George W. Shrewsbury Cemetery, Barkers Ridge

A dirt road dips beside a cinderblock building on Barker's Ridge, Co. Rt. 16-19. The cemetery is easily seen from the road which turns right, atop the knoll. While fenced in, the gate is not locked.

COMBS, John C.2 Oct 19604 Dec 1960
COMBS, Lloyd C., Jr.13 Jan 196114 Jan 1961

No dates

No dates
BISHOP, William Floyd 18961963
BISHOP, Lilly May19001970Wife of William Floyd Bishop
SHREWSBURY, Zada P.13 Aug 192917 Apr 1993
BISHOP, Jessie James12 May 191810 May 1995
SHREWSBURY, Dianna F.01 Oct 1925

SHREWSBURY, Amon U.5 Nov 191624 Feb 1991Husband of Dianna F. Shrewsbury
MILLS, Robert E.

No dates
MILLS, George D.

No dates
MILLS, Loma15 Jun 190115 Jun 1980
MILLS, Henry Allen08 Feb 190110 Sep 1947
MILLS, George W.18721956
MILLS, Virginia Frances18771951

Dates worn off
GRAHAM, William Earl2 Feb 192611 Mar 1937"Of such is the kingdom of heaven.."
GRAHAM, Mary Alice25 Feb 190113 Feb 1931
MILLS, Arthur19101930

No data
MILLS, Leuiza Elen 30 Apr 189915 May 1903
MILLS, Martha J.25 Oct 18633 Mar 1950
MILLS, W. R.18741947
BISHOP, Ollie Jane17 Sep 19197 Dec 1921
O'NEAL, Mary R.12 Feb 194214 Mar 1942
O'NEAL, E. R.29 Apr 195229 Apr 1952"ST. Born" (?)
O'NEAL, Ella Mae27 May 192113 Dec 1984
SHREWSBURY, Polly3 Feb 1924

SHREWSBURY, Paul E.12 Sep 192528 Dec 1997Husband of Polly Shrewsbury
O'NEAL, Bryan Keith23 Oct 197325 May 1974
MILLS, William Charles19041946
PERDUE, Mary E.29 Dec 19361 May 1951
PERDUE, John Henry8 Feb 188816 Feb 1947
PERDUE, Daniel N.19261973
HARDY, Baby19841984
SHREWSBURY, Dewey Emerson, Jr.31 May 19756 Feb 1978
PERDUE, Ray25 Dec 192230 Aug 1978Pvt. US Army WW II
SHREWSBURY, Oscar N.22 Jan 1913?? Jan ????
SHREWSBURY, Rivanna V.21 Oct 1916
Married Oscar N. S. 4 Mar 1933
SHREWSBURY, Bradley K.24 Apr 193414 Feb 1935Son of Oscar N. & Rivanna V. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Bradford O.13 Feb 193822 Dec 1938
SHREWSBURY, Steven Joel21 Jan 19538 Feb 1958
MEADOWS, H. Lewis12 Apr 191224 Apr 1975
SHREWSBURY, Delores B.6 Sep 194313 Oct 1997Wife of Delores B. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Roger C.29 Mar 1943

LAMBERT, Donald Ray1 Sep 195814 Dec 1995
LESTER, Gayzona Z.3 Jun 192413 May 1988
BLANKENSHIP, Millie Lou28 Jul 194228 Jul 1942
SHREWSBURY, Vernoy28 Dec 191019 Feb 1991
SHREWSBURY, Edith23 Sep 19221 Apr 1988
SHREWSBURY, James P.24 Apr 195229 Jan 1953
SHREWSBURY, Loretta M.27 Apr 194729 Sep 1947
COX, David E.19621986
ROSS, Hilda J.21 Mar 191521 Jun 1964
SHREWSBURY, Mercy Frances16 May 188219 May 1950
SHREWSBURY, Thomas S.12 May 188128 Oct 1944
SHREWSBURY, George W.17 Apr 18912 Jan 1976
SHREWSBURY, Delilah F.21 Apr 189111 Jan 1974Wife of George W. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Grover Grant29 Mar 191019 Feb 1983
SHREWSBURY, Lois Aline9 Jan 1913
Married Grover Grant S. 26 Jul 1930
SHREWSBURY, Alma Sue R.T.(R)18 Dec 194929 Apr 1995Eastern Star Worthy Matron 1994/95
SHREWSBURY, Dewey Colen 19391978 Married Judy E. S. 17 Jun 1961; Mason CPL. SP 5 US Army
Married Dewey C. 16 Jun 1961
BROWN, Norma A.19211996
McKINNEY, Charles William5 Sep 194620 Sep 1990Husband of Linda Faye McKinney
McKINNEY, Linda Faye8 Jan 1947

McKINNEY, Kermit22 Feb 191026 Apr 1996
McKINNEY, Elza Jane28 Jul 19145 Jan 1971Wife of Kermit McKinney
McKINNEY, Adley K.21 Apr 194418 Apr 1974
FOLDEN, William Robert5 Nov 194923 Mar 1990SP4 US Army
SHREWSBURY, Harold W.10 Mar 194917 Aug 1968
SHREWSBURY, H. Jasper6 Apr 19198 Sep 1990
SHREWSBURY, Flora26 Nov 192011 Apr 1994Wife of H. Jasper Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Charles Wycie19251963
SHREWSBURY, Willie J.8 Jan 194311 Sep 1946
SHREWSBURY, Dora E.1 Sep 19411 Sep 1941
SHREWSBURY, Charles A.7 Sep 188728 Jul 1957
SHREWSBURY, Mary E.28 Apr 187923 Oct 1962Wife of Charles A. Shrewsbury
SHREWSBURY, Henry PrestonApr 1915Jan 1977

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn and her son, Vernon Barbe Blackburn. 23 February 1999