Milam Cemetery, Barkers Ridge

This cemetery is located on Barkers Ridge, Beartown as some call it, not far from Herndon Heights

MILAM, Perry Allen15 Jun 187428 Aug 1934Father of the old homestead - they called him Colonel Milam. s/o Addison Milam, h/o Lilly
MILAM, Lilly Cannon (WHITE)19 Oct 18756 Nov 1942Wife of Perry Allen Milam
REESE, James C.19221946
LAMBERT, Hubert Elmer17 Dec 191821 Apr 1981h/o Bernace, who was the d/o Perry
MILAM, Ishmail W. "Curly"19181980s/o of Perry; S1 U.S. Navy WW II; h/o Madeline
MILAM, Madeline F. (DAVIS)6 Jul 19175 Aug 1992w/o Ishmail
MILAM, Wesley Jr.

Grandson of Ishmail
KELLY, Verlie G. (MILAM)(BAILEY)22 Jun 190011 Apr 1972d/o Perry
KELLY, Ivan P.11 Feb 190719952nd h/o Verlie
McKINNEY, Jeffrey19571992grandson of Verlie
SMITH, Mildred Louise (BAILEY)26 Dec 191923 Mar 1988d/o Verlie
SMITH, Elmer James25 Dec 191710 Jul 1995h/o Mildred
ROBERTS, Delma C.7 Mar 192010 Jul 19952nd w/o Elmer
ARNOLD, Donald14 Jan 195829 Jul 1974grandson of Mildred
MILAM, Bridgett N.

w/o Johnny Milam
MILAM, Bernard C.7 Aug 189822 Apr 1975s/o Perry
MILAM, Fred Allen22 Aug 193627 Apr 1987s/o Bernard
MILAM, Clyde "Bug"11 Nov 192117 Feb 1996s/o Bernard; Pvt. U.S. Army WW I

d/o Perry
CHURCH, Harvey T.191019831st h/o Anona
COFFEY, Dennis M.19 Jan 191824 Jul 19972nd h/o Anona; U.S. Army WW II
FRIEND, Carol J. (CHURCH)30 Jul 193428 Mar 1988d/o Anona & Harvey
CHURCH, Clyde W. Pete22 Sep 193720 Feb 1994s/o Anona & Harvey

Information provided by Pat Smith; update submitted by Karen DaPra