Shannon Cemetery, Baileysville

Located at Baileysville, coming from Oceana turn right, off Rt. 971S, onto W.VA. Co. Rt. 7/5. The road wraps to the right, ending at the front edge of the cemetery on the side of a rolling hill. The grounds are extremely well kept, the cemetery attractive, interesting, and easily accessible by car.

NameBornDiedRemarks - Comments
DAVIS, Morris French19 Feb 190929 Mar 1937
WALKER, William27 Mar 186211 Jun 1949
WALKER, Nancy Jane30 May 187713 Mar 1935
DAVIS, Martha Pearl25 Aug 188227 Jan 1963
DAVIS, Irvin W.1 Jul 18782 Apr 1953
DAVIS, Dewey Cash19041946
WINGLER, Tiney19301989Wife of Arnold Wingler
WINGLER, Arnold19 Feb 192523 Jul 1986
CLINE, Timothy19641993
COOK, Herbert1 Dec 19089 May 1973PVT US Army WW II
TOWNSEND, Richard Eugene23 Dec 193429 Nov 1966WV CPL US Marine Corps
CLINE, Robert19361991
STACY, Carlos Lee21 Aug 193123 Apr 1996PFC US Army
CLINE, Peggy19421971
WALKER, Bertha M.1 Apr 192124 Jul 1960
WALKER, Wirt19171979
CLINE, Iris19631972
JONES, Jr. ?19251961
HALCOMB, Rocky Allen18 Jul 196418 Jul 1964
HALCOMB, CherylNov 19611962
COOK, Nannie17 Feb 18723 Oct 1971
COOK, Miletus Paul15 May 190026 Jan 1963WV Med Dept WW II
HENDRICKS, Betty June13 Nov 19346 Nov 1966
HENDRICKS, Cecil Ward31 Jan 192524 Mar 1959WV CPL 9224 Tech SVC Unit
WHITE, Mary B.3 May 188628 Mar 1959
MORGAN, Tommy19521986
CLINE, Rondle Lee7 Oct 192710 Jan 1994PVT US Army Korea
COOPER, Dale C., Jr.25 Jul 192021 Jul 1987TEC 5 US Army WW II
STAFFORD, Infantno dateno dateInfant of Elmer & Stella Stafford
STAFFORD, ?no dateno date
MORGAN, Thomas R.19161988
MORGAN, Kathrine V.19261978Wife of Thomas R. Morgan
JONES, Floyd, Jr.26 Oct 19242 Oct 1961WV PVT 526 Armored INF BN WW II BS
JONES, Elmer E.21 Dec 194729 Oct 1993
JONES, Larry B.2 Mar 195015 Jun 19??SP5 US Army Vietnam
MATNEY, Lorraine19211972
CARVER, Francis Edna6 Sep 193423 Nov 1988Wife of John D. Carver
CARVER, John D.3 Aug 192824 Dec 1991
CARVER, Dewey Raymond29 Jan 195317 Jan 1968
PENDRY, Pearl M.13 Mar 190016 Jul 1962
COOK, Chester C.19071979
COOK, Eliza J.1901no dateWife of Chester C.
COOK, Edgar Hurley3 Oct 19059 Apr 1964
COLLINS, Walter W.19431995
COLLINS, Cletus19031981
TOLER, Record6 Dec 190726 Jun 1972Sgt BTRY D 414 AAA BN CAC WW II
TOLER, Andrew19031968
TOLER, Creed H.26 Mar 189928 Feb 1966
TOLER, Beulah Ann19191992
D???o, Leroy B.191119??Last name, dates missing-(Fun. Hm. Mrk)
BAILEY, J. Elmer19061961
MITCHELL, Nellie E. Morgan Bailey8 Nov 190811 Aug 1993
BAILEY, Benny C.Dec 1849Jul 1895
MORGAN, Garland P., Jr.21 Feb 195317 May 1986
ROSE, Bessie15 Jun 188427 Oct 1979
ROSE, Harrison20 Feb 188121 Nov 1957
MORGAN, Eva Altizer3 Nov 192818 Jan 1967Wife of Foley T. Morgan
MORGAN, Foley T.17 Mar 192019 Oct 1991
CLINE, John E.13 Oct 188129 Apr 1952
CLINE, Cudge7 Oct 191213 Aug 1968
CLINE, Maggie3 Mar 189227 Oct 1983
ELLIS, Martha18941970
CLAY, Carl R.19111976
CLAY, Mary Jane15 Nov 19133 Jul 1991
BAILEY, Theresa S.19 Nov 19587 Jan 1985
TOLER, Flossie8 Jan 19064 Aug 1982
MORGAN, Mollie23 Apr 19137 Feb 1979
STONE, Sam Allen18951953
STONE, Ella H.22 Aug 188710 Dec 1943
STONE, Melvin A.25 Apr 190925 Jan 1967
HINES, James S., Sr.18 Jan 189311 Dec 1962PFC 105 Engineers WW I
HINES, Virginia L.12 Feb 190429 Dec 1980Wife of James S.Hines, Sr.
STEWART, Brian Kevin5 May 196823 Nov 1990SPC US Army
BAILEY, Dewey Earl24 Aug 18992 May 1963
BAILEY, Elbert12 Feb 191229 Mar 1955WV PVT 1852 SVC Comd Unit WW II
BAILEY, Lloyd26 Aug 18693 Mar 1951
BAILEY, Minda11 Sep 187118 Jun 1950
MITCHEM, Carl G.11 May 18998 Jul 1986
MITCHEM, Betty17 Dec 19068 Mar 1979
MITCHEM, Carl Luther31 Mar 194920 Jul 1951
MITCHEM, Ben David8 Jul 193324 Aug 1950
THOMAS, William J.14 Aug 19348 Aug 1963BHS Class of 1952
THOMAS, Dallas28 Sep 189430 May 1945KY PVT Ord Dept
HICKS, Infant21 Apr 194421 Apr 1944Son of M.&M. Forrest Hicks
MORGAN, Alice10 Jul 193128 Aug 1982
BAILEY, Dorothy O.19 Nov 190217 Nov 1985
THOMAS, James Edward11 Dec 1926Apr ????WV S2 USNR WW II
LESTER, Irvin19251997
LESTER, Louise1937no dateWife of Irvin Lester
LESTER, Pam A.29 Mar 19622 Apr 1962
BAILEY, Peggy E.12 Sep 19406 Sep 1959
COOK, Ruera Tautee20 Apr 187524 Apr 1958
COLLINS, Kenneth Dale9 Mar 194528 May 1945
ALTIZER, EdNov 18689 Jun 1949
COX, Jerry Lee19531953
TRENT, Elmer A.24 Mar 190621 Jun 1958
PUGH, Anna Bell Trent5 Jun 191313 Jan 1974
TRENT, Oscar Joseph18 Nov 18938 Apr 1954WV Sgt Co. M 150 Infantry WW I
SHANNON, Lonnie Lee19181977SSgt US Army WW II
SHANNON, Joe B.19161977TEC5 US Army WW II
SHANNON, Joe C.18491933
SHANNON, Rebecca19541943
SHANNON, W. C. "Buck"5 Mar 187528 Feb 1954
SHANNON, Noah M.18801954
SHANNON, Meda12 Jun 188511 Aug 1894Wife of W.C."Buck" Shannon
CONLEY, Sterling S.19101956
CONLEY, Iva M.19161974
CONLEY, Deborah L.17 Dec 1947no date
CONLEY, Douglas A.14 Jan 194229 Nov 1993Married 21 May 1965 Deborah L.
CONLEY, Linda L. 28 Jan 1947no date
CONLEY, Robert C.3 Jun 194321 Nov 1984Married Linda L. 31 Oct 1964
SHANNON, Dot R.26 Jun 189110 Jun 1974
SHANNON, Nancy J.14 Feb 18993 Sep 1984Wife of Dot. R. Shannon
SHANNON, Harold T.1 Nov 191516 Sep 1992
SHANNON, Helen E.28 Mar 191828 Jan 1987Wife of Harold T. Shannon
SHANNON, Joseph Russell1 Sep 19207 May 1961WV Sgt Infantry WW II BSM-PH
St.CLAIR, Elsie M.24 Aug 192325 Apr 1998Wife of Arthur C. St.Clair
St. CLAIR, Arthur C.7 Jun 1920no date
St.CLAIR, Dorothy L.19501952
BAILEY, James E.19311961
COX, Hulda E.19121982Wife of Charles M. Cox
COX, Charles M.19061972
COX, Toby Hale "Fatty"25 Jan 196722 Feb 1993Drove 18 Wheeler-"CB Fatty"
MORGAN, Ida Allen29 Oct 188025 Jan 1953
MORGAN, Isaac, Jr.28 Feb 188230 Aug 1959
MORGAN, Valley Marie29 Oct 19045 Oct 1954
COOK, Margaret Sally19211959Wife of Warren Cook, Jr.
REED, Rosa Lou24 Apr 187218 Nov 1948
FARLEY, Buna Margie11 Sep 19325 May 1983
BAKER, Sarrah E.10 Jun 189021 Jan 1947
TRENT, Harry W.23 Sep 194117 Dec 1979PVT US Marine Corps
TRENT, Lance H.10 May 191212 Dec 1966WV TEC 5 BTRY I 502 CA (AA) WWII
TRENT, Elsie V.24 Mar 190610 Feb 1911
TRENT, Charley R.1 Jun 188126 Jan 1920
TRENT, Mary L.3 Jan 188624 Jan 1923Wife of Charley Trent
SHANNON, Gorgia10 Mar 190715 Mar 1907
SHANNON, Nanie D.28 Sep 18863 Aug 1898
SHANNON, Mastin19 Mar 188216 Jan 1931
SHANNON, Freddie Allenno dateno dateSon of F.B. & Belva Shannon
ELLIS, Gracy Maud10 Nov 190118 Oct 1906
ALLEN, Julietno dateno date
BIRCHFIELD, J. M.26 Mar 186313 Feb 1918
SHANNON, Ralph M.28 Aug 191711 Sep 1920
SHANNON, Glen28 Oct 192228 Oct 1922
SHANNON, ?8 Feb 192317 Apr 1923
SHANNON, Robert C.29 Jun 188528 Apr 1926
SHANNON, Phillys M.29 Mar 193213 Jan 1933
SHANNON, Peggy C.3 Mar 193931 Aug 1939
BAILEY, Earl9 Jun 19239 Jan 1927
TRENT, Essie (& Baby)20 Mar 19119 Sep 1932
TRENT, Baby9 Sep 19329 Sep 1932
SHIELDS, Rebecca Ann15 Dec 187810 Feb 1952
SHIELDS, Harrison12 Nov 187711 Mar 1961
BIRCHFIELD, Walter D.30 Aug 192326 Oct 1993
BIRCHFIELD, Lida K.11 Jan 192514 Feb 1993Wife of Walter D. Birchfield
BIRCHFIELD, Walter Steven4 Dec 196217 Feb 1963
ALLEN, Infant22 Aug 194922 Aug 1949Son of Bill & Goldia Allen
SHORT, Lee18941976
SHORT, Rosie1900no dateMarried Lee S. 1 Oct 1913
SHANNON, Polly10 Aug 188528 Jan 1957
HINES, James S.24 Dec 192728 Jul 1948
SHORT, John Howard4 Apr 192423 Dec 1944
SHANNON, Violet Evaleen28 Dec 192330 Jun 1938Dau. of Raymond & Lilly Shannon
SHORT, Mildred Racine17 May 19189 Sep 1927
SHANNON, Meroah2 Mar 188511 Jul 1939
RAKES, Helen E.21 Sep 192612 Jul 1930
WATKINS, Bobbie Lee Rakes19 Feb 192910 Sep 1950
ELLIS, Zettie Allen25 Nov 188123 Aug 1931Wife of Joseph E. Ellis
ELLIS, Joseph E.7 Apr 187528 Jul 1949
SHANNON, William C.24 Aug 185131 Mar 1937
SHANNON, Arminta M.27 Jan 19587 May 1924Wife of William C. Shannon
COOK, Ulvert P.11 Dec 19118 Dec 19??
SHANNON, Infant Son18 Dec 191420 Dec 1914Son of R.B. & Belva Shannon
SHANNON, Infant Son6 Feb 19187 Feb 1918Son of R.B. & Belva Shannon
SHANNON, Katie Blanche2 Sep 189211 Jul 1893
COOK, Harriett3 Apr 187222 Jul 1896
COOK, Catherine28 Jun 18627 Apr 1897
COOK, Rebecca1 Aug 18726 Nov 1898
FORTNER, Lillian S.19171949
COOK, Mattie25 Sep 184221 Jun 1900Wife of L.E.Cook. 3LINKS Index finger pointing down thru 1
COOK, L. E.23 Aug 184014 Oct 1927
RAKES, Ina S.19 Feb 190524 Jan 1983Wife of Elbert Rakes
RAKES, Elbert19 Sep 190520 Nov 1958
COOK, Warren18971930
ADAMS, Manda Walker21 Aug 19077 Sep 1968
WALKER, Joe E.24 Jul 190510 Dec 1961
SHANNON, Charles Earl13 Aug 195413 Aug 1954
ADAMS, James Willard10 Dec 192716 Dec 1969WV PVT US Army WW II
GETTS, Hiram dateno dateCo. G 4 VA INF Spanish American War
SHANNON, Kermit E.19031990
SHANNON, Leola19071906Wife of Kermit E. Shannon
SHANNON, Elva Stinson18 Jul 191120 Aug 1967
SHANNON, Horace Frank15 Mar 19093 Sep 1979G compass scale
COWAN, Robert B.18771951
COOK, William P.18811959
COOK, Josephine S.18911979
COOK, H. Bruce4 Jan 18695 Apr 1947
HALCOMB, Martha17 Mar 187322 Jun 1953
CLINE, Norman19441996
HENDRICKS, Cecil Ward31 Jan 192524 Mar 1959
Name Unknown1 Jun 195318 Jul 1990US Navy
COOK, Ethel May2 Aug 189417 Jul 1978
HASH, Artist J.13 Mar 192930 Nov 1996PFC US Army Korea
COLLINS, Sandra Shannon29 Jan 194310 May 1967


  1. There are a number of graves marked with fieldstones, or broken tombstones undicipherable. One has a Robertson & Foglesong marker and no data.

Recorded by Peggy L. Blackburn, Saturday 28 November 1998.