Rube Howerton Cemetery, Basin

On Rt. 16-2, at Basin, across from the entrance of Rt. 16-1 towards the Basin Freewill Baptist Church. The cemetery is easily seen from the road, is fenced and gated, though unlocked, and is one of the few with a sign stating the name.

McKINNEY, Joseph Stanley20 Jul 194723 Jan 1968WV PFC CO C 12 INF 4INF DIV Vietnam-PH
McKINNEY, Mary E.26 May 189217 Dec 1964Wife of Thomas G. McKinney
McKINNEY, Thomas G.19 Apr 189118 Mar 1957
GRAHAM, Albert Jack7 Sep 189712 Jan 1989
GRAHAM, Rebecca "Becca"18 Dec 190017 Apr 198429 Apr 1919-Married Albert Jack Graham
GRAHAM, Mosie23 Aug 191623 Aug 1935
GRAHAM, Sinda6 Jul 18744 Apr 1932Wife of Luke Graham
GRAHAM, Luke6 Aug 18626 Apr 1932
HARMON, Claude E.4 Aug 191723 Jan 1996
HARMON, Hazel G.29 Apr 1920no date19 Sep 1943-Married Claude E. Harmon
GRAHAM, Engineersno dateno dateLg. stone w/ castle engraved ?
BAILEY, Polley4 Aug 18754 Aug 1911
BAILEY, John D.27 Jun 18959 Mar 1907
GRAHAM, Roy Lee, Jr.17 Apr 197428 Dec 1993
GRAHAM, Roy Lee, Sr.28 Sep 195112 May 1985SP4 US Army Vietnam
McKINNEY, Clebern2 May 192222 Mar 1983
McKINNEY, Floria7 Apr 192017 Sep 199518 Dec 1943, Married Clebern McKinney
McKINNEY, Eurel19061987Husband of Ivory McKinney
McKINNEY, Ivory1921no date
GRAHAM, ?no dateno dateOnly last name scratched on fieldstone
GRAHAM, ?no dateno dateOnly last name scratched on fieldstone
BAILEY, Marv2 Apr 18576 Nov 1927
BAILEY, Asaj8 Sep 185921 Dec 1927Wife of Marv Bailey
McKINNIE, Pollie18681945Wife of Samuel P. McKinnie
McKINNIE, Samuel P.18681947
MILLS, Leonard J.19071972
MILLS, Susie E.18971944Wife of Leonard J. Mills
MILLS, Andy L.17 Mar 187314 Jun 1934
MILLS, Julina M.17 Apr 18??11 Sep 1948Date broken off
MILLS, James A.20 Nov 18??18 Feb 1915Date broken off
MILLS, Infantno dateno dateInfant of A. L. & Julina M. Mills
MILLS, Jeremiah15 Dec 190015 Dec 1900
McKINNEY, Bernard19261960
McKINNEY, Merl1923no dateWife of Bernard McKinney
LANE, Vesker3 Nov 192612 Mar 1989Husband of Ina G. Lane
LANE, Ina G.26 Aug 1927no date
GRAHAM, Erma N.14 Jan 190626 Sep 1944
GRAHAM, Matthew6 Mar 18972 Oct 1974
McMILLION,?14 Jul 19303 Jun 1972
MORGAN, Jerry Dean19531953
McKINNEY, Dewey Rodney7 Jan 19411 Jun 1945
RINEHART, Hope June23 Oct 194729 Mar 1948
McKINNEY, Ralph5 Mar 19045 Nov 1993
McKINNEY, Archie16 May 190228 Dec 1954
McKINNEY, William B.9 Nov 18727 Feb 1966
McKINNEY, Nancy E.24 Feb 187616 Feb 1967Married William B. McKinney 1890
McKINNEY, Violet19071988
McKINNEY, Wiley18991970Husband of Violet McKinney
BELCHER, John Dewey4 Jan 189721 Feb 1958
BELCHER, Ora Ethel11 Sep 189927 Oct 1981Wife of John Dewey Belcher
HOWERTON, Rosa Mills17 Aug 19068 May 1957Wife of James Allen Howerton
HOWERTON, James Allen16 Jan 18993 Dec 1969
McKINNEY, Mary Howerton15 Jan 192528 Jul 1992
McKINNEY, Walter Delbert, Jr.15 Sep 19461 Sep 1982"Little Brother"
McKINNEY, Bruce Thomas25 Mar 195118 Mar 1992"Brother's other brother"
McKINNEY, Walter D., Jr.15 Sep 19461 Sep 1982A1C US Air Force Vietnam
DENBEK, Georgia C. Clay13 Jan 191318 Jan 1986
CLAY, Stephen Heath25 Nov 197525 May 1997
CLAY, Marvin F.19321983US Army Korea
CLAY, Frank S.19121987
McKINNEY, Carrie C.26 Sep 191217 May 1987Husband of Alma M. McKinney
McKINNEY, Alma M.23 Apr 1914no date
McKINNEY, Oscar Powell24 Nov 194719 Nov 1948
MILLS, James Oscar9 May 194019 Nov 1949
SHREWSBURY, Lucy M.19141975
SHREWSBURY, William M.6 Nov 189917 Feb 1971
SHREWSBURY, Thomas19461973
SHREWSBURY, Helen1942no date
SHREWSBURY, Willie19351970Husband of Helen Shrewsbury
WHITT, Edith12 Apr 1910no date
WHITT, Elmer E.12 Nov 190621 Dec 1957Husband of Edith Whitt
McKINNEY, John W.18881943Husband of Luana P. McKinney
McKINNEY, Luana P.1890no date
McKINNEY, Louise M.19441945
BELCHER, John Dewey4 Jan 189721 Feb 1958
BELCHER, Ora Ethel11 Sep 189927 Oct 1981Wife of John Dewey Belcher
BELCHER, Ollie L.29 Mar 192227 Jun 1922
BELCHER, Dewey C.18 Dec 191828 May 1919
BELCHER, Noah16 Aug 191730 Dec 1930
McKINNEY, Ollie L.22 Mar 18689 Dec 1933
MEADOWS, Martha J.7 Feb 189723 Nov 1963
McKINNEY, J. R.20 Mar 185612 Oct 1926
McKINNEY, Lampkin24 Sep 188526 Nov 1929
McKINNEY, Aldie18951942Husband of Della McKinney
McKINNEY, Della1900no date
WHITT, Edley Joseph9 Jun 188422 Oct 1939
McKINNEY, Rev. Rube12 Dec 186130 Oct 1930
McKINNEY, Larry Randall2 Dec 193917 Apr 1940
SANSOM, Hattie M.10 Jun 190513 Oct 1945
GRAHAM, Robert Lee16 Jan 189928 Apr 1943
LAWSON, Cloah C.23 May 190320 Oct 1939
LAWSON, Glestie S.16 Jun 193520 Oct 1939
LAWSON, Tessie D.24 Nov 193620 Oct 1939
LAWSON, Edna M.9 May 192027 Aug 1934
LAWSON, Albert A.16 Jul 193422 Jul 1934
ANGEL, Infant3 Aug 19224 Aug 1922Son of Cecil & Cloah Angel
ANGEL, Infant7 Oct 19207 Oct 1920Son of Cecil & Cloah Angel
BALL, James H.29 Jul 19591 Jan 1960
McKINNEY, Oscar Bud18971955
LINDSAY, Lilly Jane15 Oct 188824 Oct 1928
LINDSAY, Blanche17 Oct 192813 Feb 1930
MILLS, Preston9 May 1890Nov ????
COX, Bessie P.17 Mar 19123 May 1983
COX, Sandra Kay2 Nov 1958no date
GORBIE, Rosabell18751940
MEADOWS, Albert W.26 Dec 189625 Apr 1989
MEADOWS, Martha A.7 Feb 187123 Apr 1957
WHITT, Infant19341934Dau. of Overton & Martha Whitt
WHITT, Leonard30 Jul 192613 Jan 1928
WHITT, Thomas12 Aug 186019 Feb 1931
WHITT, Mary20 Jul 185526 Nov 1914
COFFEE, Addie6 Jan 186415 Dec 1918
CLAY, Lewis G.22 Feb 188423 Apr 1963
CLAY, Rouea A.2 Mar 18925 Nov 1971
MITCHAM, Infant1 Jul 19166 Jul 1916Inf. of B.B. Mitcham & wife
SHOLAND, Carl O.18811973
SHOLAND, Ester O.18821954Wife of Carl O.Sholand
CLAY, Hazel26 Feb 19173 Mar 1918Dau. of M & M L.C. Clay
LESTER, Norva Lee12 Jan 191910 Aug 1932
McKINNEY, Edith Page11 Jul 192130 Jun 1922
COFFEE, Gaylard, Jr.18 Feb 192618 Feb 1926
COFFEE, Charlie12 Mar 190518 Sep 1912
COFFEE, Estile4 May 19274 May 1927Son of J. F. & Addie Coffee
COFFEE, Cora Ethel31 Apr 19082 Aug 1910
McKINNEY, Jennings K.15 Nov 188924 Aug 1890Son of Rube & M. A. McKinney
McKINNEY, Janetteno dateno date"Infant Child"
LAWSON, Lenvil L.13 Feb 192628 Nov 1960
McKINNEY, Kester P.19151958
McKINNEY, Edith C.19251974
CROMER, Charlotte21 Nov 193130 Jun 1934
CROMER, Della19 Nov 19004 Jul 1939
SHREWSBURY, Doris M.16 Dec 19209 Jan 1997
MILLS, Albert L.12 Apr 19142 Dec 198329 Sep 1939 Married Garnet M. Mills
MILLS, Garnet M.3 Apr 1919no date
MILLS, James E., Sr.30 Mar 19186 Feb 198313 Apr 19?? Married Hester M. Mills
MILLS, Hester M.25 Jan 1923no date
LAWSON, Lawrence E.30 Jan 19274 Oct 1958WV SSgt 473 Fighter Jeep GP AF
GRAHAM, Goldie1 Mar 191019 Sep 1936
MULLINS, Robert Lee19771977
McKINNEY, Sherman P.3 May 18941 Jan 1941
McKINNEY, Edward L.18931961
McKINNEY, Ella18941955Married Edward L. McKinney 12 Sep 1912
JOHNSON, Ovel Paul5 Dec 192322 Oct 1972WV PFC 1C US Army WW II
JOHNSON, Annis L.12 Mar 19007 Mar 1941
JOHNSON, Henry Buster12 Mar 192725 Dec 1988
JOHNSON, Henry W.16 Jun 187923 Aug 1964
STURGILL, Charlotte M. Graham21 May 1937no date
STURGILL, Archie29 Jan 192912 Oct 1975Married Charlotte M. Graham 24 Jan 1953
AKERS, ?no date1963First name, dates broken off
AKERS, ?no date192?First name, dates broken off
HAYES, Andy22 Sep 18794 Jun 1946
HAYES, (H)ollie14 Feb 18741 Jan 1945"H"(?) First letter shot off
BRUMFIELD, Jerry Lee12 Mar 1952no date
BRUMFIELD, Jerry Lee "Muffin"9 Aug 197813 Jul 1992
BRUMFIELD, Jerry Dean5 Jun 19725 Jun 1972
McKINNEY, Clifford Lee20 Mar 193617 Mar 1953
McKINNEY, Alice31 Oct 18961 Aug 1952
WHITE, George W.26 Apr 189228 Nov 1966
WHITE, Martha H.30 Oct 189927 Oct 1989Wife of George W. Wyatt
WHITE, Nola D.19 May 192812 Jul 1928Dau. of Martha H. & George W. Wyatt
MORGAN, William A.18901964
MORGAN, Elda C.19051967Wife of William A. Morgan
FOLEY, Arnold31 Jan 191528 Aug 1977CPL US Air Force WW II Korea
FOLEY, Elbert Otis18951940
FOLEY, Richard E.6 Jan 191324 May 1957WV PFC 1C 447AAA AW BN CAC WW II BSM-PH
WHITT, Winfred Kenny25 May 193429 Apr 1990US Marine Corps
REED, Sherman21 Mar 19249 Aug 1975
FOLEY, Elmo19241969
CHESTER, ? E. 17 May 187823 Dec 1944
CHESTER?, Granville C.27 Apr 187223 Jun 1943
COOK, Rhoda Mae10 Jul 19241 Sep 1926
MILLS, Preston9 May 189021 Nov 1974
MILLS, Hattie7 Sep 189214 Feb 1979
MILLS, Lawrence L.10 May 191115 Mar 1945WV PVT A42 442 WW II
POWERS, Rev. Charley W.18931964"Founder of Spruce Grove Union Church"
BLANKENSHIP, Herbert Lee11 Oct 19044 Dec 1965
CAIN, Thomas J.23 Feb 187521 Dec 1942
CAIN, Ronald Keith14 Aug 195215 Feb 1976
HYLTON, James H.18751943
McKINNEY, James V.19271979
McKINNEY, Orpha Evelyn19281959
McKINNEY, Charles Ellis18701934
McKINNEY, Amanda Adeline1876193317 Mar 1891 Married Charles E. McKinney
McKINNEY, William Luther5 Feb 189114 Oct 1944
NORMAN, Glen Worley10 Jan 193210 Jul 1933
NORMAN, George T.18941936
HOWERTON, J. A.Feb 1976Dec 1998
MILLS, Ida18 Feb 191025 Jul 1921
MILLS, Nola15 Nov 192219 Sep 1924
COFFEE, Samuel L.14 Jul 18958 Jun 1929
McNEELY, Roy W., Jr.9 Dec 19649 Dec 1964
GRAHAM, T. R.19031938
McKINNEY, Gilbert31 Nov 190618 Sep 1956
McKINNEY, Gracie Mae2 Jan 191014 Jul 1987
GRAHAM, Alvis Ray2 Oct 193014 Oct 1956
GRAHAM, Oley24 Jun 193914 Oct 1956Brother of Alvis Ray Graham
WHITT, Reginald27 Aug 196330 Aug 1963
WHITT, Loretta25 Apr 196926 Apr 1969


  1. There are a total of 17 Unmarked graves, including one Unmarked Infant.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with son, Vernon Barbe Blackburn. 26 February 1999.