George A. Graham Cemetery, Barkers Ridge

Located less than a mile off the left side of main road. There are two intersecting roads on left; take the right hand gravel road to a large cinderblock building with a metal roof. Turn right. The cemetery, in view of this turn, is enclosed within a chain link fence and receives regular care.

GRAHAM, Grant Randall7 Oct 19587 Oct 1958
GRAHAM, George A.4 Apr 187230 Sep 1948
GRAHAM, Cathenia7 Jul 187515 Jul 1972
CHESTER, Alice18991953
McKINNEY, Elmer19201947
McKINNEY, Carolyn Sue18 Sep 194614 Aug 1949
GRAHAM, John L.3 Aug 187426 Dec 1961
GRAHAM, Robert29 Sep 189825 May 1984
GRAHAM, Thelma10 Aug 190824 Dec 1997Wife of Robert Graham
HEDGE, Jamie Lee25 Dec 195728 Dec 1957
McKINNEY, Infant24 Aug 194924 Aug 1949Dau. of M&M Therman McKinney
McKINNEY, Ester Marie19531953
McKINNEY, Lawrence S.31 Jul 190629 Jun 1975
McKINNEY, Nora E.24 May 19047 Feb 1989Wife of Lawrence S. McKinney
FOLEY, Jess Willard19251961

FOLEY, Danny Ray1 May 19575 May 1957Son of Warren and Gracie Foley

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn with daughter Toni R. Stewart, Saturday, 12 March 1999.