside the Basin Mercantile. Watch the left for the cemetery sign. Cross the narrow wooden bridge, proceeding up the dirt road, keeping right. The road is rough with several deep ditches requiring a 4WD vehicle. When you are ready to give up, you're there! The cemetery is enclosed with a chain link fence, unlocked gate, very well laid out and clean.

BREWSTER, M. E.18561933
McKINNEY, Ollie4 May 191720 Oct 1917
McKINNEY, Ballard P.1 Mar 189227 Jan 1937Father of Ollie McKinney
McKINNEY, Victoria18 Aug 18662 Apr 1932Wife of J. S. McKinney
McKINNEY, Grant10 Aug 192114 May 1923
HAMM, Child8 Mar 191023 Jan 1914Child of J. I & Nancy Hamm
McKINNEY, Luke20 Apr 189313 Nov 1911
McKINNEY, Rammin13 Jan 189710 Nov 1897
WORKMAN, Mary10 Apr 187630 Sep 1900
McKINNEY, Estil17 Oct 189922 May 1900
McKINNEY, Alma20 Aug 190831 Oct 1908Dau. of M & M Thomas S. McKinney
McKINNEY, Walter P.16 Mar 187929 May 1959
McKINNEY, Lucy L.23 Jul 18778 Sep 1965
COX, Edith Mae23 Feb 19463 Nov 1962
COX, Lura E.2 May 19115 Jul 1975
COX, Walter J.16 May 191119 Apr 1978
McKINNEY, Kesley P.3 Jan 191015 Mar 1982PVT US Army WW II
McKINNEY, Amos A.25 May 190124 Jul 1957
McKINNEY, Naomi22 Feb 191120 Sep 1983Wife of Amos A. McKinney
McKINNEY, Susan Faye2 Aug 194812 Jan 1954Granddaughter of Amos A. & Naomi McKinney
McKINNEY, Lee O.15 May 18945 May 1923
BURTON, Charlie18 Apr 185826 Feb 1927
BURTON, S. E.18 Aug 187822 Feb 1921
BURTON, Charles, Jr.1 May 19151 May 1915
McKINNEY, L. L.1 Feb 18576 Jul 1891
McKINNEY, H. J.26 Mar 185726 Sep 1917
McKINNEY, Preston25 ??? 193726 Sep ????"Baby"; b. mo.; d.yr. broken off
McKINNEY, Eldony22 Jun 193111 Jul 1932
MILLS, S. W.11 Feb 188112 Feb 1934
MILLS, Delilah7 Mar 188120 Oct 1926Wife of S. W. Mills
SHREWSBURY, J. Edward12 Jan 18751 Nov 1948
SHREWSBURY, Angelina30 Jun 188430 Jan 1954Wife of J. Edward Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, S. Frances21 Mar 190023 Apr 1924Dau. of J. E. & A. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Dessie D.7 Mar 191219 Dec 1916Dau. of J. E. & A. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, C. Millard23 Feb 191510 Apr 1917Son of J. E. & A. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Roy & Ralph11 Dec 192313 Dec 1923Sons of J. E. & A. Shrewsbury
McKINNEY, A. B.10 Feb 188518 Oct 1916
McKINNEY, Elmer10 Nov 190214 May 1978
CUNNINGHAM, Victoria M.29 May 185419 May 1940
McKINNEY, George R.8 Feb 185016 May 1888
McKINNEY, Fanny E.9 Feb 191330 Jun 1913
McKINNEY, Inice Mildred21 Aug 192117 May 1928Dau. of E. M. & Verna McKinney
REED, Melinda5 Apr 19265 Apr 1926
LAWRENCE, Walter Kesley12 Mar 193918 May 1941Son of O. F.& Laura M. Lawrence
McKINNEY, S. P.2 Jun 182215 Feb 1898
McKINNEY, Polley14 Feb 185225 Aug 1881
McKINNEY, A. P.3 Aug 18424 Jun 1923
McKINNEY, Mudiee10 Oct 19031 Aug 1904
McKINNEY,?12 Nov 18??11 May 19??Data broken off


  1. There are 3 Unmarked graves.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and son, Vernon Barbe Blackburn. 26 February 1999.